A Star Reborn: The Queen’s Return

Chapter 64 - Meeting Su Tang Again

Chapter 64: Meeting Su Tang Again

Tan Ying sat behind a wooden office desk, working on his piles of documents.

Seeing that Xia Ling had entered, he spoke without even raising his head. “All the apartments that you’ve sought out, which one of them has adequate security measures to keep you safe from Pei Ziheng?”

Xia Ling only just understood why he had disapproved of all the previous apartments. So it seemed, the apartments were not the problem, it was the man she got involved with. Over the past few days, she had been trying her best to avoid thinking about him at all as if shrinking into her shell could make her forget that he ever existed. Yet, in fact, it was so difficult to forget him…

Even while singing “Glass Fingertips,” all she pictured was him.

Fingertip stroking the glass panes/ in the cool, misty —

Air/ who is singing all alone —

The unspeakable/ forbidden pain…

During the test run, Wei Shaoyin was extremely impressed by her performance, and told her that he never expected her to be able to sing lyrical poetry so sensationally — the unsettled tossing and turning, the unforgettable memories, were all brought out in the finest of details.

What he did not know was that she indeed tossed and turned night after night.

“Glass Fingertips” had probably reminded her of her troubles, thus she was now often hung up about matters of the heart and virtually trapped in her past, forgetting the actual pressing issue — Pei Ziheng had attempted to kidnap her.

Tan Ying said, “Ye Xingling, all these apartments don’t make the mark.”

She was troubled now if these apartments did not make the mark, then most of the apartments in the city would not either. What should she do then? Her worries led her to the wildest thoughts, maybe she could live in the training camp for another ten, twenty years until she had spent her youth and her looks had faded. Maybe then, Pei Ziheng would finally let her off.

These thoughts upset her even more.

Tan Ying looked at her expression, he figured it was a good time to step in. In no hurry at all, he said, “If you can’t find a way around it, I can give you a suggestion.”

A glimmer of hope flashed before her, as she looked at him like he was her savior.

Tan Ying smiled. “You went to Boss’s apartment the last time, didn’t you. He actually has a vacant apartment that he can rent out to you.” Big Boss knew that she was moving out of the dormitory, and had specially requested that she moved into the apartment beside his. Chairman Tan had used deceitful excuses, thus the plan was finally taking shape.

Xia Ling was alerted.

“Chairman Tan, why?” Though her impression of him had improved after their trip to the Southern mountains, that did not imply that she had let all her guard down against him — Li Lei had not given up on being with her yet.

“Since the company has decided to boost your image, there’s no way we will let you be at risk.” Tan Ying explained the situation calmly, although it was all just a means of convincing her on Boss’ behalf. “Boss heard that you couldn’t find a place and knows that Pei Ziheng is a difficult person to deal with, so he offered his place. Since it’s under Boss’ name, the apartment is definitely safe.”

He paused for a moment before adding, “The place is vacant anyway.”

But she still felt that Big Boss Li’s goodwill was a little dubious.

Even so, she had no better option, the only way she could be safe from Pei Ziheng was to be around somebody as wealthy and influential as Li Lei. She considered for a moment and confirmed with Tan Ying once again whether there were additional terms and conditions besides the rental. With Tan Ying’s affirmation, she finally agreed.

Tan Ying arranged for her to meet Li Lei’s private secretary for the signing of the rental agreement.

When they met, Xia Ling realized it was someone she had known all along — Su Tang. Today, Su Tang was in a white dress, her loose locks resting on her shoulders as she exuded a faint fragrance from her perfume. She looked as elegant and gracious as she always had.

She stopped before Xia Ling, stretched out her hand, and smiled. “We meet again.”

Xia Ling shook her hand lightly.

The touch was cold, just as the unreadable expression in her eyes.

She still did not like Xia Ling, though Xia Ling had no idea why. But she was Li Lei’s private secretary, not hers — her emotions and attitude were irrelevant to Xia Ling.

Carrying that thought, Xia Ling signed the agreement.

Su Tang led her to see the apartment.

As they arrived on Li Lei’s floor in the personal elevator, Su Tang reached for the keys to open the door adjacent to Li Lei’s unit.

What came into view was a large space with all the partitions having been knocked off, leaving four walls and an empty apartment. Su Tang’s poised and cold voice echoed. “This unit has always been vacant and has never been refurbished. Since you’ll be living here, you can decide on the furnishings and style you want and I’ll get somebody to have it done.”

Xia Ling did a round in the spacious room. “Since there’s no one living here, why are all the walls and partitions knocked down?”

“Out of safety concerns,” Su Tang’s voice was still cold and clear. “Young Master’s identity is unusual, and that invites ruthless individuals to attempt to assassinate him. So, his living quarters have to be neat and minimally obstructed.” How she wished this girl would be afraid after listening to this and withdraw from the agreement.

But Xia Ling just got a little shocked and simply nodded her head.

That’s it… that’s all she did?

Su Tang was disappointed, did this girl not know what “assassinate” meant! Looking at her petite stature, any assassin could kill her by barely lifting a finger! That was not the main point, the point was, all of Young Master’s apartments and offices around the world were handled the same way with all partitions knocked down to create space, but none of them was meant for putting anybody up. How could this seemingly ordinary girl become an unprecedented exception?

Su Tang felt her chest tighten on that thought.

Xia Ling was completely unaware of Su Tang’s emotions. Given that Li Lei had a triad background, Xia Ling found nothing unusual with him having a few enemies who wanted him dead. As for her personal safety? If Big Boss Li dared live there, there was nothing she had to fear.

She went another round before telling Su Tang. “The bedroom, kitchen, and washroom need not be too big. In this space where it faces the sun…” she gestured, “turn it into a dance studio, the bigger the better. And besides, it will be a sound-test studio, one that can accommodate much equipment… Yup, that’s all.”

Su Tang jotted down her requests. “No other requests? Say, the color scheme, style or types of furniture.”

Xia Ling shook her head.

Refurbishing was not something new to Xia Ling. When she lived with Pei Ziheng, she spent a whole year designing in excitement, discussing every detail with the interior designer for fear of any flaw or imperfection.

As of now, what point was there in having a beautiful house when all her family was gone?

Su Tang did not probe further. She locked the door behind them and left.

Now that her accommodations were settled, the load was lifted off her shoulders as she directed her undivided attention to the recording of “Glass Fingertips.” Wei Shaoyin’s standards were terrifyingly high, even she was being nitpicked. During her break, many of the employees praised her, mentioning that few have managed to get the recording done so smoothly and swiftly.

Xia Ling had no words. This was considered a smooth process? Now she finally knew why Wei Shaoyin never had a fixed partner all these years. Who could take that fussy temper of his?

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