A Stay-at-home Dad’s Restaurant In An Alternate World

Chapter 34 - Nothing Can’t Be Taken Care Of By A Plate Of Yangzhou Fried Rice

Chapter 34: Nothing Can’t Be Taken Care Of By A Plate Of Yangzhou Fried Rice

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As the owner of the restaurant, Mag had wanted to say something to earn their respect. Then, he’d realized he needed not say anything. Their faces said everything. Amy’s fire frightened them more than he had thought; it even terrified them.

And the fact that Amy had stepped before him and the words she had said warmed his heart. She was such a sweet daughter.

“Habeng, if you still consider me your friend, sit down and don’t make trouble here,” Mobai said solemnly as he looked at his friend. It would be a great loss if he couldn’t get his Yangzhou fried rice anymore because of his reckless friend.

Haga grunted something to his brother in their native language. It seemed like he was trying to tell him to stop.

Habeng looked at Mag, and then at the fireball in Amy’s hand, a little embarrassed. Amy’s fireball truly scared him.

However, it was Mag who scared him even more. Even this little half-elf is this good; the owner must be even better.

Yet he couldn’t sit down right now. If other orcs learned that he had been frightened by a little girl, they would make fun of him. He found himself in an awkward situation where he couldn’t stand nor sit.

Mag only had to look at Habeng’s face once to know what was on his mind. He wanted to chuckle. He hadn’t thought that he would be regarded as a master of magic.

Then he found it useful. This way, he could make this grumpy orc behave and keep his restaurant in order. He was even calmer now. He stroked Amy’s head and smiled. “Amy, this customer meant no harm. Put the fire away.”

“Okay.” Amy’s hand coiled into a little fist, and the fireball disappeared. Still, she looked at Habeng with hostility.

Habeng breathed a sigh of relief. He took a glance at Mag and found that he possessed unfathomable strength, and that he knew how to do business. He knows better than to treat his customer like that. Even in this Chaos City, quite a few people knew his name. Now he wanted to save his face by acting tough.

However, before he could speak, Mag looked at him and said, “Please keep it down, sir, and do not disturb other customers. And no fighting here, or you’ll be put on a blacklist and banned from eating here forever.”

“What?!” Habeng’s eyes went wide. This was the first time that he was told to keep his voice down in a restaurant. He was always so loud. He couldn’t take it anymore.

“Father said, ‘keep it down.’ You are too loud, and I’ll set you on fire if you keep doing that,” Amy said solemnly as she looked at Habeng. She held out her little hand and seemed to prepare to unleash her fire.

Subconsciously, Habeng wanted to step back, but his pride as an orc warrior stopped his feet. His anger was coiling inside him, but he couldn’t take it out on a little girl; besides, this little girl could use such a terrifying fireball magic. He was very angry, but he could do nothing but control his anger.

Haga took his brother’s arm and said something. Then he dragged him into his seat. He smiled at Mag apologetically. “So… Sorry, my… brother… bad… temper…” he said in a broken common language.

Mag nodded with a smile. “It’s all right. Please look at the menu before you order. Call me if you’re ready.” This orc looked much better. In fact, he wasn’t very angry just now. Orcs were known for their short temper. Nonetheless, this was his restaurant, and he had his own rules.

Then Mag nodded at Mobai and Conti, went into the kitchen, and started cooking for Conti.

“Father is very amazing. Wait and see.” Amy gave Habeng a glare. She felt a little bored, so she went back to watching her egg behind the counter.

“Mobai, what do they have here exactly? They are too strict with customers,” Habeng said to Mobai sullenly. He found himself using a lower voice this time.

Smiling, Mobai pushed the menu towards Habeng. “See for yourself.” Seeing that Mag was not angry, Mobai was much relieved.

These two were Mobai’s regular customers. Their tribe was one of few tribes which possessed a gold mine, and they were sons of the chief. A lot of orc warriors’ weapons were made by him; they were 1,000 gold coins each, very expensive.

The two brothers always came to Chaos City to buy a lot of things, so they and Mobai became old friends. They often ate out together. These two like good food as much as me, and they can eat much more.

“Don’t leave me in suspense. Let me see.” Habeng took the menu in his hand and opened it. He couldn’t believe his eyes. He closed the menu to check the cover, and reopened it again. Then he pointed at those little words and looked at Mobai with a strange face. “Mobai, what the heck? One dish? Just one? What is this Yangzhou fried rice? And it’s sold at 600 copper coins?!”

“Good stuff, of course.” Mobai looked at them and smiled. “This is the best thing I’ve ever had. Don’t say I didn’t tell you.”

Habeng had been ignored by a young knight, threatened by a little girl, and told to keep his voice down by a human cook. He was already in a very bad mood.

Now he saw this menu. He suspected that Mobai had taken them to this restaurant to be ripped off. I have ordered a lot of weapons from him these years, and now he is doing this to us?!

Looks like I have to find a more honest blacksmith after he delivers this batch. We could buy a large plate of roast beef and a flagon of wine with 600 copper coins in the Fryer’s. He shook his head. “It seems there is no meat in it. I don’t want to eat this.”

“M… Mag, I… I’d like one,” Haga said to Mag in the kitchen in his broken language.

Mag turned his head and answered, “Okay. Please wait a minute.”

Habeng’s voice was much lower than before, but Mag still heard it. He curled his lip. Mobai had said the same thing before. Now that he has decided to stay, there is nothing that can’t be taken care of by a plate of Yangzhou fried rice.

If there is, then two plates should do.

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