A Stay-at-home Dad’s Restaurant In An Alternate World

Chapter 10 - The Benefits Of Yangzhou Fried Rice

Chapter 10: The Benefits Of Yangzhou Fried Rice

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Mag froze for a while, and then suddenly remembered. “This… this is the same as the ‘Ant Check Later’ 1 !” He hadn’t used that credit product before, but he somewhat knew about it. The system was pretty user-friendly, yet it was also making every effort not to let him have anything free.

3,000 copper coins can buy enough ingredients for 10 plates of Yangzhou fried rice. If I could sell some in the following few days, I would be okay; otherwise, maybe the system will launch its usury project.

“System, isn’t my credit limit too low? I used to use Centurion Card, which has no limit at all. You only allow me 3,000. Are you questioning my credit capability?” Mag was a little offended.

“This limit is a meticulously calculated figure based on your current situation. Please make money fast, and as the money spent on ingredients increases, so will the credit limit,” answered the system.

Mag gave it the second thought and found what the system had just said was true. He only had this land; all the other things were provided by the system. He was lucky to have even 3,000. He had been used to an extravagant life, but being economical was also fun in its own way. As long as the restaurant started operating, his fried rice would surely gradually become popular, and he wouldn’t have to worry about money then.

“Give me the ingredients for one plate of fried rice first,” Mag said in his mind and took them out from the fridge. He had known that these ingredients were good, but couldn’t exactly tell why. After learning of their origins from the system, he felt the rice in his hands was filled with the essence from the Spring of Life.

“Since it was irrigated by the water from the Spring of Life, will it extend life?” Mag asked suddenly, full of curiosity.

“System is just using a small underground branch of the Spring of Life, and it will be diluted before irrigation. It could strengthen your body in some way if you eat it every day, but won’t extend your life,” answered the system.

“Good enough for me.” Mag nodded. His body was his weakest spot right now, so he would take every opportunity to toughen it up. While removing the remaining rice from the cooker, he asked casually, “Do you sell the water from the Spring of Life?”

“Not now,” answered the system.

That means it might sell it in the future. Mag raised an eyebrow. He had almost figured out the system’s way of speaking. It’s advantageous to me. When I have money, I’ll drink it every day like herbal tea, and I’ll be strong like an ox by then.

The ingredients in this world were very different from the ones on the Earth. Although they might look the same outwardly, because of the special environment they were grown in, their quality got improved a lot. They could help strengthen the body or stimulate potential.

Of course, Mag had to figure these things out slowly by himself. He was already looking forward to seeing the result when the recipes on the Earth met the ingredients here. The mouthful of fried rice he just ate was swallowed down so fast that he didn’t taste anything special. He decided to taste it carefully later.

Processing the ingredients skillfully, Mag started thinking about the new mission. The cost of a plate of fried rice was 296 copper coins, and given the preciousness of these ingredients, Mag thought 3,000 copper coins each plate was already cheap.

However, nobody would pay for such expensive fried rice, and he dared not advertise the origins of these ingredients. If elves found out that their holy spring was being used to water fields, he would be shot a hundred times by even the most mild-tempered elf. Besides, others were no species to be trifled with, either. The origins of the ingredients were best kept a secret.

Mag hesitated for a moment, and then decided. 600 copper coins for a plate, then. I could make 304 coppers from one plate, and 3,040 gold coins from 1,000 plates.

Having made up his mind, Mag had no longer tied himself in knots over this thing. Anyway, this was only his first dish, and when he mastered the meat dish, raising the price would be no problem. If he set the price too high now, it would cause problems.

Besides, the system had just said the second dish that would be unlocked after completing this mission was la zhi roujiamo. Since that terrible pancake was selling so well, the la zhi roujiamo would definitely be a good seller too. It would prove to be a good advertisement for the restaurant’s reputation.

Moreover, Amy had been so much into the pancake before, so she would be very happy to eat the la zhi roujiamo, which was 100 times better than the pancake.

“Just 1,000 plates of Yangzhou fried rice. I’ll be damned if I can’t sell them.” Mag built up his confidence again, and while he was thinking about applying some marketing strategy and whatnot, the system’s voice sounded suddenly.

“Please determine the price for the dish and the name of the restaurant. System will make the menu and change the name of the signboard.”

“Yangzhou fried rice, 600 copper coins each,” answered Mag immediately. “As for the name…” He thought for a while, and then turned his head to look at Amy, who was still leaning on the table, watching the refracted light from the glass. “I’ll name it Mamy Restaurant—mine and Amy’s restaurant.”

“Yangzhou fried rice—600 copper coins each, and the name is Mamy Restaurant. Confirmed.”

“Modification in progress…

“Modification complete.”

The system’s voice sounded consecutively. Mag noticed that an exquisite menu with a black leather cover was added to each table and a signboard was added outside the door—its lower end could be seen from the kitchen.

“This system is pretty convenient, after all.” Mag shrugged. It was just a shabby log cabin yesterday, and after one night, it had become a mid-range restaurant. Otherwise, preparing the decorations alone would have cost him several months.

Mag efficiently cooked a plate of Yangzhou fried rice, filled a small bowl for Amy, and then walked out of the kitchen with a plate and the bowl.

Looking at Amy, who was still leaning on the table with her eyes fastened on the glass, Mag put down the plate and the bowl and stooped down to the glass. They looked at each other through the glass full of water, and then he said in a lowered voice, “My princess, your rainbow fried rice is ready. Please enjoy.”

“I have heard you. Coming right now.” Amy looked up at Mag’s smiling face and giggled happily. She felt today’s Father was so gentle and interesting, unlike before when he wouldn’t speak all day long.

“Eat.” Mag put a little spoon in her hand.

“Okay.” Amy nodded. She took a look at the colorful fried rice before her, held the bowl with one hand, and started eating with her spoon.

Mag also brought a spoonful of rice to his mouth. The tender but firm rice coated with tender eggs was mixed with every ingredient, and together they formed a wonderful taste that tickled his taste buds ceaselessly. He didn’t know if it was because he had known the origins of these ingredients, but after meticulous tasting, he found that the taste of every ingredient was so clear, yet at the same time, they were perfectly mixed together. When he had swallowed it, it seemed the pleasant smell of the Spring of Life remained in his mouth.

After finishing it all, Mag put down the spoon, a little surprised, and murmured, “My body feels kind of warm after this, but it’s comfortable somehow, as if the cells are growing. My weariness is all gone. Maybe this is the benefit of the ingredients of this Yangzhou fried rice?”

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