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Chapter 1345: - Holy White Lotus

Chapter 1345: Holy White Lotus

“One life for one time,” Angela said coldly. She raised her hand up and pressed that demon’s head down into his own crotch, which was accompanied by the sounds of bones cracking. She then lifted her leg and kicked him, sending him flying over 100 meters away and crashing into a dilapidated hut.

Angela clapped her hands before raising up the curtain of the red hut and walked into it.

“Woah, Big Sister Angela is so suave,” Amy said, clapping her hands as she stood on the roof in the alley.

“It’s surprisingly smooth.” Irina was surprised too. However, a hint of doubt appeared on her face when she looked at that hut. “But what is she doing here? Could she be working here in the day?

“That’s not right, either. If it was work, she wouldn’t have to kill that fellow earlier. Then, why did she come here?” Irina pondered. A green light flashed under her feet, and she brought Amy into that hut. At the same time, she set up a sound barrier.

This was a small single room with only one messy bed. A succubus—covered only with a thin blanket—was reclining on the bed with her plump and fair thigh exposed. There were fine lines in the corners of her eyes, and a thick makeup could no longer hide the signs of her aging. She was shocked to see Angela come in.

“Newcomer?” That succubus quickly regained her composure, and used an appraising gaze that a senior used to look at her junior. There was a hint of envy in her eyes. What a youthful body and energetic eyes. When she was young, many men had gone crazy every time she threw a glance at them.

Unfortunately, the times had gone by… and she, too, was already aging.

“I’m not a junior who comes to steal your business. I am the only heir of the succubi’s’ royal family, the Regnant [a][b]of Succubi—Angela Austell.” Angela raised her hand up, and a holy white lotus lit up in the center of her palm. It began to turn slowly in the light before blooming.

“Holy White Lotus!”

That succubus stared at the white lotus in Angela’s palm with disbelief. Her body started to tremble as she was reminded of some legends. She rushed off the bed in a panic, and knelt down in front of Angela with her head touching the ground. She humbly and respectfully said, “Esteemed Regnant, please forgive my recklessness and disrespect. You have finally descended on us again.”

“Big Sister Angela is a regnant?” Then why is she working as a service staff?” Amy was asked with a perplexed look.

“I didn’t expect the Regnant of Succubi to appear again. No wonder she could make it to the 8th-tier. She has obtained the recognition from the Holy White Lotus.” Irina pondered as she recalled the records that she had read about succubi before.

The succubi, too, had a magnificent era a long time ago. The name of the Regnant of Succubi had once shone brightly on the Norland Continent.

However, the succubus tribe went into a decline after the Regnant of Succubi died. Their people were scattered all over the continent. Because they had the natural talents at mesmerization, they became the playthings of the rest of the races, and were stuck with the label of promiscuous beings.

Perhaps most people had already forgotten, including the succubi themselves, that they once believed in the extremely pure and clean Holy White Lotus, which grew in the mud but was never tainted by it.

“Rise.” Angela kept that white lotus flower, reached up to help that succubus up, and wrapped the bedsheet around her.

That succubus still lowered her head because she didn’t dare to look at Angela. Her body was trembling because she was agitated.

“I came to bring you all away,” Angela said to that succubus.

That succubus raised her head and stared at Angela with disbelief.

So many years had passed, and even the succubi themselves began to lose faith with regard to the Holy White Lotus legend.

They sank and lost themselves into vice. They became the playthings of men, allowing them to release their desires on them in exchange for very little money.

They couldn’t resist, and they didn’t have the power to resist.

No matter where they went, the label of cheap and promiscuous followed after them.

Hence, they accepted all that as they lay in the huts in this dark alley.

However, the succubus with the white lotus in her hand had really appeared!

She had come to this dark and dirty alley, and extended her hand to her. She said she was going to bring them away from here.

That succubus hesitated for a moment before softly asking, “To where?”

She already had enough of drifting and wandering before she came to Carapace Island. She was very afraid to relive that kind of life again.

“Perhaps you all have forgotten that we, succubi, had our own domain once. A holy land that was full of white lotuses,” Angela said to that succubus softly. “I came to bring all of you home.”

The succubus was startled. Home, what an unfamiliar term.

Tears began to fall from the corner of her eyes, and then it turned to a silent sob.

“Close the door and take nothing. Prepare to leave with me any time. Nobody can force you to do anything in the future.” Angela patted her shoulder gently before she went out and walked to the next hut.

That succubus looked at Angela’s back, and swiftly dabbed away her tears. She took out a long dress from the bottom most of her closet and put it on.

The long skirt made of rough fabric was a little ugly, but it blocked all parts that those animals liked. Then, she slammed the doors shut.

“This is surprisingly interesting.” Irina brought Amy away, but she didn’t continue to follow Angela. Instead, she brought Amy back to the restaurant.

“The Regnant of Succubi? Is she a new version?” Mag raised an eyebrow after he heard Irina’s description. He could sense that things weren’t that simple.

Irina continued, “I have once read in books that the Regnant of Succubi was the best at mental magic attacks. She could kill without form and even control others’ behavior. Although the succubi had never ruled over a territory of their own, due to the Regnant of Succubi’s existence, no tribe had ever dared to trifle with them.”

“Seems like she wants to restore the succubi race, and gather her people together again,” Mag said thoughtfully.

“The situation is rather similar to that of the Night Elves. But it’s not going to be an easy feat for her to bring all the succubi away under the Ten Kings Palace’s watch.” Irina shook her head. “After all, she is not me.”

Although she was a little of a show-off, Mag had to admit that Irina wasn’t wrong to say that.

“Seems like we have indeed recruited a problematic employee.” Mag felt his head ache a little.

“I will give her a hand when it’s necessary. Just take it as an employee’s benefit,” Irina said generously.

“You really are a very good lady boss.” Mag was a little jealous.

“I agree. I knew I would do very well in this identity.”

“Everything’s good… but could you please don’t bring Amy to a brothel in the future?” Mag said to the smug Irina, feeling rather resigned. Was that something a normal mother would have done?

“Mm-hm.” Irina acknowledged nonchalantly.

“I need to run an errand too. I need to find someone for help,” Mag informed Irina before going out. He walked toward the beach.

After spending the price of a reproductive crayfish, Mag rented a deep sea submarine from the system. He found an isolated coast, drove the submarine away from Carapace Island, and dived into the deep sea.

[a]Regnant as a noun is obsolete (it’s only used as an adjective now). Maybe sovereign or ruler would work? Not sure what the word is in Chinese, so maybe you have better ideas, though.

[b]Hi Chris,

Sovereign would do too. Because the author actually used the word “King” 😅

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