A Star Reborn: The Queen’s Return

Chapter 93 - The Night of Glamour

Chapter 93: The Night of Glamour

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Xia Yu was trembling in anger.

Having been so highly regarded all this while, how could she be so underestimated? How she wished she could rip Sister Mai Na’s mouth apart, but considering her image in her fans’ hearts, she had no better choice than to swallow her indignance. She put a hand to her chest, taking a small step back as if she was hurt and in shock, distress was written all over her pale face.

“Sister Mai Na,” She looked like she was about to cry. “you’re Ye Xingling’s manager and I know you’d side her, but how could you say this of me before I’ve even begun to sing?”

“Exactly.” The emcee was defending Xia Yu, giving her more backing. “I’ve heard that Xiao Yu often practices her singing alone late into the night, is her diligence not worthy of respect at all in Sister Mai Na’s and Miss Ye’s eyes?”

The way she addressed “Xiao Yu” and “Miss Ye” made it clear whose side she was on.

Xia Yu’s brainless fans started making noise again, jeering at Xia Ling and criticizing her.

Sister Mai Na revealed a sly smile. “What a coincidence, our Xiao Ling hasn’t been well these days and hasn’t got the chance to practice her singing much.” She slowly said, “I’m excited to see, with Xia Yu’s 100% effort against our Xiao Ling’s 50% of hard work, what kind of results would we get?”

This statement was truly well-crafted and devious — if Xia Yu won, it would be because of her extra effort recently in comparison to Xia Ling; but if Xia Yu lost, it would be a joke, how could her 100% effort not match up to someone’s 50%!

“Well said, Sister Mai Na!”

“Good one!”

Xia Ling’s fans of this lifetime were getting excited. “Go, Sister Mai Na! Go, Ye Xingling!”

Hearing cheers for her opponent, Xia Yu took great pains to mask her expression. The emcee quickly stepped forward to interrupt the audience. “Alright, alright, it’s time to draw lots and decide whether Xiao Yu or Miss Ye will sing first.”

Bright lights came on and landed on the massive screen in front.

The way the graphics swirled on the screen made the audience feel like they were about to be sucked in.

The emcee walked to the side and pressed a control button. The swirls got more intense before coming together to reveal an arrow, pointed towards the left of the stage.

It was Xia Ling’s side.

“The first up on stage is Miss Ye.” The emcee smiled. The randomizer was manipulated and no matter how she operated it, the first to sing would always be “Ye Xingling”. Now that the right person had been chosen, the emcee had accomplished her task and was due to collect her handsome reward from Imperial Entertainment when the event was over.

Xia Yu was delighted too. Bitch, you’re doomed! You’re already mute, I’ll see how you manage it!

That was the only reason Xia Yu dared to challenge Xia Ling. She knew that there was no way she could beat that bitch in terms of singing or stage presence, but as long as that bitch went first and revealed that her voice was completely damaged, there’d be no way she could lose even if she was not as good.

Xia Yu was already sure of her victory, but she managed a hypocritical smile. “All the best, Ye Xingling.”

Xia Yu’s brainless fans were moved by her again. Aww, look at our Xiao Yu, cheering others on despite having been bullied by her — she’s simply too kind and innocent, like a little angel.

“Go, Xiao Yu! Go, Xiao Yu!” Somebody led the cheers.

“Xiao Yu, we’ll always support you!” Even more idiocy.

Lightsticks were swaying and neon boards were up, but every one of them had Xia Yu’s name on it.

Xia Yu left the center stage and stood in the dark where everybody could not see her. There and then, she gave Xia Ling a devious grin.

Xia Ling pretended not to see it as she took the microphone, preparing to sing.

The music came on.

Offstage, there were still stray voices. “Ye Xingling, get off the stage! We want to see Xiao Yu!”

The neon boards were up and against her like protest signs. The few boards with “Ye Xingling” on them were like little boats caught in a raging storm.

She waved towards the few boats.

A beautiful voice came from her —

Lost/ lost in the starry night

The unknown girl/ trudged/ trudged for years on end

Searching/ searching for the meteor wings…

Her voice was like a gift from nature, beautiful and strong, calming the storms. All the chants of “Ye Xingling, get off the stage” were getting softer and softer, as many more were increasingly immersed in her dreamlike voice.

Xia Ling had always been very confident in her performances — in her previous life, even the ones who detested and disliked her could not utter a single harsh word when she began singing.

In this life, her singing skills were even better and she had the ability to capture their hearts completely —

Wings of stars/ glory of gods

They bless/ the eternal rose in my heart

At some point, the neon boards with Xia Yu’s name had been taken down, while “Ye Xingling’s” name was dancing around like fireflies —”Keep going”, “We’re behind you”, “You’re the best”… more and more lights were illuminated for her.

Meanwhile, she continued her breathtaking singing in this sea of lights.

If you still love me/ you should not forget me

If you still love me/ you’ll remember the rose in my heart

Wings of stars/ are the glory of gods/ With the Meteor Wings/ I’ll find that eternal rose…

“With the Meteor Wings, I’ll find that eternal rose…” Offstage, thousands of them had started singing along with her involuntarily, her divine voice having mesmerized them all.

Xia Ling thought that maybe she should thank Pei Ziheng. If not for the torment and pain he had put her through in her previous life, how could she sing this delicately sad tune so well?

The Diva Xia Ling was pure and outstanding, but cold as an icy crystal, too perfect for anybody to get close to.

The person she was today, standing in the beautiful lights and bringing out the finest of emotions to move her listeners, made her a more welcoming and closer figure.

This level of achievement was beyond what a “Diva” entailed.

“Ye Xingling, I love you!” A fan screamed the moment the song ended.

“Ye Xingling, you’re the best!” Another fan added.

A few more cheers came about, and even the most loyal die-hard fans of Xia Yu had nothing to pick on in Xia Ling’s flawless performance.

50% hard work, 120% magnificence.

Xia Yu’s fans were beginning to worry about their idol. With such a strong opponent, what was Xiao Yu to do?

They were increasingly anxious for her, not knowing that Xia Yu in the backstage was not the least bit nervous.

“You saw it clearly?” In the resting room, Xia Yu secretly asked a man in black. “Skyart chased all other audio mixers out of the mixing room, and only let their staff in?”

“That’s definitely what they did,” the man in black said. “I even caught it on tape.”

“Very good.” Xia Yu smiled. “Ye Xingling’s already mute, if she had just said the truth, everybody would be understanding, don’t you think? But why did she have to lip-synch? Her fans and media representatives will question her work ethics now.”

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