A Stay-at-home Dad’s Restaurant In An Alternate World

Chapter 2489

Chapter 2489: We Are Married (The End)

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Mag stood behind Harrison and laughingly said, “You got fat alright! What happened to slimming down and getting married?”

Harrison, who was munching on a biscuit, was stunned before turning around together with Georgina. He looked at Mag with surprise. “Boss Mag, you’re finally back! I miss you so much!”

Mag turned to the side to avoid Harrison trying to hug his body. It was only a few days that he had been gone and he had obviously gotten even fatter.

Harrison came back to himself after trying to hug Mag. He put down his biscuit embarrassedly, but he soon said matter-of-factly, “You can’t really blame me for that. Georgina is pregnant and her appetite is rather hearty. I can’t always let her eat alone, right?”

“Pregnant?” Mag stared at Georgina’s slightly protruding tummy.


Georgina blushed and hid behind Harrison shyly as she covered her face and said, “I’m only two months pregnant. Don’t be mistaken. This is just fat.”

“Well at the very least he looks like he is about to give birth.” Mag reached out to pat Harrison’s rotund tummy. Boing, boing. It made Mag want to ask, “Boss, can you guarantee that your melon will be sweet?”

Georgina laughed happily. Her face had gotten a little round and one could no longer see the gloom of anorexia on her face. She finally had the innocent charm that belonged to a young maiden.

Harrison was also smiling indulgently.

Mag was always the one being lovey-dovey, so he really wasn’t used to, nor could he stand, others being lovey-dovey. He took out his key and prepared to go in.

“Boss Mag, will you be open for business today?” Harrison came over and asked expectantly.

“I’m not open for business today. Come back tomorrow morning. I’ll make sure that you guys get to have the piping hot soup dumplings.” Mag shook his head with a smile.

Although Harrison was a little disappointed, he still quickly nodded and said, “Sure, we’ll return tomorrow then.”

Harrison helped Georgina into the carriage carefully as she waved at Mag. “Goodbye, Boss Mag.”

“Goodbye.” Mag nodded smilingly.

“Hmm? I seem to have heard Father’s voice!”

At the second floor open window of the magic potion shop next door, a little girl with upward-pointing pigtails poked her head out of it. Then, she tried to move half of her body out of the window and turned her head to look at the restaurant. Amy’s eyes lit up instantly. She waved her hands and yelled with surprise, “Father! Father!”

Then, she proceeded to fall out the window because she lost her balance.

“Ahh… Oh.”

Before she could scream, Amy had already fallen into a pair of warm and sturdy arms.

“You can’t lean out of windows. You will fall.” Mag hugged Amy and pinched the little one’s chubby face.

“It’s fine. I can fly.” Amy flapped her hands like a bee.

How can my daughter be so cute?! Mag already couldn’t control his fatherly smile. The corners of his lips almost reached his ears.

“Is your class over?” Mag flicked a glance at the magic potion shop. She should be taking Urien’s magic class today.

“I still have 15 minutes to go.” Amy looked at her little genius electronic watch and shook her head in despair before pouting her lips and caressing her little tummy aggrievedly. “But Little Amy is so hungry. I want to eat the grilled meat that Father makes. Those grilled meats with a lot of chilies.”

I’ll make it for her right now!

Mag tried his best to control his emotions as he asked, “Didn’t Big Sister Xixi make lunch for you?”

“She did. She made the super green and healthy traditional Dryads’ food. Boiled leaves.” Amy put up three fingers and seriously said, “I only ate it three times and I really can’t eat any more of it…”

Mag lost control of his smile. He knew about Xixi’s culinary skills. It was still fine when she cooked normal food, but once it had something to do with the Dryads’ traditional food, it would become a dark cuisine.

See how aggrieved the child was?! She pouted her lips so hard that you could hang a bag on them.

“Then… We shall make an exception today. Father will play truant with you. Let’s go home to make some nice food.” Mag swiped Amy’s little nose and carried her back towards the restaurant.

Black Coal poked its head out of the cage and yelled, “Amy played truant! Amy played truant!”

“Stupid crow. I might just burn your feathers off again!” Amy turned around to glare at Black Coal as a flame danced on her fingers.

“No! I have just grown my feathers out! I need them for the winter!” Black Coal huddled in a corner and shivered, bowing down to Amy’s evil forces.

“Coward,” Green Pea called out with disdain.

As though it was awakened by Green Pea’s call, a round orange figure dashed out of the magic potion shop and circled around Mag’s legs urgently before rubbing its round face against Mag’s calves fawningly.

Amy looked down at Ugly Duckling and seriously ordered it, “Ugly Duckling, you will eat dinner at Big Sister Xixi’s house today. The Dryads’ traditional banquet suits you very much. Come home after you have had your dinner.”


“Are you serious?” Ugly Duckling laid on the ground with widened eyes as it stared at Amy with a disheartened expression.

Xixi walked to the door with a vial of potion in her hands and said to Mag with surprise, “Boss Mag, you’re back?”

“Yes. I just got home. I missed the children. Can Little Amy get off school 15 minutes earlier today?” Mag asked smilingly.

Little Amy looked at Xixi with a little nervousness and anticipation.

“It’s fine. After all, we have learned all the topics that we needed to cover today. Amy simply needs to go home and practise on her own.” Xixi nodded with a smile.

“Big Sister Xixi, I love you!” Amy shouted at Xixi and her face instantly glowed.

“Rest well. It looks like another little one is going to make its entrance into this world soon.” Mag flicked a glance at Xixi’s very obvious pregnant stomach. The Dryads’ pregnancy period was six months. The little one should be arriving soon.

Amy didn’t forget to turn around to say to Xixi, “Big Sister Xixi. Bring Ugly Duckling with you. Only let it come home after it has finished its diet dinner.”

“Sure.” Xixi laughingly agreed as she picked the dumbfounded Ugly Duckling up and brought it back into the shop. She closed the door and locked it under Ugly Duckling’s desperate gaze.

“Hmph. How dare it steal my snacks daily?” Amy let out a huff through her nostrils. She felt gratified after avenging herself.

Mag pushed open the door and entered the restaurant. Even though the restaurant was closed for six days, it was still perfectly clean. It was just a little quiet.

Mag put Amy down and looked around before asking, “Where’s Annie?”

“Big Sister Annie went to school. She’s the Hope School’s arts teacher now and she should be coming home soon.” Amy ran upstairs on her short legs and fetched a pair of slippers for Mag. “There you go, Father. Let’s change into comfortable slippers.”

Mag felt a warm feeling in his heart. She was indeed his considerate daughter.

Mag asked as he walked to the kitchen, “Does Little Amy prefer to have grilled mutton or grilled beef? Or perhaps, grilled pork belly?”

“I want all of them!” Amy jogged over to catch up with Mag. “I want to eat all of them.”

Mag looked at the little one, who was full of expectations, and nodded. “Alright. I’ll grill all of them for you.”

The fridge was filled with all kinds of ingredients supplied by the system. After putting on the apron, he processed and marinated the beef, mutton and pork belly first.

After finishing the prep work. Mag went upstairs to bathe and change into simple and clean clothes before coming down again.

The meat was marinated and the stove was set up.

It wasn’t even four o’clock yet and only the father-and-daughter duo were in the restaurant, so Mag placed the little stove on the dining table and ate as he grilled.

The pork belly was thinly sliced and it sizzled as soon as it was placed on the grill. Soon, the pork belly’s fat became transparent and Mag swiftly brushed a thin layer of sauce over it before scattering some cumin powder and Sichuan Pepper powder over it too, and then plating it.

Amy had already prepared the lettuce. She wrapped the pork belly up and removed the bamboo skewer. The three pieces of pork belly were stacked together. She popped them into her mouth and chewed.

The sweet and refreshing lettuce wrapped around the grilled pork belly was crispy and tender. She enjoyed the great feast of chewing the meat, yet it wasn’t too oily. It was a perfect match.

Of course, Mag didn’t like to wrap it with lettuce. He preferred to pop the greasy pork belly straight into his mouth. He loved the sensation of the fat squirting in his mouth. It was fatty, yet not greasy. This was his basic skill of grilling pork belly.

It was natural that children had a lighter taste.


After eating a few skewers of pork belly, the grilled beef cubes were ready too. He brushed three layers of chili sauce over it and dipped it in the chili powder. It only basically reached Amy’s request of eating spicy grilled meat.

Amy held the bamboo skewer like a squirrel as she blew gently at it. Then, she opened her mouth wide to bite off a beef cube. Her cheeks instantly puffed out as she chewed happily.

“Father, you eat too.” Amy passed her skewer to Mag.

“Father isn’t hungry. Little Amy can eat them slowly. There are a lot of them and they are all yours.” Mag looked at Amy indulgently. Speaking of it, many things had happened recently and he was exhausted trying to handle them. His care and concern for Amy had been lacking greatly.

Now that he had become a god, he should take more time to keep his children company after he settled the remaining matters.

Just like that, one person grilled and the other person ate. The father and daughter were enjoying themselves tremendously.

Then, the restaurant’s door was pushed open.

Irina, who was holding a takeaway roast goose with a motherly smile, stood at the door and stared at the father-and-daughter duo, who were eating the grilled meat, and the stack of bamboo skewers next to them. Her delicate eyebrows shot up like two swords and she said with an angry voice, “You guys… are eating grilled meat behind my back?!”

“Oh, Wifey. Listen to my quibble.” Mag immediately put down his skewers.

Before he could quibble, Irina had already closed the door and tossed the roast goose away. She sat next to the table and took the grilled beef kebabs that Amy passed to her and instructed Mag. “Add another 50 beef kebabs and 50 mutton kebabs each. There’s pork belly too? Then, add another 100 pork belly kebabs too.”


Mag tried to speak out, but he eventually went back into the kitchen to prepare the kebabs.

Mag asked Irina, who was enjoying her meal, as he grilled the kebabs, “Where’s Yayi?”

“In the ice cream shop. Firis and the ladies are caring for her.” Irina ate five beef kebabs and mutton kebabs in a row and gulped down the iced beer that Mag passed to her before appraising Mag properly.

Suddenly, a hint of disbelief appeared in her eyes and her voice quivered slightly. “You… have become a god?!”

“Yes. I encountered some opportunities over there.” Mag nodded with a smile, but he didn’t elaborate in front of Amy.

Tears gathered in Irina’s eyes, but she soon became normal again. She took the kebab in Mag’s hand and fed him with it. “You have some as well.”

Amy chimed in as she chewed on the mutton cubes. “Mm-hmm. You’ll only have the strength to grill meat after you are full.”

This meal of grilled meat took over an hour. The mother-and-daughter duo were full.

Mag got Amy to go to the ice cream shop to tell the ladies that he was back and to come to the restaurant for dinner.

Amy wiped her mouth and was about to go out when Annie came in with an easel on her back. She was stunned when she saw Mag clearing the dining table and an ecstatic glow appeared in her eyes instantly.

“Teacher Annie is back. I have saved some kebabs for you. Quickly go wash your hands and eat,” Mag said to Annie smilingly.

Annie stepped in and patted Amy’s head before leaning the easel against the wall. Then, she greeted Irina with sign language before going into the kitchen to wash her hands.

After coming out, she wasn’t in a hurry to eat. Instead, she asked Mag in sign language, “When did you come back?”

Mag said as he placed the meat on the grill, “I just came back a short while ago. Amy said you had classes today and she was in a hurry to eat the grilled meat, so we didn’t wait for you. However, the other big sisters will come to have dinner with us shortly.”

Annie didn’t ask about anything else. She simply watched Mag grill the meat with a smile. She propped her chin on her hand and smiled brightly and purely.

Talking about being teachers, Mag remembered that he had been absent from his classes for a week. He had to go for classes next Monday, otherwise the children would become unfamiliar with their skills and then he would have to spend more time with them helping them relearn their skills again.

Soon afterwards, the ladies came together.

The restaurant’s door opened and Kiddo was the first to rush in. Her footsteps were shaky and she shouted, “Father… Father…”

Seeing Mag, who was standing in front of the dining table, Kiddo immediately dashed over and hugged his leg. She climbed up like a koala bear.

Mag lifted her up like a kitten with exasperation and carried her in his arms.

The little toddler was soft and smelled great.


Kiddo leaned into Mag’s face and gave him a big kiss on his cheek. She held Mag’s face with both her hands and studied it carefully. She nodded her head after verification. “It’s really Father.”

“How can I be a fake?” Mag felt like laughing. This little one was rather dramatic.

Yabemiya followed her in and agitatedly said, “Boss, you’re finally back. I missed you so much!”

“Boss.” Gina looked at Mag with joy as well, but she controlled her urge to give Mag an octopus hug.

Babla’s gaze was immediately attracted by the grilled meat on the table the moment she came in and she aggrievedly said, “Woah! You guys are actually eating grilled meat behind my back. This is simply too much!”

Annie picked up a grilled beef kebab and passed it to Babla with a smile.

Babla immediately smiled. She took the kebab and sat down next to Annie. “Annie baby is the best. Big Sister loves you.”

Firis was the last to enter with Yayi in her arms. The little one was scanning around with her bright eyes and her gaze landed on Mag. She immediately made “Yi ya yi ya” sounds and reached her little arms out for a hug.

“We’re not really very familiar with each other, so why are you so enthusiastic?” Mag took Little Yayi from Firis reluctantly. The little one sniffed him like a dog before closing her eyes and falling asleep instantly.

“…” Mag.

Am I a hypnotic bed?

“Boss looks very nice to sleep on,” Yabemiya said softly.

Elizabeth’s lips moved, but she held back her smile. However, when she looked at Mag, she felt that Mag seemed to be rather different, but she couldn’t pinpoint exactly what was different.

Mag put Yayi to sleep in a stroller as he asked the rest, “What are we eating tonight? Grilled meat? Hot pot? Or stir-fried dishes?”

Yabemiya stated her request. “Actually, we have had hot pots and grilled meats for the past few days. Rena and Firis have already mastered the techniques. I would like to have red braised pork.”

“I would like to have the beggar’s chicken,” Gina said.

“I want to eat grilled fish.”

“Then, let’s have stir-fried dishes. I’ll go get ready. You guys take a break first.” Mag nodded before saying, “Yes. I got you guys some little gifts. Go and open them yourselves.”

He took out a bunch of presents from one of the magic rings and gave them to the ladies.

The ladies opened the presents happily, but Firis followed Mag into the kitchen. “Let me assist you.”

Mag didn’t reject her. Firis was an excellent helper cook. With her help, things could be done faster.

The sounds of the ladies’ exclamations and doubts came from the outside. They were all gifts Mag brought back for them from Underground City. He didn’t deliberately choose high tech stuff. He chose things that were more practical.

“It’s so cooling and comfortable.” Yabemiya wore an intricate bangle on her wrist. It was a thermostat bracelet. It could make sure that the body temperature was maintained at a very comfortable level.

Miya couldn’t stand the heat or cold at the same time. With this, she didn’t have to worry about sweating when she was busy at work now.

The others’ gifts were all special too. Mag had chosen all of them carefully.

For example, Amy got a super tidbits gift package, which included 100 Underground City’s most popular tidbits and they were all in extra large size.

Annie got a painting board, but it wasn’t an ordinary drawing board. It would turn into a bangle when it contracted and transform into a big drawing board after it expanded. The finished drawings would be saved in the drawing board. It was, without any doubts, a great tool for outdoor drawing.

After dinner, the ladies cleared the dining table and left.

Mag continued the story of “Journey to the West” from where he stopped. The three children only fell asleep after he said the story three times.

After closing the door gently, Mag returned to his bedroom. The lights in the room were dim and seductive. A beautiful figure laid on the bed on her side. Her long and slender legs could vaguely be seen through the thin gauze.

Mag’s lips turned upwards. He removed his bathrobe and climbed into bed, gathering that beauty into his arms.

That night, the bed shook and nobody knew when it stopped.

Outside of the window, the sky was getting brighter slowly.

Mag instinctively reached for the bedside table but he felt nothing. He couldn’t help but feel funny. Even after transmigrating for one year, he still yearned for a cigarette after doing the deed.

The person next to him was still panting. Her bright and clear eyes were teary. She was still satisfied, feeling slightly aggrieved.

“What’s the situation over there?” Irina’s voice was still a little lazy and breathless.

“I got them to sign a contract and promise that they won’t invade the Norland Continent.” Mag showed her the Twin Tower contract.

Irina sat up and read through the contract carefully. She was rather surprised. “They were actually willing to sign it? Didn’t you say that they have over 100 gods there?”

“I killed ten of them after I became a god. I destroyed the Immortels, the most powerful mysterious organization in Underground City, so they don’t have any way of objecting now,” Mag said matter-of-factly.

Irina opened her mouth slightly and stared at Mag with disbelief.

Those were gods. The Norland Continent was unable to produce one in the past tens of thousands of years, and Mag killed 10 of them in one go?

She wasn’t doubting Mag’s words. She simply felt that it was surreal.

“That fellow that invaded the elves previously was sent by the Immortels. They had a ‘Hunting Gods’ plan. They wanted to capture all the gods on the Norland Continent, so I exterminated them.” Mag continued on.

Irina pursed her lips and threw herself into Mag’s arms.

Mag hugged her gently and quietly.

The elven queen’s death must have been a blow to her. It was just that she didn’t like to show it in front of people.

Mag hugged Irina for a long time. After sensing that she had calmed down, Mag whispered in her ear, “I want to marry you. Let’s hold a wedding and invite all our friends. I want to formally and solemnly tell everyone that you are my wife.”

“Hmm?” Irina was stunned.

The sunlight lit up the room.

Mag took out a sparkling blue diamond ring and got out of the bed. He knelt on one knee and lovingly said to Irina, “Marry me.”

Irina’s eyes reddened instantly and tears simply flowed down, but she couldn’t help smiling.

She extended her left hand.

Mag placed the ring on it.

In that moment, Mag felt a sense of responsibility and completeness.

Mag got up and gathered Irina into his arms tightly. Their souls which accorded with each other, made him feel joyful and blissful.

“We will hold the wedding in seven days. I’ll make the arrangements for everything.” Mag placed Irina on the bed gently. “Sleep now.”

Irina slept sweetly with a smile on her face. Mag got up to take a shower. After changing into a new chef’s suit, he began to prepare for today’s operations.

The customers had been deprived, as the restaurant had been closed for a week.

Nobody knew who was the one that leaked the news, but long lines had already formed outside of the restaurant when the sky was just getting bright. The lines even extended into the park.

Mag went to the floor-to-ceiling windows to take a look. He felt a little amused and touched at the same time.

The Burning Legion was the most eye-catching. They were still the brightest kids even when they were under the dark tree shades.

Firis also came to help early. Camilla went home for her leave. According to Mag’s original plans, it was still her leave today.

However, it made sense when he thought of it. Camilla was the chief of the vampires now. It was a waste on her talents when she came to the restaurant to be a chopper every day.

See, Connie had already completely transformed into the powerful chief of the orcs. Her full attention was on her career. She could only make a trip to the restaurant when she happened to be nearby on a work trip.

Mag’s delivery service had ended because his only courier had run away.

The restaurant reopened for business and all the ladies arrived early to help with the preparation before the opening.

Considering the fact that the customers might indulge in retaliatory consumption, Mag prepared double the amount for breakfast, including soup dumplings and youtiaos.

After the preparation was done, all of them had their breakfast.

“Where is the lady boss? Why isn’t she down for breakfast?” Miya asked curiously.

“She slept late last night, so she won’t be having breakfast,” Mag answered.

“Why did she sleep late? Didn’t we listen to the bedtime story together yesterday,” Gina asked with an innocent expression.

Babla bit into the youtiao as she casually chimed in. “Boss hasn’t been home for so many days. It would be weird if they went to bed early.”

The ambiance at the dining table turned awkward immediately.

“Hmm. You’re actually the one who knows best.” Mag cast a glance at Babla.

“I meant that she was so happy that she couldn’t sleep.” Babla explained with a faint blush.

“Although I was very happy, I still slept very well,” Amy mumbled as she continued to suck on her soup dumplings. Her face was almost touching the plate.

What would a bunch of innocent maidens know? Mag didn’t want to explain, as such matters would only sound worse if one explained it.

After eating breakfast, Mag pushed the bicycle out to send Amy to school.

“Boss Mag, you’re finally back.”

“Boss Mag, I have been lining up here since last night.”

“Boss Mag…”

Familiar faces greeted Mag one by one. There was a hint of aggrievance in their tone.

Mag greeted them familiarly before escaping on his bicycle.

Mag parked the bicycle at the Chaos School’s gates. He greeted the mister guarding the gates before holding Amy’s hand and sending her to her magic classroom.

“You…” Krassu took the breakfast from Mag as he stared at him with shock. The feeling that Mag gave him today was completely different. He had returned to his original nature. Krassu could no longer detect his aura.

Krassu had formed a guess, but he couldn’t ask Mag directly.

“We have been bothering you for some time. Amy’s mother and I will be holding our wedding next Sunday. Would you please come on that day?” Mag gave him an invitation.

“Wedding?” Krassu was a little taken aback. He accepted the invitation and nodded with a smile. “I’ll definitely come on that day.”

Amy’s eyes lit up as she asked Mag with surprise, “A wedding? Is it the kind… that many people gather together and eat at?”

“Yes. It’s your mother’s and my wedding.” Mag nodded with a smile. He patted Amy’ head and said, “I shan’t delay your class any longer.”

Mag left and Krassu went to sit down at the table at the side with his breakfast. After having a few bites of the congee, he flipped open the invitation curiously.

The wedding’s date was clearly written on the intricate and pretty invitation. The venue was at Mamy Restaurant, but the inscription at the end surprised him:

The groom: Mag

The bride: Irina

“So, he knew that I knew?” Krassu chuckled. Oh well, Mag and Irina were clever people. All of them simply chose to keep quiet.

Mag returned to the restaurant and opened for business on time. He made an exception to open the designated hot pot area for breakfast service so that more customers could come in for breakfast.

Steamer after steamer of soup dumplings floated out from the kitchen and landed on the customers’ tables.

The youtiao and soybean milk set meals were also very highly sought-after.

The stomach-warming and delicious congee with pork and century egg was the favorite of the working population.

The breakfast operation was halfway through when the supplies in the kitchen were getting short. Mag had still underestimated the power of the chowhounds’ revenge spending.

Mag deliberately extended 30 minutes of the breakfast operation time so that those customers lining up at the back could have a hot breakfast as well.

After the breakfast service was over, the ladies went back to rest. Mag cooked another pot of congee and brought it upstairs to Irina.

Irina, who was wearing loose pajamas, sat on the sofa with her legs crossed as she ate the congee. She asked Mag, “What do you intend to do with the Great Old Ones now that the Underground City’s threats have been removed?”

“I will be going out for a trip tomorrow. I can sense their locations now and I am going to eradicate them completely from the Norland Continent,” Mag said smilingly.

“Eradicate them completely? But even the gods could only seal them up back then.” Irina frowned slightly.

“I found a way to deal with them.” Mag opened up his palm and a silver longsword appeared on it.

Irina looked at the two mysterious runes carved on the sword’s hilt and curiously asked, “This is?”

“This is the ‘Heavenly Questions Sword’. It is the other chance that I came upon in Underground City. It can be described as the exemplification of the laws. It’s made to slash through the laws,” Mag explained. That was also the reason why he cut down the Underground City’s Extraordinaires like killing dogs.

“Then, I’ll go with you.”

“There’s no need for that. I’ll be back soon.” Mag nodded with a smile as he caressed her smooth long hair gently. He sat next to her and asked her, “Why don’t we have another baby?”

Irina’s hands stopped in midair as she turned to look at him with a mischievous look. “Are you sure that you can handle so many children?”

“I am a professional dad.” Mag patted his chest confidently.

Mamy Restaurant reopened for business and revived the businesses around this corner of Aden Square again.

After giving Irina another booster shot, Mag went out to deliver the invitations before preparing for the lunch service.


Mag didn’t intend to have a big wedding. He intended to have a small and beautiful one. He was only going to invite their close friends, which would be around 30 to 40 people.

On the invitations for his old friends, Mag signed as: Alex. On the invitations for his new friends, Mag signed as: Mag.

He wanted his old friends to know that he was going to marry Irina, and he wanted the friends that he made in the restaurant to know that Boss Mag was going to marry the lady boss.

“He’s going to get married. It’s a pity that I’m not the bride.” Gloria stood in front of the Blue Suede’s door with the exquisite invitation in her hands. She looked a little desolate.

Behind her, the wooden mannequin was wearing a long white wedding dress. It was in her size.

“Congratulations. I-I will attend the wedding.” Luna took the invitation from Mag with a hint of surprise in her smile and plenty of best wishes for him.

Watching Mag going away on his bicycle, Luna opened the invitation. The two silhouettes that were intricately drawn, were leaning into each other. It looked so blissful.

“This is great. Amy no longer has to worry that her mother won’t be present for the parent-teacher meetings.” Luna smiled. She put away the invitation and walked towards the school. “But, why do I envy her so…”


Sargeras gathered the core members of the Burning Legion and seriously asked, “Boss Mag is going to get married and he invited me to his wedding. What do you guys think I should bring as a wedding gift to show my sincerity and uniqueness?”

“I think you can give him a big piece of gold that is made into a heart shape.” Mond suggested.

“That is so tacky… Are you trying to disgrace our chief?” Kiel shook his head. After thinking seriously, he said, “I think a heart-shaped gemstone is better.”


The invitations were sent by the fastest lightning falcons to the Dragon Island, to the Wind Forest, to the Twilight Forest, to Rodu, to the Demon Islands and into the hands of his old friends.

Meanwhile, in Chaos City, the news of Boss Mag planning to hold his wedding, had leaked out.

Overnight, 900,000,000 maidens’ dreams were shattered.

“This is absolutely a romantic epic, heroic blockbuster!” Vicki looked at the invitation in her hands with an agitated expression.

She had already found out about what Mag did after he entered Underground City, including slaughtering the Immortels and sealing the Underground City’s entrance to the Norland Continent.

Even though she held the pen, she would never dare to write that.

Underground City that had born and bred her, had become the backdrop, but it didn’t affect her adoration for Mag, who had transformed into a hero.

He was already the greatest powerhouse in the two worlds. He was indeed the god who was standing at the pinnacle of the world, and the first thing he did was to marry Irina, the woman who gave birth to Amy for him. She gave him everything.

He was still running his little restaurant and welcoming every customer with a smile, just like the beginning.

Vicki felt that her pen was already going to move of its own will.

Angela, who had already managed to get a speaking role on the stage, had also received an invitation. She stared at the invitation quietly for a long time. She still couldn’t figure it out. “In what ways am I inferior to her? I can be sweet or sexy. I can wear the black silk stockings or the mesh stockings, yet he never looked at me properly!”


“It’s so romantic. He’s even going to redo the wedding again. He’s indeed the boss.” Connie read through the invitation more than 10 times with a silly smile on her face.

“Master, I am going to Boss’ wedding. I’ll leave the tribe’s matters to you. Goodbye.” Connie put away the invitation. She immediately packed her bags and set off.

Rex walked out of the tent and perplexedly said, “Isn’t the wedding in a week’s time? Why are you setting off so early?”

“Erm… I’m afraid some feelings might pop up on the way, so I’ll give myself more time to react…” Connie said embarrassedly.

Rex sighed inwardly. She did know herself very well.

“I’ll make the trip with you,” Rex said.

“It’s fine. I’m just going to the wedding.” Connie had already run out of the tent and her voice came from the outside. “I’ll ride the fastest lightning griffin there.”

“That fellow has become stupid after you have been riding it frequently.” Rex dissed inwardly, but he didn’t say anything.



After Mamy Restaurant operated normally for a day, its boss used the excuse of wedding preparations and took a day off.

This excuse was accepted by the customers temporarily.

Mag piloted the battleship that Xi gifted to Mag on Ferdinand’s behalf and headed straight to the land at the extreme north.

The battlefield ruins at the extreme north was where that half of Cthulhu was sealed, and it still had dozens of 10th-tier powerhouses standing guard.

Mag put on his Alex mask and descended from the sky.

The alarm was triggered and two figures instantly dashed out. A few garrison teams also surrounded him.

“I’m Alex. I’m here to kill the devil in the seal.” Mag identified himself.

The 10th-tier powerhouse ascertained Mag’s identity, but they couldn’t understand the purpose of his trip.

“Lord Alex, this devil can’t be killed. You sealed it personally, so how are you going to kill it today?” a demon powerhouse asked perplexedly.

The other 10th-tier powerhouses were equally perplexed. They even doubted Mag.

“Because today, I am different from that day.” Mag extended his hand and the Heavenly Questions Sword appeared on his palm. Boundless aura was released.


All the 10th-tier powerhouses went white. They instinctively retreated a few hundred meters backwards and looked at Mag, who was standing under the sealed stele, with disbelief.

Such an immense aura was godlike and it made them want to kneel and pray to him.

This Alex was already different from the Alex who had fought with the devil that day.

“H-he has become a god!” An elderly elf exclaimed.

Mag didn’t explain anything to them. He stepped into the seal.

Cthulhu’s black-scaled gelatinous body was still immensely huge. Its gigantic bat wings were folded and it seemed to have sensed Mag’s arrival because it let out a series of jarring sneers. “Tiny human, you will die one day, but I will be forever. When this seal spell formation rots, it will be time for me to descend upon the Norland Continent again…”

Mag coldly said to Cthulhu who was squirming, “This useless body of yours is indeed not as useful as your head. After all, it can provide octopus tentacles for the whole city. With such output and contribution, it deserves a little plaque for being the best supplier.”

“Arrangements will be made immediately!” the system answered.


Before Cthulhu could finish speaking, a white beam of light slashed out from Mag’s sword and pierced through Cthulhu’s body several times.

Beams of light emerged from Cthulhu’s stabbed body.

The flying sword returned and landed in Mag’s hand.

Cthulhu’s gigantic body suddenly exploded and turned into nothing.

“I’m actually very big. You can’t withstand me.” Mag put away his sword and left the seal without a backwards glance.

On that day, Cthulhu died and the seal on the ice sheets was removed. The guards who were posted at this cold and miserable place, got to return home.

Also, on this day, Mag went over all the Norland Continent’s mountains and rivers to kill the 15 Great Old Ones. Only that half of Cthulhu outside of Chaos City was left.


The news of Alex becoming a god was spread throughout the Norland Continent.

Sean entered the palace urgently, but this heavily guarded palace still couldn’t give him much sense of security.

Night fell and Mag, who had been busy running around for the whole day, came to the palace at the center of Rodu.

Earlythe next morning, the Roth Empire declared to the world:

“The King, Andre, and the Crown Prince, Sean, died consecutively after contracting a deadly disease suddenly. The third prince, Yuri Edward, has been crowned as the King. Due to his tender age, Princess Vanessa will be the regent princess.”

The world was shocked.


“Are you sure that you want that dress? Or, do you want to try another dress?” Mag was holding onto two wedding dresses.

Irina looked at the wedding dresses in Mag’s hands with great difficulty. One was a thin gauze dress in a refreshing look, while the other was in an opulent style with a long train. She liked them both, so what was she going to choose?

Mag saw Irina’s hesitation and smilingly said, “Why don’t we keep both of them? You can change your dress during the wedding process?”

“I think that will be great.” Irina nodded.

The wedding date closed in quickly. Mag had intended to give Irina an intricate and beautiful wedding, so that she could have a beautiful memory.

Hence, Mag had been busy for the past few days. The most taxing was the Manchu Han Imperial Feast with 108 dishes in his mind.

Mag had promised Amy to make the Manchu Han Imperial Feast for her, so he couldn’t eat his words.

However, this 108 dishes’ workload was tremendous. Fortunately, after breaking through to the god’s realm, his understanding and control had reached their peak. He had already grasped most of the dishes in the last short few days.

Amy ran over and curiously asked, “Father, Kiddo and I only need to hold the flowers tomorrow, right?”

“Flowers? Where are the flowers?” Kiddo, who was playing with building blocks on the floor, looked around, before continuing to play with the building blocks again.

“Yes. You two only need to walk in front of us with the flowers. Then, you can go eat to your hearts’ content.” Mag nodded and patted Amy’s head. “Furthermore, Father is going to make the Manchu Han Imperial Feast for you guys tomorrow.”

“The Manchu Han Imperial Feast! Is it that Manchu Han Imperial Feast that has 108 dishes and can be eaten over three days?” Amy’s eyes lit up as though a light was sparkling inside them.

“You remembered it.” Mag couldn’t help smiling. Indeed, a chowhound would never forget about food.

“Of course. That was the first time Father promised to cook delicious dishes for me.” Amy nodded matter-of-factly.

“Hmm. Let’s eat together with everybody tomorrow, then we will have three days of different dishes ourselves.” Mag nodded with a smile. Of course, he couldn’t be serving 108 dishes to the wedding guests, so he intended to select 36 dishes for tomorrow’s banquet.

“Yes, yes.” The little one nodded and grinned from ear to ear.

The night before the wedding, according to the elves’ rule, Irina didn’t stay in the restaurant. Instead, she went to the factory in the north of the city.

Mag put the three children to bed early. He laid on the bed and tossed and turned, but he was so excited that he couldn’t sleep at all.

This was his first time getting married and being a groom in two lifetimes.

After a sleepless night, Mag got up early the next morning. However, different from the usual grooms who were in a hurry to go out to fetch the bride, Mag went downstairs to prepare the lunch banquet.

He wanted to give Irina beautiful memories for this wedding and leave a deep impression on all the guests present.

The specially selected 36 dishes included: The Phoenix Tail Shark’s Fins, Red Plum Pearl Incense, Roasted Pheasant, The Arhat Prawns, Braised Fish’s Lips, Braised Fish Bone In Brown Sauce, Braised Shark’s Fins… etc.

The system had already prepared all the ingredients for Mag in advance, but there was still a lot of preparation work that needed to be done in advance.

Fortunately, Mag was different now. He had money now.

The ingredients flew out of the fridge in sequence and were washed according to their different requirements. Then, “Fat Head Fish” flew around in the air and the cut ingredients rained down and fell into the big plates that were prepared in advance.

In less than half an hour, the ingredients that needed to be prepared in advance were all done and the stewed dishes were stewed in the pots over a mild fire. Only then did Mag go upstairs to bathe and change.

He wore a smart black suit and backcombed his hair. He even shaved his mustache, making him look even more handsome and alert.

The three little ones were up too and they had changed with Gina’s assistance. The pink dresses looked very, very cute.

“Wow, Father is so handsome!” Amy ran downstairs and she looked infatuated.

Gina looked at Mag with brightened eyes as well. She blushed unknowingly. Boss looked even more handsome today.

“Alright, let’s go and fetch the bride.” Mag picked up Amy with a smile and walked to the door.

Many people had already gathered outside of the restaurant.

The news of Mag getting married had already spread all over Chaos City for the past few days. As the perpetrator that shattered the dream of 900,000,000 maidens, he still made many young maidens and women come to witness the ceremony.

For today’s wedding, the city lord’s castle specially sent law enforcement teams to maintain the order. There was a team of ritual guards of honor to assist with the wedding. Moreover, the city lord would preside over the wedding personally too. Such a standard was the first in Chaos City.

Mag opened the door and stepped outside. Screams and cheers erupted in the crowd immediately.

“My heavens. He’s so handsome!”

“Why am I not the bride? I’m so aggrieved!”

“Excuse me, will you consider taking a concubine?”

The ladies went crazy as soon as Mag appeared in his suit.

A red convertible classic car was parked in front of the door. Its bright red exterior was extremely glaring under the sunlight.

Mag had custom-made it from the system.

The city lord’s castle did arrange horse-drawn carriages, but Mag rejected them. He didn’t think it was showy enough.

Of course, his initial plan was to go fetch Irina on Ah Zi’s back. He would then circle around Chaos City three times. That definitely would have been showy enough.

However, this plan was too over the top and it would expose their identities. Thus, it was called off.

A convertible classic car was understated opulence.

The train was already running on the tracks and had begun its initial passenger-carrying operations.

Therefore, even though this car with four wheels running on the road was catching people’s attention, it wasn’t too exaggerated.

Mag got into the car and sat in the driver’s seat.

The three little ones sat in the backseat and Annie was taking care of Kiddo.

Yabemiya stood next to the car. She clenched her fist and encouraged him. “Go ahead, Boss. Leave the restaurant to us.”

The ladies from the restaurant were all here. Elizabeth, Shirley, Anna, Jane, Babla, Rena and Angela were all here.

Oh, Camilla didn’t come.

Mag didn’t care about that so much. He nodded at the ladies and started the car. He was off to get the bride.

He drove the car to the north of the city and stopped outside of the textile factory’s gates.

The elves liked simplicity, so the textile factory wasn’t decorated. Only a rainbow carpet was extended from the door to the front gates. The princess was getting married today, so the factory stopped its operations for one day. Its ambiance was also very celebratory.

The residents only knew that Boss Mag’s bride was an elf, so it seemed rather reasonable that he went to the textile factory where the elves congregated to fetch her. The residents didn’t spend too much time thinking about that.

Mag got out of the car and stood in front of it as he stared at the door expectantly.

The music played and it was played by the elves’ traditional ocarinas.

Irina walked on the rainbow carpet with Ashley and Firis next to her. The opulent pure white wedding dress made her look even more pure. She wore a little gold crown which made her look noble and elegant.

Mag stared at her. He only felt that he would never find another person as beautiful and lovely as her in this world. He couldn’t help but smile.

Irina also looked at him. Even though she looked solemn, her eyes were full of smiles. He actually shaved his mustache. He looked rather good, like a… teenager?

The newlyweds were flirting with their eyes. Firis was still in a daze. She only realized this morning that the princess was the lady boss and Amy was the little mistress that she was missing dearly. And, she… was just a clown?

“Mother is so beautiful!” Amy clutched her hands together with sparkling eyes.

“Beautiful, Senior Mom…” Kiddo also poked her head out and tried her best to stare at the bride who was walking over on the rainbow carpet.

Annie got a drawing board out and expanded it to the size of 16k. She drew on the screen and the image of Irina walking over on the rainbow carpet appeared on the drawing board.

“I am here to fetch you.” Mag opened the passenger seat door with a smile.

Irina only looked at him lovingly before getting into the passenger seat.

Mag got into the car and nodded at Firis and Ashley. “I appreciate your help. Please come to our wedding.”

Ashley nodded smilingly. She felt gratified like an elder.

Firis nodded woodenly. She still couldn’t recover from the shock.

Mag fetched Irina with a car and three children, but the bride’s entourage was exceptionally luxurious.

500 elves riding on unicorns, carried all kinds of dowry as they sent their princess to her wedding.

The red convertible sports car led the way and 500 handsome elves escorted them on beautiful unicorns. This unique scene made the pedestrians stop and watch.

When the people saw the good-looking newly-weds in the car, they all gave them their blessings.

With the city lord’s castle’s staff helping to maintain the order, the wedding entourage reached Mamy Restaurant successfully.

The red carpet stretched from the restaurant’s door all the way to the park. The field at a corner of the park had been painstakingly decorated. A flower path led to the small platform in the center while dozens of chairs were set up at both its sides. All the guests had already taken their seats.

People realized with shock that the guests were all VIPs.

The City Lord Michael was presiding over the wedding. The Buffett Bank’s Miss Scheer came. Principal Novan of Chaos School came. Rolan the Lord of the Gray Temple came. Camilla the chief of the Vampires came. Urien the Lord of Ice came. Master Rom, the god of forging, came. Dracula the Vampire Ancestor came!

“That’s not all! Isn’t that young and noble elf sitting at the corner, the elven queen, Sally?!”

“Could that strapping man be Rankster, the Frost Dragons’ powerhouse in the demi-god realm?!”

“Boss Mag’s friends are simply shocking!”

“This is more than shocking… It’s earth-shattering. My goodness!”

The surrounding crowd was completely shocked by the guest lineup.

The wedding car stopped and Mag helped Irina to get out of the car.

The guests all looked over. Almost all of them had a smile on their faces.

Michael stood on the platform and was about to officiate the wedding ceremony.

“Wait a sec!”

Right then, an exclamation came from the sky. A blackish gray griffin spiraled down from the sky and crashed towards the wedding venue.

Novan lifted his right hand and a spatial cushion appeared above them. It caught the griffin that fell from the sky and placed it on the ground gently.

A lean and tiny figure kicked the griffin away and crawled out. She smiled at the crowd, who was staring at her weirdly. “Pardon me. I’m a little late.”


It was Connie who had set off one week ago.

“Isn’t that the new chief of the orcs, Miss Connie? She came too!”

“But… she seems to have bumped into some trouble on her way here.”

Someone recognized Connie very quickly and they all began to discuss among themselves.

Connie covered her face and quickly ran to sit next to Babla, pretending that nothing had happened.

Now, everyone was present.

The elven orchestra played the traditional music and Amy and Kiddo led the way with flower bouquets. Irina held Mag’s arms and stepped onto the path of flowers.

Michael sincerely blessed the newly-weds with the ancient Norland Continent’s wedding blessings.

Mag led Irina to the platform. The two of them stood facing each other and gazed into each other’s eyes.

“Could our groom and bride please say a few words?” Michael walked off the platform. Officiating a wedding for a god was something that he could boast about for the rest of his life.

The venue became quiet instantly as everyone looked at the two people on stage.

An expectant gleam was sparkling in the ladies’ eyes. Perhaps, every woman looked forward to such a wedding?

Mag looked at Irina as he felt his heart racing. He wasn’t even that nervous when he faced the Great Old Ones. His voice was hoarse due to his nervousness, but he charmingly said, “In death or life, even when separated and far apart, with you I made an agreement, I grasped your hand; together with you, I am to grow old. I will uphold this promise.”

Irina smiled happily and with tears sparkling in her eyes.

She suddenly understood what the three years of perseverance was for. It was for their family to reunite again. It was for her to be able to stand here and marry him at this moment.

Mag pulled her into his arms and hugged her tightly.

Thunderous loud applause rang out with a few soft sighs in the midst.

The wedding ceremony ended in the fragrance of lemons. It was modern and yet touching. It would start a new wedding trend in Chaos City.

Mag held Irina’s hand and led her back to the restaurant. On the second floor was their newly decorated bedroom.

The guests also returned to the restaurant and waited for the banquet to start.

Given the guests’ identities, the wedding banquet had never been an important part to them.

However, this was Mag’s wedding. It was different because he was going to cook personally.

“If he isn’t cooking today, I might not have come,” Dracula said to Camilla, who was sitting next to him.

“You have matured.” Camilla dissed. She was a little out of sorts.

Amy held onto her bowl and found a great position for herselves. She was sitting in between Annie and Kiddo, who wouldn’t eat much. Ugly Duckling was crouching at Amy’s feet, wondering if it could get to eat some meat today.

Everyone took their seat and started to chit chat. Many of them knew one another, so they were not bored.

Scheer sat with Gloria, and Luna and Sally were sitting at their table with Vicki and Xi.

“Why do I feel that the ambiance at this table is a little awkward? Perhaps, this is the table of the Lost Love Alliance?” Vicki said to Xi telepathically, “Boss Mag is being too bold, right?”

“Mm,” Xi murmured perfunctorily as she fiddled with her bangle.

“Hmm?” Vicki cast a judging glance at Xi. “I think she doesn’t look very normal either?”

Under everyone’s anticipation, the dishes were served from the kitchen one by one.

The Phoenix Tail Shark’s Fins, Red Plum Pearl Incense, Roasted Pheasant, The Arhat Prawns… The selection was so overwhelming that even the well-traveled guests couldn’t help but marvel.

“It’s great that I made it in time. Otherwise I would have missed this once-in-a-lifetime banquet,” Connie, who had washed her face and changed, murmured as she munched on a big prawn.

“We’re going to eat this three days in a row! This is simply too blissful! It will be great if Father and Mother get married every day… The Manchu Han Imperial Feast is simply too scrumptious!”

Amy grabbed a prawn with one hand and a pheasant’s drumstick with the other as she chewed on the shark’s fins. She couldn’t hide the blissful smile on her face.

Irina changed out of the opulent wedding dress into the light and flowy one as she sat down for the feast.

“Lady Boss, you are the woman I envy the most. Really, you’re the only one. This is also the best wedding I have ever taken part in!” Vivian said with a sincere expression.

Boss Mag was now married and she had lost the chance to eat for free forever. Oh well, Luna didn’t try hard enough.

Mag, together with Irina, toasted the guests. After the banquet was over, the guests slowly left.

The ladies cleaned up the restaurant and with self awareness left too. They also brought the little ones with them, giving ample space to the newly weds.

On the balcony on the third floor, Irina sat on the swing and turned around to look at Mag, who was pushing her, with a smile. “I like this wedding very much.”

Mag was also gazing at her smilingly.

“I also like you very much.”

(The End.)

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