A Star Reborn: The Queen’s Return

Chapter 59 - Her Valiant Song

Chapter 59: Her Valiant Song

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It had a coat that was so black and smooth that it shined, it’s silky mane swept back in the wind. It looked handsome and elegant. Its gaze was deep and calm, like a lake without any ripples, as it trotted over confidently to Li Lei and lowered its head gracefully to its owner.

“It’s so beautiful.” Someone exclaimed softly.

Even though they had just seen Li Lei ride it earlier, the beauty of this horse was such that you were in awe every time you saw it.

Li Lei laughed as he patted the horse on the head, and then turned to introduce it to Xia Ling. “Its name is Thunder, you can ride it.” He had named the horse after himself, showing how much he adored it. Other than Xia Ling, he had not allowed anyone else to ride it before.

Fleetingly, the rich gentlemen that knew this fact all gave Xia Ling several more looks.

Xia Ling simply walked around it observing, not indicating outright if she was going to ride it. In actual fact, when no one was looking, she had looked over to the place that Thunder had walked over from. She had wanted to see another horse, but she wasn’t sure if it was still here. Was it doing well?

She looked around for a while, and just as she was feeling disappointed, a flash of a fiery red shadow appeared nearby.

That horse was like the wind and also like a fleeting, red flash of lighting. Before anyone could react, it was galloping straight towards Xia Ling. Its speed was extremely fast as it came up close from the afar in just a matter of seconds. Its grand entrance made even Li Lei’s Thunder back off a little.

“Be careful!” Several people shouted out.

That horse was galloping extremely fast, if one were to be in its path, they would either land up dead or paralyzed!

Li Lei stretched out his hand, intending to pull Xia Ling to safety from this sudden occurrence. Yet, her feet seemed to have grown roots and she stood there unwavering on the same spot, watching as the horse galloped towards her.

Gosh, was she too scared to move?

Many could not bear to look, thinking that she was about to be trampled upon and become a meat patty.

Just as that horse was a half step away from Xia Ling, it stopped abruptly as quickly as it had galloped over.

How lucky…

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

Du Yunfeng was the first to snap back to his senses, and could not resist but chide Xia Ling. “Why did you just stand there dumbly? You didn’t move even when Second Young Master Li was pulling you away. Do you know how dangerous it is?!” Li Lei was unable to pull her away earlier and, hence, was unable to run out of the way in time as well. If the horse had crashed into them, whether or not Xia Ling died was secondary. If Li Lei had been harmed or injured, that would be a travesty!

“Yes, why were you in such a daze for?!” The wealthy gentlemen looking on took turns to chide her as they each snapped back to their senses.

However, at this moment, Xia Ling was not listening to them at all. Her entire focus on was this fiery red and extremely beautiful mare. She slowly reached out her hand to pat the mare’s mane on the top of its neck, as if she was saying hello to a friend she hadn’t seen in a long time.

The mare tamely leaned its head towards her, allowing her to stroke it tenderly, watching her with eyes as bright as precious stones. The look in its eyes contained loyalty, longing, and unspeakable sadness.

“Valiant Song.” Li Lei recognized the horse and watched on in surprise at its interaction with Xia Ling.

“It’s Valiant Song.” Many others recognized the horse following Li Lei’s statement. Many of these wealthy gentlemen kept horses at Nan Shan, and all those who kept horses here knew Valiant Song. She was too unique — of all the horses kept here, she was the only mare, but was the queen of all the horses here, going against the belief that stallions were superior in the riding scene.

She was extremely aggressive and other than her owner, no one was able to get close to her.

Her owner had already passed away.

“She was Miss Xia Ling’s favorite horse when she was still alive.” The helper that had accompanied them said as he came back to his senses.

No one knew that this girl interacting so closely with Valiant Song was none other than Xia Ling reincarnated. Only Valiant Song had recognized her after pining for her for so long. Just one look and she had known who she was in the midst of the crowd.

In her eyes, she saw both Xia Ling’s past and present life.

Xia Ling combed through Valiant Song’s mane as her memories flooded back. She remembered traveling the world and spending two whole years for the cross-breeding, and then fighting through a blizzard to see Valiant Song being born in England and then bringing her home on a chartered plane.

She had named her “Valiant Song,” tamed her and rode her in many places.

Later on, Xia Ling became busier and lost interest in horse riding. Xia Ling sent Valiant Song to the Nan Shan riding club for fear that she would be lonely in the huge backyard of Pei Ziheng’s bungalow. Xia Ling had thought that Valiant Song would be happier amongst the pedigree horses in the riding club, roaming freely.

After that, she was imprisoned by Pei Ziheng and never saw Valiant Song again.

This meeting was already two years since they had been separated.

“I’m sorry, Valiant Song, for coming so late.” She buried her face in Valiant Song’s mane and said softly, her voice too soft for anyone else to hear.

Valiant Song understood her and whinnied softly in response.

“Unbelievable.” The helper looking on mumbled. “Valiant Song approached her so willingly.”

“Can I ride her?” Xia Ling raised her head to ask. Her objective in coming to this private area was never to see Li Lei’s horse, but to look for Valiant Song. Two years had passed and she could not hold back her longing for her.

However, the helper fidgeted and sheepishly said, “Miss, this is the horse that Xia Ling placed in our care when she was alive. Now, she is owned by Mr. Pei Ziheng of Imperial Entertainment. Mr. Pei has told us that no one is to touch her.”

So, she was now Pei Ziheng’s horse.

Xia Ling reluctantly let go of Valiant Song. She should have thought of the fact that after her death, all her possessions were transferred to the care of Pei Ziheng. Valiant Song was no exception.

She did not want to have anything more to do with Pei Ziheng.

“Forget it then.” She held in her sadness and turned around to leave.

“Are you not picking horses anymore?” asked Du Yunfeng. “Second Young Master Li’s Thunder is not bad as well. The other English Pedigree is also available for you to pick. You…”

“I can pick from the horses available to the normal club members.” Xia Ling replied dejectedly.

If she was unable to ride Valiant Song, the other horses were all the same, be it a Hannover, an English pedigree, or a lesser known breed.

She slowly walked away, her back looking lonely and forlorn.

Valiant Song sensed that she was about to leave and ran up alongside her, whinnying as if she was anxiously asking Xia Ling to stay.

Xia Ling walked faster and faster, not daring to stop, afraid that if she stopped she would not be able to leave anymore.

However, Valiant Song persistently followed alongside her, her whinny becoming more anxious.

Finally, she could not take it anymore and stopped. Valiant Song placed her head across Xia Ling’s shoulder, her cheek pressed against Xia Ling’s cheek. Xia Ling closed her eyes as she felt Valiant Song’s coat against her skin, struggling to control her tears from falling.

“What do we have to do to ride her?” All of a sudden, she heard Li Lei ask.

The helper replied, his voice fraught with discomfort. “Mr. Pei has set down a firm order. Under no condition can anyone rider her.” He felt a sense of regret, a prime horse like Valiant Song would be completely useless if left unattended for any longer.

“Pei Ziheng really likes this horse?” Li Lei’s voice rang out again.

The helper responded, “Yes.”

“What if it died?”

“Ah?” The helper looked up in shock.

“It dying, or it being ridden by someone else. Which of these would have more serious consequences?” Li Lei asked casually with a smile as if what he was saying was a typical dinner topic. “If you make Xiao Ling unhappy, I will be unhappy. When I am unhappy, I will do anything I so please.”

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