A Star Reborn: The Queen’s Return

Chapter 87 - The Ice-cream Auction

Chapter 87: The Ice-cream Auction

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Initially, the price soared very quickly, from ten thousand to thirty thousand…

Thereafter, the speed of the price increase slowed down. After all, no one was a fool. Even if one was rich, there had to be a limit. It was not worth it to spend thirty or forty thousand on a mere ice-cream. It was an idiotic move.

By this time each year, it would already be obvious who the winner was going to be.

“Fifty thousand.” That was the last price quoted. “Mr. Zhang from Table 1 quoted fifty thousand, are there any more takers? Fifty thousand going once, going twice…” the host’s sweet voice rang.

Just when the host was about to announce the winner of this year’s ice-cream auction, an alluring male voice chimed in. “I quote a hundred thousand.”

It was Li Lei. He did not participate in the bidding initially as although there were many bidders, the prices quoted were peanuts to him. It was only until now when the bidding was going to end that he made his move.

A hundred thousand was the highest record over the past few years.

“Mr. Li from Table 17, one hundred thousand going once, going twice…” The host beamed with delight.

“One hundred and fifty thousand.” A male voice interrupted abruptly.

The guests all turned to look at table 9, as their gazes fixated on a man in a dark black suit with a cold look, along with a slender and delicate lady beside him.

“Who is he?” The crowd whispered amongst themselves. “One hundred and fifty thousand just for an ice-cream, who is able to spend this kind of money?”

“It’s Imperial Entertainment’s Pei Ziheng.” Someone explained. “One hundred and fifty thousand for an ice-cream may sound crazy to us, but it’s no different from five thousand or fifty thousand to him.”

“So it’s him.” The gossipy crowd got excited. “Did you hear what the host said just now? If I’m not wrong, the person who quoted a hundred thousand just now was Skyart Entertainment’s Li Lei. Also, it’s said that Li Lei was the one who caused trouble at Imperial Entertainment a few days ago. This is getting interesting, let’s see what happens next.”

“Are you serious?” The crowd got excited. “Several of Imperial Entertainment’s properties got wrecked overnight, and even the police merely caught a few vagrants as scapegoats. Given Imperial Entertainment’s influence, how is it possible that they were unable to catch the mastermind? It makes sense if it was Li Lei behind it. Li Lei has just put the underworld forces into order, the police don’t want to have a large scale conflict with them.”

“Exactly, but given Pei Ziheng’s status, how can he stomach this insult? After that incident, the rumors outside are going wild! Imperial Entertainment paying wages late, bribing officials, going bankrupt and so on… The negative impacts of this incident have caused Imperial Entertainment’s stocks to plummet so much that its shares were suspended. How can he take this lying down?”

Thus, the gossipy onlookers waited to see what would happen next.

Li Lei had discovered long ago that Pei Ziheng was here for dinner too. The patrons tonight all came for the head chef’s specially crafted ice-cream, he was already prepared to bid against Pei Ziheng. “Three hundred thousand,” he said with a smile unhurriedly.


The crowd gasped in astonishment. He doubled the price immediately without even blinking!

These two tycoons have indeed fallen out, haven’t they? Mr. Pei, quickly raise the bid! Hurry!

The restaurant’s atmosphere became more lively as Pei Ziheng did not disappoint the crowd. “Five hundred thousand,” he quoted.

“One million.” Li Lei followed up shortly without a single pause.

What a filthy rich millionaire! Casually spending one million on an ice-cream? The ladies present at the scene were buzzing with excitement. Looking back at their own boyfriends, the difference was just too vast! The lucky girl sitting beside Young Master Li was making them so jealous, who was she?

“She’s Ye Xingling…” Someone recognized her. “The one who hit Xia Ling’s sister previously.”

“No wonder she dared to hit Xia Ling’s sister, she has someone to back her up.” The ladies were all green with envy until they discovered an issue — Ye Xingling was merely a small celebrity. Given her poor family background, she could never be Li Lei’s legitimate girlfriend and marry into his family. Just another gold digger, what’s the big deal!

However, they were still jealous that she was able to find such a rich guy.

The ladies were having mixed feelings as their piercing gazes focused on her. If only looks could kill… — Let go of Young Master Li, let me take your place instead!

That was what all the ladies present were yearning for.

Being a Diva in her previous life, Xia Ling was already used to the stares from the public and did not care about them at all. In fact, she was worried about another thing.

She reached out to pull Li Lei, gently shaking her head.

She did not want him to continue bidding, one million was already very ridiculous and not worth it at all. Although she did want to eat this specially crafted ice-cream, she did not want him to go to such lengths just for her. After all, she was nobody to him and did not want to be indebted to him.

A few tables across, Xia Yu saw her action and sneered.

Slut, what a gold digger! Scared after watching the price spiral upwards? Ha, this is no surprise. All men are prideful, and Li Lei must be in a difficult position now, so this slut needs to give up and save his face in front of everyone. It seems like they are at their wits’ end and cannot raise the price any further.

At this thought, Xia Yu’s eyes lit up with excitement. “Brother Ziheng, Sis wanted to eat this specially crafted ice-cream really badly when she was alive. Please win it for her!” She made use of her sister’s place in his heart, knowing very well that he could not bear to decline. After he wins the ice-cream auction, it will be hers anyway. Who gives a damn about that sis of hers?

Xia Yu was engrossed in her wishful thinking and fanned the flames, urging Pei Ziheng on.

Actually, even without her instigation, Pei Ziheng was determined to get this specially crafted ice-cream.

He was already feeling very regretful that he did not bring Xiao Ling there when she was alive. Now, even if it was just her last wish, he would go all out to help her fulfill it.

“Two million.” Pei Ziheng stared coldly at Li Lei.

This caused a huge stir amongst the crowd. Two million! Exactly like what Li Lei did just now, Pei Ziheng also doubled the price instantly! At this snowballing rate, would Li Lei quote four million next?

Everyone stared expectantly at both men.

Li Lei patted Xia Ling’s hand that went slightly cold and comforted her gently. “I know my limits.”

Thereafter, he turned to look at Pei Ziheng and slowly grinned. “How carefree and leisurely of you, Mr. Pei. I thought I heard that Imperial Entertainment’s stocks were suspended? Is it really fitting for Mr. Pei to fight over an ice-cream with me now instead of helping out there?”

The crowd buzzed loudly. Young Master Li, is it really good for you to rub his nose in it? It had been already spread in the industry that you were behind the suspension of the Pei Family’s stocks, yet now you are still rubbing salt into his wound…

Young Master Li…

How arrogant of you!

Pei Ziheng’s face darkened.

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