A Star Reborn: The Queen’s Return

Chapter 77 - Issue A Challenge

Chapter 77: Issue A Challenge

Xia Ling was about to ask him the reason for treating her so well, but she stopped herself in time when she caught sight of his weary face. Although she could guess the answer, she refused to dwell on it as she was unable to reciprocate his feelings.

Instead, she would give it her best shot to become a Diva again, one better than her previous life, to earn his company some glory.

That was the only way she could repay him.

The following day, she went for the interview as agreed. She put in more effort compared to the past and gave full play to her skills. She was a stunningly natural as she basked under the spotlight. With every soul-stirring movement, she took everyone’s breath away. Even without the rare recommendation from Old Master Gu, she was definitely worthy of snagging the endorsement.

Things got busier once again. Not only there was the secret filming of the “Meteor Wings” advertisement, but there were also a series of still pictures to be taken at the same time of recording the publicity video and theme song.

The theme song was placed under Wei Shaoyin’s charge after deciding on its nature. Previously Wei Shaoyin had put in a huge amount of effort to write her debut song, but the good times did not last and it was not long before she lost her popularity due to the negative news. As he witnessed the downfall of “Glass Fingertips”, he was exploding with anger. He vowed to make the bastards from Imperial Entertainment pay.

He declined the invites from two other popular big-shots in order to focus on writing a song for her. “Don’t be afraid, Xiao Ling, I’m here to back you up. Imperial Entertainment is no big deal, I’m going to exterminate them!” he said ferociously.

With that defensive stance, it was as though it was him who was bullied instead of Xia Ling.

Xia Ling was greatly moved.

However, this feeling was eradicated in a few days’ time.

Full of fight, Wei Shaoyin aimed for perfectionism. Picky as he was, she was left hanging by a thread after countless fussing from him.

Xia Ling couldn’t help but think that he was grabbing the chance to torture her instead of helping her seek revenge.

During the music production intervals, she took some time to catch up with the current trends.

The fans of both Xia Yu and Xia Ling, as well as the onlookers, were still keeping up with the overwhelming insults. The fact that she had not muted the notifications of her official Weibo account opened the floodgates. It was filled with many different malicious insults and sarcastic remarks, even leading to her family members being verbally attacked. Gradually, some people could no longer take it lying down.

“Ye Xingling might have been at fault, but these insults are overboard!”

“Exactly, what a poor thing.”

Although these scattered voices were no match for the frenzied insults, a number of souls were clearly impacted.

Sister Mai Na thought it was the right time, thus she approached the Gu Financial Magnate and obtained the trailer for “Dancing Under The Stars,” which was the first segment of “Meteor Wings” top-notch publicity video.

She then released it on Xia Ling’s official Weibo account.

The mysterious sea of stars in the publicity video set her off to advantage. She appeared as a flawless beauty, pure yet exquisite. Wearing a blue chiffon galaxy maxi dress with silver headdress, she glowed in the shadows as she twirled around in her crystal heels, leaving shimmers of light wherever she stepped. Her unique stance and magnificent stature could even make her worse enemy not take his eyes off her.

In her fair and sparkling palm, there was a mini box.

No one knew what was inside. Who dared to approach her to endorse their product at such a time?

There was a huge uproar as the public speculated.

Xia Ling appeared to be relaxed and posted: “Truth will speak for itself, and history will judge if one is truly innocent or guilty, thus I absolutely have no need to explain myself. A word of advice for some people: instead of spending your time thinking of ways to falsely accuse another, spend a little more effort on your work,” on her official Weibo account.

She was implying that she was dedicated to official work matters while Xia Yu was busy trying to ruin her reputation through underhanded means.

With the slightest comparison, everyone could tell who was the superior one.

“Not bad, you have a huge presence, this is exactly how a celebrity should behave!” Satisfied, Sister Mai Na praised her.

“It was all thanks to Boss,” she replied. If it wasn’t for Li Lei, she wouldn’t have been able to snag an endorsement and wouldn’t have gotten a chance to demonstrate her broad-mindedness and style.

“Skyart Entertainment is only one of the many businesses managed by Boss. He only got involved in matters around here because he thinks highly of you. He doesn’t usually do so. Press on and be sure to not let him down, Xiao Ling!”

Xia Ling’s thoughts started to drift as she agreed. She wondered what that ever-bright-smiling man was up to at that particular moment.

A huge wave of Xia Yu’s fans grew even more cross and lashed out like mad dogs by raining down further insults on her official Weibo.

Simultaneously, having kept mum for a long time, fans of “Ye Xingling” eventually began to fight back. They were either struck by their conscience, maxed out their tolerance or had their courage mustered by Xia Ling’s declaration.

“Our Xiao Ling is able to produce such a captivating work, what about Xia Yu? What could there be there to fuel your arrogance?”

“Does Xia Yu know how to do anything besides acting pitiful and maligning others?”

“Exactly, if she is really so capable, issue a challenge! Then we can see for ourselves who is the better one.”

“Issue a challenge!”

“Issue a challenge!”

That publicity trailer was nothing short of perfection. All of Ye Xingling’s fans were confident that Xia Yu was no match for their idol. They were filled with resentment and spared no effort in grasping at the chance to oppress Xia Yu as they continued to call her out.

How could Xia Yu’s fans ever admit that their idol was inferior? At once they rebuked, saying that Xia Yu was merely conserving her strength and that she would leave Xia Ling in a sorry state once she acted. Burning with righteous ardor, countless fans intensely urged Xia Yu to accept the challenge and teach Ye Xingling a lesson.

Unable to back out, Xia Yu could only announce that she would do it. “Sure, I’ll challenge her.”

She had no idea how Xia Ling managed to snag an advertisement. However, according to Chu Chen’s investigation, no notable advertising agencies had collaborated with Xia Ling recently. With that, she speculated that whichever product she had endorsed was definitely not fit to be brought to the table. How could it ever compare to the well-known brands she was endorsing for?

“Some people just enjoy digging their own graves,” said Xia Yu softly and smiling meekly. “So what if she filmed a nice video? It’s useless without the boost from well-known brands. When it comes to endorsements, all that matters is the overall publicity effect. She’s going to cry at the end. Let’s use the Ideal C Perfume to challenge her, Brother Chu.”

Although the Ideal C Perfume was no match for the Gu Financial Magnate’s perfume in terms of cost and popularity, the Gu Financial Magnate had never signed on a newbie to endorse their products, thus it could be said that the Ideal C Perfume’s endorsement was the best one a newbie could ask for. Previously, Sister Mai Na racked her brains to get that endorsement, but due to the slapping scandal, it was presented on a silver platter to Chu Chen and Xia Yu.

“That’s right. If we are to challenge her, let’s blow matters up. We have to let her suffer a crushing defeat in front of everyone and deny her of all chances to rise up again!”

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