A Star Reborn: The Queen’s Return

Chapter 450 - Give Birth to a Child for Me

Chapter 450: Give Birth to a Child for Me

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She wept and pleaded desperately.

Pei Ziheng was emotionless, but there was a raging storm brewing in his heart.

Xiao Ling was always a very fragile girl. In the past, she would cry and throw a tantrum over being pricked by a flower.

However, now, she was forcing herself to tolerate the pain as she knelt on the floor which was covered in blood.

In this life, she had only begged him twice. Once to save Li Lei and another time to save Li Lei’s child. Two times for the same man.

Pei Ziheng wished he could cut open her stomach, rip that spawn of a devil up, and trample on him.

He coldly instructed his accompanying chauffeur. “Help Miss Ye up and send her to the hospital.”

He was very close to the head of Compassionate Peace Hospital and had already contacted him in advance to prepare for an abortion.

Xia Ling also guessed what was about to happen and pleaded with Pei Ziheng’s back-view using a hoarse voice. “Pei Ziheng, you can’t do that! I beg you. Please don’t be like this…” She cried. “I’ll do anything you want! I will agree to anything! Don’t you want me to marry you? I’ll marry you! Don’t you want me to have children with you? I’ll have children with you! I don’t mind having a few children with you! Please, I beg you, I’ll do anything as long as you let my child live…”

Pei Ziheng paused in his footsteps.

“Mister…” Nanny Zhou looked worriedly at him and then at Miss Ye.

Pei Ziheng turned around, lowered his head to look at Xia Ling, and then walked towards her.

Her face was already pale due to the pain and fear. She was shaking as she knelt and only did not fall down because Nanny Zhou was holding on to her.

Pei Ziheng asked, “Anything?”

Xia Ling vigorously nodded in tears.

Pei Ziheng’s expression deepened. He did not care that Xiao Ling was unwilling to marry him. Besides, he could easily solve it by tying her up and bringing her to the Civil Affairs Bureau. However, she had to be willing to have his child. Otherwise, she could think of numerous ways to get rid of her child during her ten months of pregnancy.

Seeing that he was speechless, Xia Ling was more disconcerted. She was afraid that she could not convince Pei Ziheng no matter how hard she tried. Maybe she was overestimating herself. In Pei Ziheng’s eyes, getting married or having children was not very important to him.

She was puzzled. Underneath her, more blood flowed out like the blooming of a scary and hideous flower. She felt that her child was slowly dying. In desperation, she leaned down, crawled towards Pei Ziheng and grabbed the edge of Pei Ziheng’s exquisite pants.

Her white fingers that were covered with blood stained his clean suit. The place where she caught on to became wrinkled, and she used even more strength to look up at him with begging eyes.

Pei Ziheng finally spoke. “I can save this spawn of a devil. However, you must have a child with me.”

Xia Ling immediately nodded as she could not care much anymore.

Pei Ziheng said again, “Also when this spawn of the devil is born, you must immediately give him away.”

“Ziheng!” Xia Ling was stunned. The tears that she tried to hold back surged out. She did not think that Pei Ziheng would propose such a condition that would hurt her immensely. This child was precious to her. How could she give it away?

“Can we keep him?” She weakly asked.

Pei Ziheng coldly instructed his chauffeur. “Old Zhao—”

“I’ll give him away! I’ll give him away!” Xia Ling was really scared that he would change his mind and cried, “I agree to give him away! Pei Ziheng, I beg you, let me give birth to him!” She knew that she had wronged her child, but she had no other choice. This was Pei Ziheng’s bottom line.

Time was tight. Her stomach was bursting with pain, and the blood flow would not stop.

She could not think and only took a step at a time. Even if she were selfish, she would rather give birth to her child and let it leave her than allow the child to die in her womb.

If it were alive, there would be hope.

Only then was Pei Ziheng satisfied. He bent down and warmly hugged her. He instructed the chauffeur. “Inform Head Ouyang that he doesn’t need to do the abortion surgery anymore. Ask him to assemble the best team of experts to protect her child.”

Xia Ling finally sighed in relief and passed out.

She did not know how long she was in a coma for. When she woke up, the first thing she did was to ask about her child’s condition.

The attending doctor who heard the news said to her, “Congratulations, Miss Ye, the child is saved. However, you have to be more careful in the future. This child has experienced several accidents and will be more vulnerable than other fetuses. It is not quite stable, and you should not let get hurt again.”

Xia Ling was extremely grateful to the doctor and seriously agreed.

She stayed in the hospital to recuperate for a very long time. Every day, she stayed in bed and was put on a drip. After a month, her intermittent bleeding finally stopped, but she had to stay in the hospital for a few more days for further observation.

During this period, Pei Ziheng did not visit her.

Now that he knew that the child was not his, he would rather turn a blind eye. He stopped caring about hearing reports that she was fine from those taking care of her.

On this day, Chu Chen said to him. “Boss, Miss Ye is being discharged from the hospital today. Are you going to pick her up?” Recently, he was very cautious about speaking to Pei Ziheng, but he secretly admired Ye Xingling’s supernatural powers after being pregnant with someone else’s child. Although she offended his cold and tyrannical boss, she was still able to keep her and her child’s face. She was truly skillful.

Pei Ziheng gazed out of the window. The tall office building seemed like it was stepping on the entire city.

However, in front of her, he was a loser.

So what if he was powerful? Her child was not his.

“Are you very bored?” Pei Ziheng said deeply to Chu Chen. “There’s a conference with the U.S. side at 10.30 am. Have you prepared all the materials?”

Chu Chen understood what he meant. He probably did not want to pick Miss Ye, so he respectfully left.

Xia Ling also did not expect Pei Ziheng to pick her up. After going through the formalities to be discharged, she returned to the red brick wall villa which was filled with tiers of roses in full bloom.

Nanny Zhou greeted her. Once she saw her, she had the shock of her life.

“Miss Ye, you…” Nanny Zhou quickly stepped forward to hold her. “Slow down, be careful.”

It was no wonder that Nanny Zhou was scared. Xia Ling condition was not good, and she looked weaker than before. Her initially white and delicate skin was now dry and sallow. She was also much thinner, and her cheeks were sunken, making her look even older.

It seemed that she could be knocked down from a gust of wind.

Nanny Zhou excitedly looked at her stomach. She was about five months pregnant, but her belly bump was still not that obvious. This was not a good sign. Perhaps her child would be very weak once it was born.

She supported Xia Ling into the house and let her sit down on a comfortable sofa.

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