A Star Reborn: The Queen’s Return

Chapter 933 - Valiant Song, Valiant Song

Chapter 933: Valiant Song, Valiant Song

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“Give me the gun.” He instructed Chu Chen, who was behind him.

These years, Chu Chen became the general manager of Imperial Entertainment and rose in power. However, no matter how powerful he was, in front of Pei Ziheng, he was as respectful as ever like when he had nothing at the start and begged Pei Ziheng for a future as a young man.

This was why Pei Ziheng still deeply trusted him after so many years.

He silently handed a clean pistol to Pei Ziheng and took two steps back.

Pei Ziheng lifted the gun and pointed it at the beautiful red horse.

“Mister!” Guessing what he was about to do, the servant who raised the horse looked at him pleadingly. Over the years, he developed a deep bond with Valiant Song and could not bear to see this beautiful and proud horse shot to death.

Pei Ziheng was unmoved and pulled the trigger.

Bang! Valiant Song’s body collapsed and fresh blood stained the soil.

Smoke rose from the muzzle. The barrel was hot and his palm was burning. Pei Ziheng looked at the dead horse not far away. In his heart, he apologized to Xiao Ling. He could not let her find out that it was crippled, so it had to die. However, he would create a beautiful tomb for her to visit it often.

In fact, as soon as she asked about the horse yesterday, he already decided to kill it. At first glance, it was obvious that its leg was crippled and there were many old wounds on its body from being whipped. How could he let Xiao Ling see those scars?

Death was the best way to bury these facts.

He dropped the gun and handed it back to Chu Chen.

In a low voice, Chu Chen said, “Boss.” His voice was alarming and strange.

Pei Ziheng turned around and realized that there were two more people on the grasslands. The young woman was wearing a long maternity dress and she looked at him incredulously. Her body looked like it was crumbling and she could not deal with the blow. If it weren’t for the support of the man next to her, she would have fallen down.

“Xiao Ling.” His voice was dry and anxious.

When did she arrive? Were the workers in the villa all sleeping? Why did no one discover them and inform him?! A storm was brewing in Pei Ziheng’s heart. At this moment, he decided to punish the staff severely after this was over.

However, on the surface, he only said in a low voice, “Listen to me…”

However, Xia Ling did not listen to him at all. With Li Lei’s help, she staggered to Valiant Song’s side, knelt down slowly, and gently touched the horse’s beautiful cheeks with shaky hands. “Valiant Song…” Her tears rained down. She was the one who harmed it. If she did not suggest to get Valiant Song back yesterday, it would not have suffered such a tragic fate. She was unable to suppress her anguish.

“Xiao Ling.” Li Lei hugged her. “Don’t cry, don’t cry. Think about your baby.”

However, she continued to cry. She stroked its elegant neck and cheeks. She felt the remaining warmth of its fur and realized the horrible old scars… “How could this be…” She murmured. Her fingers anxiously checked Valiant Song’s body. “When it was in Southern Mountain Racing Horse Club, it was still fine. Why did it suffer so many injuries in just a few short years?!” She continued to touch its hind legs and suddenly stopped.

Over there, was a trace of a broken bone. It was obvious that one leg was shorter than the other.

Li Lei also saw the old wounds. “It must’ve been broken by someone.” He said.

Xia Ling shook more viciously. It took a long time before she could force herself to stand up, lift her head, and interrogate Pei Ziheng. “Why did you abuse it and kill it?! It’s only a horse! Why can’t you let it go?!”

Pei Ziheng was silent and did not know how to reply.

Beside him, Chu Chen said, “Miss Ling, this horse was crippled by me. Boss has been spending the past few years trying to heal it, but he hasn’t been successful. He didn’t want to let it suffer any more pain, so he ended its life.” He appeared to be sincere and in grief when he looked at Xia Ling.

Xia Family shook her head. She laughed sadly and sarcastically. “Do you think I’m stupid? Oh, Chu Chen, you’re really a loyal dog! If you destroyed any of Pei Ziheng’s things, I believe that you wouldn’t even be standing here in one piece. I don’t believe you! You don’t need to cover for your master. I know that he was the one who personally harmed Valiant Song! Pei Ziheng, you bastard! You’re a savage!”

She looked Pei Ziheng in the eye when she said her last sentence.

Pei Ziheng was very tense. “Xiao Ling.”

After being caught red-handed, he really did not know how to defend himself. He only weakly said, “It’s only a horse. I’ll give you another horse.”

“That’s my horse!” She cried. She slowly knelt down beside Valiant Song again. The residual warmth of the horse gradually faded. Its body turned cold and her heart broke into pieces. “Valiant Song… Valiant Song…” She sobbed and called its name. “I’m sorry… I’m sorry…”

If it did not have a lousy owner like her, it would still be roaming the fields with the other horses and attracting cheers from the people. It was so beautiful and was the proud queen of the Southern Mountain Club. Sadly, it ended up like this…

The more she cried, the more devastated became. Her whole body was leaning on the horse.

Li Lei was very anxious. “Xiao Ling! Calm down! If it’s in heaven now, it will definitely not want to see you so sad!” However, he could not persuade her to stop crying. He regretted bringing her to look for her horse and trespassing the Pei Family’s villa. If they visited normally, Pei Ziheng would have sufficient time to clean the corpse. Even if Xiao Ling did not find out Valiant Song’s wounds and death, it was better than her depressed state right now.

She was fragile during her pregnancy. Any small situation could make her heart soft.

As she cried, she hugged the horse’s neck and fainted.

“Xiao Ling!” Li Lei worriedly yelled and picked her up. “Prepare a room! Call for a doctor!”

Only then did Pei Ziheng finally return to reality and quickly looked for the family doctor.

After the family doctor examined Xia Ling, he had a serious expression. “Mrs. Li’s… I mean, Miss Ling’s condition is not very good. Due to overwhelming grief, there is a risk of abortion and she needs a lot of rest. I will give her an injection now.”

However, Li Lei stopped him. “I don’t trust you. You only have to monitor her exterior body and do the most basic care. You aren’t allowed to inject her with any drugs. The Li Family’s doctors and ambulance are already on the way, all you have to do is ensure that her condition will not deteriorate.”

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