A Stay-at-home Dad’s Restaurant In An Alternate World

Chapter 1257 - Kill Anyone Who Resists!

Chapter 1257: Kill Anyone Who Resists!

Early next morning, Mag got up as soon as the sky was about to light up, and knocked on the door of the magic potion shop next door. He passed the restaurant’s key to Xixi, and asked her to take care of Amy and Anna for the day.

“Don’t worry, Boss Mag. Although the food that I cook isn’t as nice as yours, the two little ones won’t starve,” Xixi said smilingly.

“Thank you very much,” Mag said with appreciation before he turned and left.

This battle was very unpredictable, so Mag didn’t want Amy and Anna to undertake this risk.

Furthermore, he also needed to focus on this battle as any accidents could send them into an irrevocable position.

He is going away now. I wonder what he is going to do since he has left the two girls at home? Xixi looked at Mag’s retreating back, puzzled. She walked to the restaurant—her mission today was to play with the girls. She had already told her boss yesterday.

Speaking of it, her boss said he was also going on a trip today, and he, too, didn’t mention where he was going. These people… were really very mysterious.


Beyond the city, a beastmaster handed a whip to Mag, and sternly reminded him, “Boss, I have trained this white-head eagle for years. Please make sure he is safe and bring him back to me.”

“Don’t worry, we are only going to visit our relatives in the south. If we are quick enough, we could even return the white-head eagle to you tonight. Moreover, the security deposit that I gave could buy you another two white-head eagles, so what are you worrying about?” Mag, who had stuck a beard on himself and made himself another few tones tanner, looked just like a middle-aged man in his forties.

Meanwhile, Babla at the side was wearing a gauze hat that covered her whole head and made her look just like a child. She was also unrecognizable.

“Okay.” The beastmaster nodded. He had a point. This man was really very generous with the security deposit.

Mag reached out to touch the big white head of that white-head eagle before leaping onto its back. Babla soon followed and floated onto its back. The white-head eagle spread its wings and rose into the sky instantly. They soon disappeared on the horizon in the south.

The wingspan of this white-head eagle was only about seven meters. Two people fitted snugly on its back, maybe even a little tight. Babla, who was sitting in the front, was almost cuddled by Mag.

“Aren’t we going to the north? Why are we going southward?” Babla was a little flustered, so she tried to make herself sound cool.

“We have to erase the tracks that we have once taken part in this battle. That’s why we are flying toward the south for a few kilometers before we turn around and fly up north, bypassing Chaos City,” Mag explained as he pulled the reins in, and made the white-head eagle continue its climb.

“This is bothersome.” Babla pursed her lips, thinking all that was unnecessary. She moved about uneasily, but discovered that she was encircled by Mag completely. She couldn’t move at all, and could only feel the hot breath that was close to her ear. Her blush deepened.

Mag didn’t want to take advantage of a young maiden, but this white head eagle was the personal steed of the beastmaster, and only had a front-and-back double seat installed. It was usually used to bring his wife and kid out for trips, so its design was also very family-oriented. He, who sat at the back, had to reach out to grasp the reins, and so had to embrace the seat in front.

The white head eagle was just a 1st-tier magic beast, and its intelligence was basically zero. It wasn’t like Ah Zi, whom he could simply tell it the direction or location, and it would be able to locate the place itself.

If you left it alone, it could even toss and throw you down from the sky, hundreds of meters away from the ground, or chase after some female bird halfway and bring you way off to the Pacific Ocean[1].

Apart from being not smart enough, not being windproof was also one of this white head eagle’s characteristics.

It was a severe winter now, the coldest time of the year. Everything was white beneath them, and the snow hadn’t melted yet. Sitting on the back of the eagle and going at a speed above 100 km/h at an altitude of 500 meters while facing the wind head-on wasn’t a comfortable experience.

Babla, who was fidgeting initially, soon lost her senses because she was frozen. Frost began to form on her hair.

Babla suddenly realized something, and she turned to resentfully say to Mag, “Hey, did you make me sit in the front so I can break the wind for you?”

Mag lowered his head to look at Babla, who only reached his chin, and resignedly said, “I wish I had, but you have to be able to break it in the first place.”

Babla, whose height was being looked down on again, blushed. “I… I will continue to grow!”

“From the physical point of view, after the age of 15, a girl’s height growth rate would slow down or even stop completely. However, breasts would continue to grow,” Mag said calmly as he took a glance at Babla’s breasts, which were totally disproportionate to her body. They would look rather exaggerated if they continued to grow.

“Jerk!” Babla blushed as she sensed Mag’s gaze. If they weren’t in the air, she would jump up and give him a kick.


Before Babla could say anything, Mag had already put a hooded helmet on Babla’s head, pulled out a windproof insulation blanket from God-knows-where, and wrapped it around her. His arms went around her body and grabbed the reins. He began to turn the bird around and fly toward the north.

Babla was taken aback. The cold wind was blocked off instantaneously, and a warm sensation surrounded her body.

The helmet was covered with warm and comfortable fur, but the front of it was a pane of clear glass which allowed her to look out clearly.

The soft and warm fur blocked the cold wind out and brought her warmth.

As for her back, the hard chest behind her was as hot as fire. It was even warmer than the blanket.

“Rest for a while. We will be facing a tough battle today,” Mag whispered near Babla’s ear before putting on his helmet. Safety first.

And, far behind the white-head eagle, a purple-striped griffin was following it slowly in the air.


The light of the morning sun landed on the peak and lit up the dark caves.

In the abandoned mine, traces of the previous mining activities could still be seen, and new traces were left on the stone walls due to the continuous battles during the last two weeks.

Furthermore, right now, contingents of elven army who wore the same kind of armor had already gathered neatly at the bottom of the mountain, ready to launch the final attack on the underground cavern.

“Lord Borg, the troops are already gathered. Should we launch the combined attack now?” a young commander asked Borg, who was standing on an elevated platform, respectfully as he rode over.

“Let the troops wait for a while longer. High Priestess is coming from afar with her best warriors, we can’t take this honor away from her.” Borg shook his head as he looked at the thousands of elves, who had also gathered together further away, with a smirk.

An adjutant came forward, and respectfully told Helena, “High Priestess, the troops have gathered! Should we launch the attack now?”

Helena glanced at Borg, and a hint of disgust flashed through her eyes. She retrieved her gaze and looked toward the underground cavern with numerous caves, waved her hand, and said, “Attack! Eliminate the traitors! Kill anyone who resists!

[1] It’s more or less a figurative remark exaggerating how far off the course the eagle could go, but we can’t rule out an actual ocean here.

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