A Stay-at-home Dad’s Restaurant In An Alternate World

Chapter 1099 - It“s Delish!

Chapter 1099 It“s Delish!

“Severe stomach ulcers. Hemorrhagic spots have already appeared, and are beginning to progress to stomach cancer.” In the kitchen, Mag glanced at Harold in a surprise.

This young man only looked like he was in his thirties, yet he already had such a serious stomach problem. If he didn’t treat it properly, it would most likely end in a tragedy.

Mag sighed in his heart. Young people should still care for their health, otherwise their bodies would be worse than those of some 100 years old people.

“Alright. What would Madam and the little cutie like to have?” Yabemiya asked Doris and Kathy smilingly.

“I would like to have a youtiao and soybean milk set meal too,” Doris answered with a graceful smile before nudging the menu toward Kathy. “Kathy, you can order for yourself whatever you’d like to have.”

“I want to have an ice cream,” Kathy said without even thinking.

Miya shook her head slightly. “The ice cream is cold and not suitable to be eaten as breakfast. It would hurt your stomach. If little cutie wants to have it, you can eat something else first before having it.”

Hurt your stomach. Harold felt as if something had touched his nerves, so he said to Kathy, “Kathy, let’s eat something else first.”

“Then… I will have the same as Father and Mother,” Kathy said after some thought before adding, “And one strawberry ice cream too.”

“Sure.” Miya nodded before asking, “The soybean milk has two flavors, sweet and savory. Which one would you prefer?”

“The sweet and the savory?” A contemplative look appeared on Harold’s face.

“Sweet tofu pudding rules, so the sweet soybean milk must be something super delicious?”

“Savory tofu pudding is the real thing! I choose the savory soybean milk!”

The customers around them were already arguing about the soybean milk’s flavors. Although they spoke in hushed voices, they wore serious expressions.

“I would like to have the sweet soybean milk, with less sugar please,” Harold answered before asking Doris, “You prefer the savory one, right?”

“Yes. I would like to have savory soybean milk.” Doris nodded with a smile in her eyes. Even though they hadn’t eaten a meal together for a while, Harold still remembered her preferences.

“I want the sweet one, with lots of sugar,” Kathy said, raising her little hand.

“Alright, please wait a moment.” Yabemiya nodded smilingly. Then, she looked at Harrison, who was sitting at the same table with Harold and his family.

“Miss Miya, is the soybean milk a limited purchase too?” Harrison asked before Miya could even open her mouth. He saw that the soybean milk looked very similar to the tofu pudding in the menu.

“No, the soybean milk is not limited. You may have as many as you like.”

“Okay. Then I will have two youtiao and soybean milk set meals, one set sweet and one set savory, and one helping of sweet tofu pudding. Even though I belong to the sweet tofu pudding gang, I should still venture out of my comfort zone,” Harrison said smilingly.

“Alright, your order will be ready soon,” Yabemiya replied with a smile, and turned to leave.

Harold observed the surroundings quietly. As a sales person, he always had to entertain customers, so he knew a bit about all the restaurants in Aden Square. He didn’t expect a unique one like this to exist.

An elf and a demon sitting on the same table, goblins and dwarves sitting together peacefully too… This was a scene impossible to find somewhere else.

They are lining up so early in the morning just to eat breakfast? These people are so free, Harold thought. Usually, he would already be having his meeting in the company at this time.

“Your youtiao and soybean milk set meals.” After a short while, Yabemiya sent the family of three’s set meals over and placed them gently on the table.

So this is soybean milk and youtiao? Harold looked at the two golden-brown plait-like things that had oil glistening on their surface. A crispy aroma already greeted his nose. Although there was some glistening oil, they didn’t look too oily.

Then, he looked at hot milky-white soup in the white porcelain bowl at the side. This should be the so-called soybean milk. It looked similar to rice soup, and had a faint soy bean fragrance. There was nothing exciting about it.

The 300 copper coins set meal doesn’t look like much, Harold thought. It didn’t even look as appetising as 30-copper-coins-a-bowl bull-head noodles next door.

“Wow, it’s round and fat. This youtiao looks so cute.” Kathy already grabbed one piece of youtiao to take a closer look before opening her mouth and biting into it.


A crispy sound rang out.

Kathy’s eyes lit up instantly. She chewed and the youtiao got even tastier as she continued. A blissful expression appeared on her face.

“This youtiao is fluffy and crispy. It’s so tasty,” Kathy said in a surprise after swallowing it in one gulp before taking another big bite again. This was much nicer than the bread she ate every morning.

“Take your time,” Doris reminded her with a smile before picking up her spoon.

The savory soybean milk in front of her seemed to have some sauce added in when compared to the sweet one. There were also some chopped green onions scattered and floating on top. When she stirred with her spoon gently, she could see some seaweed and tiny shrimps.

A savory aroma washed over her together with the fragrance of the soybeans, which made her eyes lit up. She scooped up a spoonful of soybean milk, and put it into her mouth gracefully.

The fragrance of the sauce, the savory aroma, and the freshness of the shrimps were combined perfectly by the soybean milk, and then blossomed together in her mouth.

It triggered the taste buds that didn’t have appetite in the morning in an instant.

The soybeans’ fragrance was so rich, and the savory touch was just perfect. It flowed down the throat smoothly, and the warm soybean milk became a warm current that flowed all the way down to the stomach. Its warmth made the entire person feel warm.

“Unbelievable scrumptiousness.” Doris couldn’t help praising. She raised her head and prompted Harold, “You should taste it too.”

“Is it really that delicious?” Harold didn’t quite believe it. He scooped up a spoonful of soybean milk. Steam was rising from it. He blew at it for a while before putting it into his mouth.

The warm soybean milk felt like the rain after a long drought the moment it entered his mouth. It moisturized his dry lips and slightly sourish mouth. The sweet soybeans’ fragrance began to spread and wash away the sourish tart taste.

His tired taste buds felt like the grass moistened by the spring rain, and started to slowly awaken.

The sweetness wasn’t sickly sweet, and the soybeans’ fragrance was even more refreshing.

The warm soybean milk flowed down the throat smoothly. The throat that was hurting from last night’s hangover and throwing up felt as if it was soothed by a gentle hand lightly, and the dry and painful sensation disappeared amazingly.

The warm entered the stomach, and banished all tired and painful sensations.

The warm sensation floated around in his stomach, and the discomfort in his stomach became much better.

What an amazing sensation!

After drinking a mouthful of the soybean milk, Harold felt his entire body was smoothed out, and he felt rejuvenated instantly.

He couldn’t help sending another scoop of soybean milk into his mouth. He closed his eyes, and felt the beautiful moist feeling intricately before opening his eyes to pick up a youtiao with his chopsticks and bite into it.

“It’s delish!”

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