A Star Reborn: The Queen’s Return

Chapter 72 - I Don't Accept False Accusations

Chapter 72: I Don’t Accept False Accusations

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“What are you doing?!” Chu Chen was the first to come back to his senses. In anger, he took a big step forward and grabbed Xia Ling’s arm.

Xia Ling’s wrist was held in his vice-like grip and was extremely painful, but her eyes were cold and trained on Xia Yu. This slap made sure that Xia Yu’s face started to swell, blood appearing at the edge of her lips. She laid on the ground where she fell, looking pitiful and confounded.

She covered her face with her hands, and the tears in her eyes this time were real. “Ye Yin Lin, why zid zu hit me?” Her face was numb from the pain and, as a result, she was unable to pronounce the words properly.

But Xia Ling understood her clearly.

“Why did I hit you?” Xia Ling smiled. “Because I never accept false accusations.” Since Xia Yu wanted it to seem like she had hit her to the ground, then she would do just that. After all, the pictures had already been taken.

Xia Yu was speechless.

Chu Chen looked on, his mouth agape.

The rest of the people from Imperial Entertainment standing around stared in shock.

Several were wondering in their hearts, Miss Xia Yu, how did you get this demoness on your back?

Chu Chen almost crushed the bones in Xia Ling’s hands with his grip. “Ye Xingling, you will pay for what you have done. Assistant Meng!” He shouted loudly. “Protect the premises! Get a doctor to check Miss Xia Yu’s injury! And get a lawyer!”

“Who is going to check the injury and find a lawyer?” Another voice rang out, the iciness in his voice clear. “Chu Chen, what do you think you are doing grabbing onto our Skyart Entertainment artiste?!”

Everyone turned their heads and saw Wei Shaoyin hurriedly walking over with five or six Skyart Entertainment staff in tow. Wei Shaoyin’s expression looked colder than a ten thousand year blizzard, and he walked over to grab Xia Ling’s hand out of Chu Chen’s. “Xiao Ling, are you hurt anywhere?”

Xia Ling lowered her head and lifted her shirt sleeve. An ugly greenish-purple bruise was starting to form on her wrist, and juxtaposed against her fair skin, it looked alarmingly serious.

“Get a doctor! And a lawyer!” Wei Shaoyin was furious in that instant. Who was Xia Ling? She was Skyart Entertainment’s future diva! She was the partner that he was afraid would melt in his mouth and the treasure that was protected safely in his hands! He didn’t even dare to scold her usually, ah, wait no, we’ll leave that for now. In any case, Chu Chen dared treat her like that?!

Both sides started to get more heated and aggressive.

Seeing that the conflict was getting out of hand, Xia Ling suddenly laughed out loud softly.

“Okay, okay, Ah Wei,” she said. “That’s enough, we need to go film the promotional video.” She was happy that she had managed to give Xia Yu a tight slap, and now that she had vented her anger, it was more important to ensure that there was no delay in the filming.

With that, she turned around first, intending to walk back to the filming location.

“Stop right there!” Chu Chen thought that she was afraid. “You think you can just swagger in here to hit someone, and then swagger out as you wish? The doctor and lawyer will be here any moment now. You are going to have to give us a good explanation for your actions!”

“You can speak to my lawyer if there are any problems.” Xia Ling could not care to deal with him. She hurried Ah Wei. “Are you coming? I want to finish filming faster and return to the city. It’s meaningless wasting time with these morons from Imperial Entertainment.”

“Hoo zid zu call a moron!” Xia Yu’s face was badly swollen and could not speak clearly.

Xia Ling gave her a sideways glance with a half-smile, not saying anything.

But the message in her eyes was clear. I’m calling you a moron, what are you going to do about it?

Xia Yu was furious and wanted to run forward to throttle Xia Ling, but froze in her tracks remembering how powerful Xia Ling was. It was her own fault for always pretending to be a pale, white lotus. Did anyone ever see a lotus run to the frontline to engage in battle? It was just not compatible.

Hence, Xia Yu could only swallow in her anger together with the blood from the slap.

Seeing Xia Yu’s badly swollen face, Wei Shaoyin started to feel better as well.Good good, Xiao Ling is still the best. She is able to anger her rivals with just a few words. With his change of mood, Wei Shaoyin decided that Xia Ling was right and they should get back to the filming. Hence, he called the rest from Skyart Entertainment to follow him and left together.

Chu Chen wanted to stop them, but Wei Shaoyin quoted Xia Ling. “Speak to our lawyers if you have any problems.”

Giving Chu Chen the ultimatum.

Even though there were more than ten of them from Imperial Entertainment, they could only watch on helplessly as the five or six from Skyart Entertainment walked away. This feeling was horrible. Xia Yu ground her teeth.Ye Xingling, you just wait…

Once this news gets reported, I’ll make sure to torture you till the end!

Xia Ling did not hear the curses in her heart and followed the rest of the Skyart Entertainment staff back to the film location to continue their filming.

Perhaps due to having had a big argument with Imperial Entertainment, or perhaps because he felt bad for Xia Ling’s wrist injury, the number of times that Wei Shaoyin scolded them and called for NGs reduced significantly. The filming in the afternoon was extraordinarily smooth.

Everyone worked together seamlessly to finish the filming now that Mr. Crazy Wei was more relaxed.

They successfully finished the filming.

The next day, Xia Ling packed her things and took a plane back to the city.

However, just as she reached the apartment, her doorbell rang.

Opening the door, she saw that it was Sister Mai Na.

Sister Mai Na was in a wine-red pantsuit as she invaded her living quarters hurriedly, handing a stack of newspapers to Xia Ling. She said, “The news from that incident yesterday is out. Take a look for yourself.”

Xia Ling accepted the stack of newspapers and saw that the entertainment news section had an eye-grabbing headline —

Xia Yu was slapped until she had a heart attack at a film location outside the city. The culprit is Ye Xingling?![a][b]

Several photos accompanied the headline, all taken at the film location, depicting her slapping Xia Yu. That reporter had good camera skills and chose great storytelling angles. Her straight back as she stood towering over the weak-looking Xia Ling. and the disbelief and hurt in Xia Yu’s eyes clearly showed her as the bully against the frail Xia Yu. Just by looking at the pictures, even Xia Ling herself was almost fooled into believing that she had bullied Xia Yu.

She read the news report in detail.

It was indeed depicting the story from the film location yesterday. The report claimed that before the filming, “Ye Xingling” had already been looking for Xia Yu with regards to the conflict of the film set. Xia Yu had a weak character and could only tolerate her. Yet, nobody could have known that during the lunch break, “Ye Xingling” would appear again to taunt Xia Yu and insult her as well as her older sister — the Diva Xia Ling.

This time, Xia Yu could not hold it in since she “had a close relationship with her sister” and stood up to defend her sister. Who knew that this would anger “Ye Xingling” so much that she slapped Xia Yu to the floor and then walked away.

Xia Yu had a heart attack and was hospitalized that night and needed emergency attention.

“What a colorful report.” Xia Ling slowly folded up the newspaper. No one was more aware of Xia Yu’s condition than Xia Ling, she had been closely involved in all the treatment plans and monitoring of Xia Yu’s condition. She was positive that Xia Yu was rid completely of her heart problem many years ago.

She had a heart attack? What a joke.

Sister Mai Na confirmed this fact. “I’ve got someone to investigate already. She did not have any heart attack. However… ” She only had the opportunity to lecture Xia Ling now. “What was up with you yesterday? Why did you go mess with the people from Imperial Entertainment? Did you become dumb from spending too much time with Ah Wei?! Xia Yu’s new album was overshadowed by your debut song and they clearly already see you as an eyesore. They were probably looking for an opportunity to get back at you. Why were you so stupid as to give them an opening!”

Xia Ling kept quiet as she felt that Sister Mai Na was right.

She was being dumb yesterday and did not see through her good sister’s pretense, thus allowing the reporter to take such pictures. But… she recalled how she felt from the two slaps that she gave to Xia Yu, they made her feel much better. Hence, she promised Sister Mai Na sincerely. “If I hit her again, I will make sure to find a time and place that no one will take pictures of us.”

Sister Mai Na was speechless.

Was it because this girl has stayed too long beside Li Lei that she had been influenced by his underworld tendencies?

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