A Stay-at-home Dad’s Restaurant In An Alternate World

Chapter 2486

Chapter 2486: Oh Dear, It’s the Feeling of Love!

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The golden egg engulfed the rice grains individually. The red diced beef was mixed in them, gleaming with a slight sheen of oil. The bright green chopped green onions were even a highlight, making this fried rice look even better.

The rich aroma greeted her nose. The aroma of the stir-fried beef intertwined with the aroma of the egg. It was harmonious and beautiful.


She wanted to reorganize her thoughts and say something harsh, but her stomach growled.

Norma looked crestfallen. Her hand had already picked up the spoon and quickly scooped a spoonful of fried rice into her mouth.


The soft and loose rice was covered by the egg. After biting down, the taste of the egg spread and a piece of beef was among the rice. It had a chewy texture and the squirting of the juice brought along a beautiful experience.

That satisfaction of being filled made Norma’s eyes lit up immediately.

Norma had eaten countless exquisite and expensive dishes. The McCarthy Manor had the best chefs in Underground City, but this plate of beef fried rice in front of her brought her a sensation of surprise.

One mouthful followed by another mouthful. The plate of fried rice all went into her stomach quickly. Norma licked her lips, wanting more.

Then, she used the spoon to drink the soup. The tomato and egg soup was refreshingly sweet and sour. It paired with the fried rice perfectly.

In no time at all, the soup bowl and the plate were both licked clean. Only then did Norma put down her spoon.

This lunch was very simple. She had never had such a simple lunch before.

However, she was very satisfied. It was a double satisfaction, both physically and psychologically.

Norma looked up at Mag, who was eating quietly. He didn’t look like he was waiting for compliments. Instead, he looked a little unsatisfied.

“The beef isn’t cooked enough. It still needs to be tweaked a little,” Mag murmured to himself. He indeed wasn’t very happy.

Without any reason, Norma felt that the man in front of her seemed to have a glow. Different from those ordinary men, although he wasn’t those rich and powerful young men, his attitude toward his culinary skills was respectable.

“I say, tonight, do you still want to…” Before Norma could finish speaking, the doorbell rang.

Mag got up to get the door. Nancy was at the door. Even though her expression was cool, there was a hint of concern in her eyes. “I heard from Baussaint that Norma came to look for you. Did she make trouble for you?”

“She’s in my room.” Mag shrugged.

“What?” Nancy was stunned before revealing an expression of shock. “Y-you guys…”

Mag had actually brought Norma back to the room within this short time.

“I simply came to have lunch. Don’t overthink!” Norma seemed to have sensed the complex emotions in Nancy’s tone and she instantly ran to the door. She looked at Nancy and teasingly said, “Big Sister Nancy seems to care a lot for Hades. You ran here in a panic. Are you afraid that I will eat him up?”

“Lunch?” Nancy looked at the properly-dressed Norma and then at the plates on the dining table through the space between the two of them. It seemed like they indeed had lunch together and it was cooked by Mag.

“That’s all for today. I’ll go back first. Don’t forget about our promise.” Norma winked at Mag before squeezing past Nancy with a smile. She whistled and skipped away.

Mag finally got it. That girl wasn’t actually hostile to him. She simply wanted to one up Nancy.

“Do you want to come in?” Mag asked Nancy.

After thinking briefly, Nancy nodded and followed Mag into the room.

If Norma could go in, why couldn’t she?

This was also her first time entering the employees’ dormitory. To avoid arousing suspicion, she always kept a distance from employees of the opposite sex, including Baussaint.

Mag cleared the tables and then poured a glass of water for Nancy. He asked, “Have you had lunch yet?”


“Shall I make you something simple?”

Nancy wanted to reject him at first as there was a family gathering later. However, looking at Norma’s clean plate, she couldn’t help but wonder what they ate earlier. So, she nodded.

Mag made another beef fried rice for Nancy. After summing up his previous experience, his control of the heat while cooking the beef had improved too.

Nancy sat on the sofa and watched Mag cook. This feeling was rather special. In a small room, a man in home clothes and an apron was cooking for her. It looked just like… those families in the movies.

In her world, this scene had never appeared before.

She had also never imagined that there would be a man, who would cook lunch for her in their home, in her future.

At this moment, she felt rather blissful.

Then, she couldn’t help laughing at her own weird thoughts. However, looking at Mag’s serious side profile, she was a little out of sorts.

Mag placed the fried rice in front of Nancy and smilingly said, “Beef fried rice. There weren’t many ingredients in the fridge, but their quality was not bad.”

“Thank you.” Nancy nodded slightly. She concealed the unusual gleam in her eyes, picked up her spoon and finished the entire helping of beef fried rice gracefully.

No wonder the usually picky Norma would eat in Mag’s tiny room.

This beef fried rice was simply too delicious!

The heat control of the stir-fried beef was perfect. The beef was tender and not too chewy. The tender texture had an extremely high requirement for the control of heat.

After eating the fried rice, Nancy got up, bade farewell and left. Before she left, she even reminded Mag to beware of Norma.

Mag acknowledged her warning with a smile, but he agreed to Norma’s friend request after closing the door.

Looking at that maiden’s profile picture, who sent him a series of stickers. Mag smiled. Obviously, the fish had bitten onto the bait.

Mag took a screenshot of his chat with Norma and forwarded it to Xi. He reported simply that he had successfully connected with Norma for intel.


“It’s only been half a day and he has gotten in touch with Norma. Is that fellow really that charming?” Xi looked at the pictures sent by Mag and thought hard.

However, for this mission, it was indeed not a bad development.

Norma was Gardner’s daughter and Gardner was one of the McCarthy Family’s core members. He was in charge of external affairs and was very likely to be connected to Congressman Tamm’s disappearance.

If Mag decided to use Norma as the breakthrough point, it was indeed a good choice.

“What do you intend to do next?” Xi replied to his message.

“If your intel is correct, Norma is indeed very indulged by Gardner. I’ll try to get information related to Congressman Tamm from her.”

“Be careful,” Xi replied before turning off the chat interface.


Mag stood at the dormitory’s window as he sized up the McCarthy compound. From the window’s angle, he could only see a small area, which didn’t include the McCarthy Family members’ living quarters and the areas that they moved about in.

He already had most of the intel needed for this mission. What he needed was a reasonable occasion for him to obtain this intel and then he could leave.

There were three Extraordinaires guarding the McCarthy Manor. There was no reason for him to risk his life for a novice assignment.

Mag took a nap in the afternoon. Then, he went down to the public zone downstairs to briefly interact with the Head Chef and took a look at the back kitchen.

From tomorrow onwards, he would formally join the back kitchen of this huge compound and undertake part of the cooking duties.

After coming out from the back kitchen, whose standard far exceeded a five star hotel’s kitchen, Mag received Norma’s message:

“I want you to cook dinner for me. Come to my villa now.”

“Shall I cook noodles?” Mag replied.

“I don’t want to eat noodles. I want grilled mutton ribs, charcoal-grilled mutton ribs!” Norma sent a voice message immediately.

It was Norma’s loss that she didn’t get to eat his shaved noodles. Mag sent her another message, “Employees are not allowed to enter the core zone, I can’t go over.”

“I’ve already got someone to fetch you.”

A driverless car stopped next to Mag when he just saw the message. The car’s door opened automatically and an electrical sound came from the car, “Hades. Identity verified. Please come on board and proceed to Miss Norma’s living quarters.”

Mag wasn’t in a hurry to get in. Instead, he sent Norma a message, “If someone finds out about this, will I be breaking the rules?”

“It’s your job to cook for your employer and you’ll be my personal chef from now on. As long as you do a good job, I’ll give you a pay raise.”

Mag got into the car. He didn’t reply to Norma’s message.

If the chef’s dormitory was a luxurious abode for the normal employees, then Norma’s villa that was over 1000 square meters should be called a pink castle.

The young maidens’ love for the color pink seemed to be hard to change even when technology had advanced to this level.

Of course, this pink was rather sophisticated. The glass facade was crystal pink, which looked just like a pink diamond. It was gentle yet glaring. Moreover, the other colors matched and complemented one another beautifully. They didn’t let pink take over the entire castle. It was girly yet able to withstand careful appreciation.

Needless to say, this had to be designed by some top designer.

Mag came down from the driverless car and was led into the villa by a sweet-looking little maid. Mag saw the maid’s tender pink ears, so she was obviously an orc.

“You don’t seem to be happy that I asked you to come over?” On a raised platform in the hall, was a big chair. Norma was sitting on it with her legs crossed and looking down on Mag.

Mag felt like laughing when he saw Norma sitting on that ‘throne’ like a queen. Normal people wouldn’t be able to do that without any grandiose delusions.

“How is cooking for you a reward?” Mag asked instead.

“That’s for sure. How many chefs want to cook for me, but are not given that chance to do so. This is your honor.” Norma tilted her chin slightly.

“What a coincidence. There are plenty of people who want to cook the food I cooked too. Furthermore, these are not my working hours,” Mag said nonchalantly.

Norma narrowed her eyes slightly. Mag’s words were true. Given his popularity for the past few days, he was, undoubtedly, the most sought after man in Underground City now.

“You’re already here. Shouldn’t you do something before you go?” Norma came down from the platform and walked over to Mag.

The platform behind her lowered gradually until it was leveled with the floor. The giant chair transformed into a sofa.

So, this illness didn’t show itself in front of everyone. Ha, what a hypocritical woman.

“I charge, and my skills are expensive,” Mag said to Norma in a low voice.

The little maid standing at the side opened her mouth slightly and looked at Mag with shock. Although she liked this super handsome man, she was still worried for his safety when he dared to talk to Miss Norma like this.

“Expensive? Ha, what I have in abundance is money.” Norma lifted her hand and a funds transfer interface lit up on her bangle. “How much should I write?”

“One meal, 1,000,000,” Mag said.

Norma tapped lightly with her finger twice and 1,000,000 was transferred out.

Mag’s bangle lit up and 1,000,000 was transferred in.

A real wealthy woman was just so arrogant.

Mag worked when he was paid, so he directly asked, “Where’s the kitchen?”

“I-I’ll bring you there…” the kitten-eared maid said softly. She still had a shocked expression on her face.

The man in front of her had indeed received 1,000,000 from Miss Norma. He was so daring.

Mag followed the little maid into the kitchen in the basement.

Compared to Mag’s shabby workbench, the kitchen in Norma’s villa was opulent. It was over 100 square meters and had all kinds of kitchenware and utensils. There were even two super huge fridges in the corner which were filled with all kinds of ingredients.

There was a charcoal stove on the workbench and the charcoal was already lit. There was also a huge rack of mutton ribs at the ingredients’ table at the side. It was obviously freshly processed. The goat’s blood had not even solidified yet, which showed it was very fresh.

Since Norma wanted to eat charcoal-grilled mutton ribs, Mag would make it for her.

As the saying goes, “The way to a woman’s heart is through her stomach.” If he could reach her stomach, she basically couldn’t escape.

The little maid stood at the side and looked at Mag with adoration. “Is there anything I can help you with?”

“I don’t need any help. Thank you.” Mag rejected her coldly before he washed his hands, put on the apron and began to process the ingredients.

Norma wandered two rounds outside before she finally couldn’t take it anymore and couldn’t help but go in. She called it “supervising” and even got the little maid to get her a comfortable seat.

Norma huddled on the sofa comfortably and said to Mag, who was placing the mutton ribs on the grills, “So, this is how being a judge at the Top Chef Competition feels like.”

Mag raised his eyes. Did she think this was a reality game show?

Mag could already do the charcoal-grilled mutton ribs very well. Grilling over the small fire and brushing the sauce, the aroma got increasingly richer.

The mistress and maid drooled as they watched him.

Norma turned her head around and ordered the maid, but her gaze was glued to the golden mutton ribs. “Water.”

This aroma was too rich and enticing. It had an irresistible penetrative power.

Meanwhile, looking at the mutton ribs that slowly turned golden from the charcoal fire, listening to the sizzling sounds and smelling that aroma, she felt the hungry bugs in her stomach being triggered.

The little maid quickly returned with a glass of water. She was looking at Mag with an increasingly admiring gaze.

Once the ribs were perfectly cooked, Mag took them out and plated them. He separated the ribs before cutting them across horizontally. It was easier for ladies to eat gracefully when the ribs were smaller.

Lastly, he scattered a handful of chopped green onions as garnish and this helping of charcoal-grilled mutton ribs was considered done.

The whole set of mutton ribs had taken up the entire big plate.

“It’s done. Please enjoy,” Mag said to Norma.

Norma had already stood up from her chair and walked over to the work bench. Looking at the mutton ribs that were grilled till they were golden and emitting a rich meaty aroma, she couldn’t help gulping.

The little maid came over and whispered, “Let me bring it to the dining table for you.”

“Let me taste it first. Is it really that delicious?” Norma already couldn’t wait. She immediately grabbed a piece of mutton rib.

“Shhh! Hot!” Norma retracted her hands immediately and grabbed the little maid’s cat ears to cool them down.

The little maid looked taken aback, but she didn’t dare to say anything.

After cooling her fingers, Norma put on an insulated glove and grabbed a rib again. She blew at it gently before biting into it carefully.

The skin that was grilled crispy, was wrapped around the succulent mutton. With only a gentle bite, the juice and fat exploded in her mouth. The slightly spicy aroma collided on the tip of her tongue and her taste buds instantly went crazy.


A long and uncontrollable moan made Norma blush immediately.


This mutton rib was simply too delicious!

The grilled meat wasn’t strange to Norma. There were two chefs in the manor who were great at grilling meat. There were always all kinds of meat that were grilled by these two chefs on the dining table during every family gathering.

However, she had never had such delicious and special mutton ribs.

She had seen how Nancy lost her composure on the show previously. She even laughed at her for being ignorant. She didn’t expect she would also look so ignorant when she tasted this mutton rib today.

The unique fragrance of the fruit charcoal had seeped into the mutton and the unique sauce made it irresistible.

She would have given him full marks if she was one of the Top Chef Competition’s judges, right?

“This is simply too delicious!”

Norma couldn’t help praising before casting a glance at Mag. No wonder Nancy favored him and even used the fighter jet to make sure that he was safe.

The little maid couldn’t help gulping again. She swallowed her saliva secretly many times when she watched the live-stream with her young mistress previously. Hence, it was hard to resist such a temptation when she watched Mag grill the ribs and smelled the aroma personally.

“Take this. Have one too.” Norma picked up a rib and cooled it down a little by waving it before passing it to the little maid.

“Thank you, Miss.” The little maid accepted the ribs with surprise before taking two steps backwards. She blew at it gently before taking a small bite. Her eyes curved into crescent moons. She munched on it like a little squirrel.

Mag saw that. Norma treated her employees well. She didn’t ill-treat them at all.

Norma only felt that it was uncomfortable to stand and eat in the kitchen after she finished two ribs and felt slightly full, so she ordered the maid. “Let’s go eat in the restaurant.”

The little maid quickly wiped her hands clean and carried the plate of ribs out of the kitchen carefully. She headed straight for the restaurant on the first floor.

Mag removed his apron and went upstairs, ready to return to his dormitory. He had finished his job and it seemed like Norma was very satisfied.

A maid hurried over when the three of them reached the first floor and she respectfully said, “Miss, Master is here.”

The villa’s door opened as soon as she finished speaking. A lean middle-aged man walked in.

Mag looked at the man with slightly raised eyebrows. He soon looked calm again, but he wasn’t in a hurry to leave. He took a step back and stood next to the little maid.

“Father!” Norma called out with surprise. She skipped over and hugged the man’s arm. “When did you get back? Didn’t you say that you will only be back next week?”

“Something happened in Tucker City, so I came back in advance.” The cold middle-aged man smiled with indulgence when he looked at Norma. “I went to see the head of the family. Now, I am here to see my precious daughter.”

Then, his gaze skipped over the little maid and landed onto Mag. His long eyes narrowed instantly with a dangerous gleam.

“You are here at the right time. We have just finished grilling the charcoal-grilled mutton ribs. Let’s have it together.” Norma pulled Gardner towards the dining table.

Gardner sat down and flicked a glance at the charcoal-grilled mutton ribs on the table. He shifted his gaze back to Mag and asked, “You are Hades?”

“Yes.” Mag nodded slightly.

The man in front of him was the target of his trip—Gardner. Mag didn’t expect to meet him on his first day in the McCarthy Manor.

Norma held a rib and said with shock, “You know about him too, Father?”

“Who doesn’t know him in Underground City?” Gardner answered with a smile. The Dixon Family was forced to suffer in silence. Fergus was killed and they even lost an Almost-Extraordinaire powerhouse. The man in front of him was the trigger of the whole incident.

It seemed like other than admiring his culinary skills, Nancy had brought him back to the McCarthy Manor to protect him.

Mag lowered his head quietly as he got the system to take a few pictures.

Gardner wasn’t very interested in Mag. Since he could enter the McCarthy Manor, it meant that the family had already done a thorough background check on him. His background should be fine.

He might have just bumped into the Fergus incident accidentally and he was just a chef. He wasn’t worthy of his interest.

“Taste this rib. It’s scrumptious.” Norma passed a rib to Gardner.

Gardner accepted the rib. It was still a little hot, so it should have been just grilled. The meat aroma was rather rich and his eyes lit up when he bit into it.

As one of the few people at the pinnacle of the Underground City’s power circle, his desire for food had become very mild. However, this roasted mutton rib’s taste still marveled him.

The fat and tender mutton didn’t become dry during the grilling. The slightly charred surface was crispy and juice squirted out in between the bites, which was exhilarating.

He ate the entire rib in just two to three bites.

“Get me the wine.” Gardner instructed the maid next to him.

“Yes.” The maid quickly walked off and came back with a small trolley. She opened the bottle, poured the wine out, decanted it and poured it into a glass in one smooth action. Soon, a glass of red wine was placed in front of Gardner.

Gardner took a sip before picking up another rib and chewing delicately with a happy expression.

He didn’t have any food satisfaction for a very long time. This grilled mutton rib was indeed very special.

Gardner put down the bone and said to Mag, “Your culinary skills are not bad.”

Your daughter is not bad, either. Mag said calmly, “Thank you.”


The maids standing at the side were all looking at Mag with shock and envy. Third Master had never praised a servant before, but he showed great appreciation for Hades.

“Go back first. I’ll get the car to send you back to the dormitory,” Norma said to Mag and then winked at the little maid at the side.

“Sure.” Mag nodded slightly.

“Please follow me.” The little maid led Mag out of the door. That driverless car was still parked at the door, and its door was already open.

Mag got into it.

The little maid said with a blush, “Mr. Hades, I am your fan. Your charcoal-grilled mutton ribs are really very delicious. I like them very much.”

A gentle smile appeared on Mag’s face as he nodded. “Thank you. Please return.”

The car door closed gradually and the driverless car slowly started and drove out of the villa zone.

“His smile is so gentle. Oh dear, it’s the feeling of love!” The little maid covered her heart and blushed furiously.

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