A Stay-at-home Dad’s Restaurant In An Alternate World

Chapter 29 - Amy Will Just Let It Fall Down …

Chapter 29: Amy Will Just Let It Fall Down …

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Mag woke up at six in the morning. The night was so long without video games and movies, but he slept much better.

“System, do you sell TVs? What about PCs? Cellphones? PS4s? WiFi?” Mag asked in his head when he was brushing his teeth.

“Please take the system seriously! System does not provide non-kitchen appliances or WiFi for free!” answered the system solemnly.

“Don’t worry. I don’t have enough money even if I want to buy them.” Mag spat out the foam in his mouth. Based on the system’s reaction, those things were most likely available if he had the money, but he really had no money right now. If the WiFi was not free, he would pay for it.

Mag put Amy’s little dress that he had washed and dried yesterday on the edge of the bed. After all, it was not very decent to go out in her sleepwear.

Mag went downstairs and opened the door. The opening hours were already on the front and back side of the signboard. A screen was set at the top of the signboard to conveniently notify the number of days before his rest day; now it said six, and it would change automatically, very user-friendly.

This world also used the 24-hour clock, and had almost the same notion of time as the people on the Earth. Thanks to the efforts of the dwarf craftsmen, mechanical watches were becoming popular.

The most advanced watches were the ones driven by crystal stones. Only noblemen and wealthy people were using them, because their price was high. At least, he needed not worry that the people here didn’t know the time.

There was still time before opening, so Mag went for a little jog outside his restaurant on the square. His body was so weak that he gasped for air after running a little while. At last, he managed to run for 20 minutes or so.

By then, Mobai had just opened his shop. “What’re you doing so early, Mag?” Mobai asked as he looked at Mag who was still panting.

“Working out a little. You open this early, Mobai?” answered Mag, smiling. Mobai’s forge and Mag’s restaurant were just about one meter apart. He could hear his hammering before, but now that he had a much better house with better soundproofing, he could hear nothing at all.

Mobai nodded. “Yeah. I was just about to go to your place and eat two plates of fried rice before working.” He had completely fallen in love with the Yangzhou fried rice after eating two times yesterday.

Mobai woke up this morning feeling comfortable and refreshed all over, and not tired at all. Even his waist that used to hurt when he woke up had stopped acting up.

“The restaurant opens at 7:30 am. The exact opening hours are on the signboard. There is still time. I’ll go wash up and prepare,” Mag said with a smile.

“Well, I’ll wait here then.” Mobai was taken aback. Normally the restaurants would open when customers came, but Mag had set his own opening hours.

On second thought, he found it pretty normal for Mag to have his own rules and temper. After all, he could make such delicious and magical Yangzhou fried rice.

Mag walked back to his restaurant, went upstairs, and washed up. By then, Amy had just woken up and changed into her clothes. She extended her arms and walked to Mag with half-opened eyes. “Give me a hug, Father,” she said adorably as she looked up at Mag.

The little thing had just woken up, with her ahoge sticking out. Her half-opened eyes and spread arms made her so adorable that Mag couldn’t refrain from stooping down and picking her up. “I’ll hold you for a while. Then you will wash up yourself. We have to open now.”

Amy nodded. “Okay.” She only wrapped her arms around Mag’s neck for a little while and then disentangled herself from him. She went to the bathroom and stood on tips of her toes to get her toothpaste and toothbrush. She turned to Mag, and said, “Don’t worry about me, Father. I can take care of myself.”

Mag nodded, smiling. “Right.” He pretended to leave, and then took a peek through the door. The little thing was brushing well. Then he left without worry.

It was just 7:30. Mag went to open the door. Mobai was waiting outside looking at the opening hours.

“We’re open. Please come in,” Mag said gently with a smile.

“Thank you. Two plates of Yangzhou fried rice. I can scarcely wait,” Mobai said with a laugh as he stepped inside.

Mobai had just seated himself when Amy came downstairs. “Good morning, dwarf grandpa Mobai,” she said to him. Then she stroked her hair as she looked at Mag. “Father, would it be better to tie my hair up? It seems a little long.”

“Tie up your hair?” Mag looked at the purple strip of cloth in Amy’s hand, a little awkward. He hadn’t done this kind of thing before. He had to study a little. “Wait till I have made breakfast for Grandpa Mobai, okay, Amy? I’ll tie your hair up later.”

Amy nodded. “Okay, Father.” Amy put the hair band away and sat down meekly.

Mag finished the first plate of Yangzhou fried rice quickly, and then went to make the second one. When he walked out with Amy’s fried rice, Mobai had just finished eating.

“Two plates of fried rice, that’s 12 gold coins, please,” Amy said solemnly as she held out her little hand. She was standing beside Mobai.

“Here, 12 gold coins. Count them, little owner.” Mobai put the coins on Amy’s hands with a smile. He was already accustomed to her acting all grown-up when she collected money. He rose from the table with a smile, and said to Mag, “Today’s Yangzhou fried rice is very good too, Mag. You have just opened, and people rarely come here, so it must be hard, right?”

Mag nodded. “Yes. Not too many customers.” It couldn’t be helped. Good wine was also afraid of the thick bush.

“I’ll take my leave. Maybe I could bring two customers for you at noon. They won’t worry about the price,” Mobai said, smiling. He took a glance at Amy who was counting the coins carefully.

Mag smiled. “Thank you.” It was not a bad way to increase customers.

“My pleasure.” Mobai waved his hands expansively and left.

While Amy was eating, Mag made himself one plate too. After a plate of delicious Yangzhou fried rice, the hunger and weariness from his jogging in the morning were all gone. He felt very refreshed and vigorous.

There was no sign of any customers, and Mag’s gaze met the eyes of Amy, who was holding her hair band with expectation. Mag couldn’t make her wait anymore. He took the hair band, and unconfidently said, “Amy, I’m not very good at tying up hair.”

Amy turned to Mag, and said encouragingly, “Father, I’m sure you can do it.” She found a small mirror somewhere and looked at herself in the mirror expectantly. Teacher Luna would tie up my hair before, but Father hasn’t done it.

“Then I’ll get to it?” Mag was still a little nervous. He stroked Amy’s smooth hair, trying to remember how the girls wore their hair. A ponytail should be the easiest, or a cute chignon; a braid is not bad too.

Ten minutes later, Amy put down her mirror and turned to look at Mag as he was trying to make her hair look like a bun, sweating. She pouted unhappily, “Father, Amy will just let it fall down …”

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