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Chapter 21 - The Sad Story Of The Ugly Duckling

Chapter 21: The Sad Story Of The Ugly Duckling

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“Please note that system is not a shopping mall! I do not provide clothes!” answered the system coldly.

“I’ll pay. How much for a pair of pajamas? 50 copper coins? 100? Even two gold coins is okay by me,” said Mag calmly. He glanced at the remaining 616 copper coins.

For a while, the system said nothing, and then a quotation appeared in Mag’s head. “A pair of children’s pajamas: two gold coins; a pair of men’s pajamas: three gold coins; a suit of children’s normal clothes: three gold coins; a chef’s suit: three gold coins. Different colors and styles are available.”

Mag took a look at Amy, who was starting to feel sleepy after the bath, and said in his mind, “I’ll have a pair of children’s pajamas and a chef’s suit, then.” The price was not very expensive, but he had to prioritize his mission, and saving money to buy ingredients was the most important right now.

Suddenly, a lot of children’s pajamas with different styles and colors popped up in Mag’s head. He didn’t know which one he should choose, so he turned to Amy and asked, “What kind of pajamas do you like, Amy? What color?”

After thinking for a long time, Amy looked at Mag with anticipation and answered, “Amy likes purple clothes, especially one with a little bear on it…” Her father’s magic was so incredible, and the house and clothes he had conjured up were very beautiful, so she looked forward to the new clothes with great expectations.

A pair of purple pajamas caught Mag’s eye. They were fluffy onesie pajamas, with two bear ears on top of the hood and a lovely brown little bear on the front.This one should do.

“I’ll go get the pajamas for you,” Mag said after the system told him that the clothes were ready. He went into the room and opened the wardrobe. A pair of cute bear pajamas and a brand-new chef’s suit were already there.

Mag folded his suit and put it on the bed, and then he took the little pajamas to the bathroom. He looked at Amy and asked, “Do you like them?”

“Wow, they’re so pretty!” Wrapped in her bath towel, Amy looked at the purple bear pajamas unfolded in Mag’s hands and nodded happily. “Yes! Amy loves purple. They’re so fluffy, and I’ll become a little bear in it. I love it! Father is the best!”

Looking at her happy smile, Mag felt happy too. He picked up a clean towel. “I’ll help dry off your hair, and then you can change into your pajamas and take a nap.”

Amy nodded. “Okay.” She moved her head towards Mag and couldn’t wait to try on her new clothes.

Mag dried her hair off with the towel carefully, blew it with the hair dryer, and then helped her put on the new clothes.

Amy raised her hand to rub her face with one fluffy sleeve. “So soft and comfy.” She narrowed her eyes, her face filled with happiness.

Mag looked at Amy. The fluffy purple sleepwear was like a lovely little bear on Amy and flattered her soft white skin. Her silver hair was spreading on her shoulders and her back; her cute pointy ears were snow-white and crystal-clear—she was a perfect combination of human and elf.

“Here, let me hold you up. Let’s take a look at Amy, the little bear.” Mag put on Amy’s hood and held her up towards the mirror.

Amy looked at the little bear in the mirror, opened up her mouth, and waved her two hands at Mag. “Oh, here comes the little bear, and it will eat you!”

“Don’t eat me, please!” Mag retracted his head to play along, smiling.

“It’s okay. Don’t be afraid. Amy couldn’t bear to eat Father.” Amy extended her hands to hold Mag’s face, pecked him on the cheek, and stroked his hair.

The little thing was so adorable. Mag held back his smiling. “Oh, I’m not afraid anymore.” He took a sniff. “Our little Amy smells very good now; it’s time to take a nap.” He held her in his arms and walked into the bedroom. He put her on the bed gently.

Lying in bed, Amy shook her head as she held Mag’s finger. “Amy can’t sleep. Please tell me a story, Father.”

Mag nodded. “Well then, I’ll tell you the story of the Ugly Duckling.” He pulled up a chair beside her bed.

“Okay. Amy wants to hear it.” Amy nodded.

“In a beautiful country that was far, far away, a female duck was sitting on her eggs to hatch her babies…” Mag started telling the story in a low voice. Almost every child had heard this story, and Mag chose it for a reason.

Amy’s lack of self-confidence was partly because she thought she was different from humans and elves, so she was picked on and laughed at sometimes, like the little swan born amongst the ducks.

He intended to tell her through this story that she was not different, but special, and that she would prove to be better than all of them.

Of course, now that he was here, he wouldn’t let anything bad happen to her.

An ugly duckling was born in a group of ducks. Just because she looked different from all the others, she got disliked. She was chased away by ducks, pecked by chickens, taunted by cats, and kicked by the maid in the chicken house.

She had no choice but to follow the river and leave that place on her own. She went through the cold winter and almost got killed by the wife of a peasant. Finally, the warm spring came. When she saw a flock of swans flying in the faraway sky, she spread her wings recklessly and found out that she was actually a beautiful, proud swan. She was meant to fly in the sky, and deserved to be loved by others.

Mag told the story vividly in a low and deep voice. Amy was completely engrossed in it. She clenched her fists as if worrying about the ugly duckling, and after learning that the latter had made it out alive, she let out a sigh of relief, but became alarmed again because of the new dangers that appeared. Finally, when the ugly duckling changed into a beautiful swan, took to the air, and found her true friends, a happy smile showed on her little face.

“So, Father, Amy is an ugly duckling? And I’ll be a beautiful swan when I grow up?” Amy looked at Mag with expectation.

“No, Amy is already a beautiful swan now, and you’ll become more gorgeous and beautiful when you grow up.” Mag shook his head, smiling. He stroked Amy’s hair with his other hand, and said softly, “Besides, as long as I am here, no one can hurt you.”

“I know, Father.” Amy looked into Mag’s eyes and nodded with confidence. Reluctantly, she said, “Amy has a small request.”

“What is it?” Mag looked at her encouragingly.

“Can we raise an ugly duckling?” asked Amy softly.

“Do you like swans?” Mag was taken aback. Little swans were not easy to get, but he could figure something out if Amy wanted to raise one.

“Yes. When it grows up, we can eat roast goose.” Amy nodded solemnly.

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