A Stay-at-home Dad’s Restaurant In An Alternate World

Chapter 1895 - Master Chef

Chapter 1895: Master Chef

Mag was secretly happy that he had saved a few copper coins. It felt even better than earning a million copper coins elsewhere.

“I’ll hand you the blueprint early tomorrow morning. I’ll rush it out tonight,” Mag told Irina.

“Alright.” Irina nodded. She glanced at Mag, and said, “You’re pretty fast?”

“Fast? How can a man be fast?” Mag raised his chin a little higher, and said, “Being efficient is one of my principles.”

After a whole day out and throwing a feast for their guests, the two children and Irina were a little tired. They all went back to their rooms to rest after washing up, and Mag also returned to his study room.

The system had already completed three blueprints for Mag to choose from.

The system’s works were all works of art indeed.

The three blueprints for the school exceeded Mag’s expectations. There was a lush, green garden, and the design style was simple, yet every spot of the school made one feel the goodness of humanity and hope.

Mag hesitated over the three choices for a very long time before finally deciding on a design that was closer to traditional Chinese architecture with water and man-made mountains. There were many intricate and interesting designs hidden within so that the children could seek fun within the school’s architecture.

Mag got the System to print out that blueprint, and said, “Keep the other two blueprints for me. We can use it when we open school branches.”

After confirming the school’s design, Mag was not eager to go to bed. Instead, he sat in front of the study table, and started organizing the timetable and other administrative matters for the school.

He trusted in Luna’s abilities, and knew that the teachers and children were in good hands under her.

What he had to do was go to the city lord’s castle to find a plot of land for the school, obtain its support for building the school, and deploy some Night Elves to complete the school’s design and construction.

“It seems like I have to go to the city lord’s castle after the morning operating hours.” Mag kept his writing materials, and went to sleep.

However, he took a quick glance at his believer board before sleeping, and was shocked.

He had already reached 7438 believers. He only had a little over 3000 yesterday, so that meant that playing the video of the school today earned him more than 4000 people who wanted to learn his four dishes.

Mag could not help but exclaim, “That’s… crazy?!”

He did not think that the people of this other world could adapt so quickly. They had already started learning from watching videos.

This had also increased his confidence. If he could push out the magicvision, video learning would be pretty great for increasing the number of his believers.

“Ding! The host has gained more than 5000 believers, triggering the System’s mission. Please achieve a total of 10,000 believers within three days, and successfully rise up to the level of Master Chef! Mission reward: Affinity +1!” The System’s voice suddenly rang.

“Master Chef? Is this a job title or a tier?” Mag asked curiously.

“This is a tier decided by the number of believers. The more believers you have, the more powerful you are as a chef!”

“Don’t tell me the next tier is… Grandmaster Chef?” Mag raised his brows.

“Have you already seen the manual?” The system sounded shocked.

“After that is Legend Chef? Mythic Chef?”

“No more spoilers, please!”

“Tsk. That’s so uncreative.” Mag rolled his eyes, and said, “Other than the prize, what’s the advantage of moving up the tiers? Since we’re talking about tiers, and the goal is to reach the god level through cooking, I can’t just survive on your prizes, right?”

“The way of training is profound and boundless. The host would be able to understand it in your training. Becoming the Master Chef is the first step to the start of becoming the real God of Cookery.”

“Fine. You don’t know. Why blabber all that nonsense?”

Mag could not be bothered with the system, and started observing the ancient scroll in his mind.

The scroll appeared really dated. There was a person drawn in the middle. That person was him, in a chef’s uniform and holding a cleaver, which was Fat Head Fish.

There were small stalks of grass which looked like fresh chives by his feet.

Dots of golden glow flew out from the little stalks of grass, landing on him in the painting to bring more vibrant color to the drawing, but there were no obvious changes.

“Is this it?” Mag stared at the drawing for a long while, and did not think that the golden glow brought about any changes.

It’s just 10,000 dots. They should arrive by tomorrow. However, gaining fans through tutorials is pretty effective. Why don’t we find a place to set up a place just for learning after the Delicacy Extravaganza? Mag thought to himself. However, after standing his customers up for two days, it would be perfect for him to launch the Mapo Tofu to appease them.


Many people in the Norland Continent were unable to sleep that night.

The various powerhouse representatives from the different races set off to Chaos City once again. This time, it was to verify that the devil did break free from the seal.

The leaders of the various races were strengthening their defenses while fervently calculating what impact this matter would bring to the upcoming peace talks.

After experiencing the horrifying power of the octopus monster at the Thunderstorm Mountains, no one could ignore the presence of the devil.

A joint investigation was about to take place. This time, the analysis might have a huge impact on the peace talks three days later.

The city lord’s castle in Chaos City was also brightly lit. The Gray Temple had already contacted the city lord’s castle reserve army to back up on the watch and sealing of the Thunderstorm Mountains. Currently, that was the most dangerous place.


Rodu’s palace.

In the hall, Andre looked at Sean, who was standing below him, and said, “Sean, I want you to represent the empire this time to go to Chaos City to investigate the devil incident.”

“Yes, Father.” Sean bowed.

“Your Majesty, the devil is really horrifying. I feel that we should not let the first prince, with his noble status, take the risk,” an old general said with a bow.

“I agree. Your Majesty, many things are happening on the Norland Continent right now, and the peace talks are also coming up. Letting the first prince go might cause a turn of events.”

Very quickly, a few other courtiers and generals also stepped up to express their concern with the decision to send Sean to Chaos City.

Josh was standing silently at the side, looking calm.

Sean was also standing straight, looking as though he was just waiting for the order.

Andre frowned. He looked at the group of courtiers, and said coldly, “He’s just going to investigate the issue of the broken seal with the other races. What use does he have if he doesn’t even have such courage?”

“Your Majesty, I am willing to go,” Sean said as he bowed again.

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