A Star Reborn: The Queen’s Return

Chapter 445 - Sisters’ Conflict

Chapter 445: Sisters’ Conflict

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Xia Ling nodded her head and knew not to disturb the busy man further.

In fact, what she and Nanny Zhou did not know was that Pei Ziheng was busy, but not to the extent that he could not be home for dinner. It was merely that he could not face her ever since he discovered that the child she was expecting was somebody else’s. He could not guarantee that he wouldn’t do anything rash if he were around her.

Xia Ling did not really want to be around Pei Ziheng either. She always felt a kind of pressure whenever they were together, and it was always suffocating.

Knowing that he would not be home for dinner actually cheered her up.

Xia Ling diverted attention and recalled the incident by the stage. She knew exactly who pushed her down the steps — it was Xia Yu, that sister of hers.

Her heart hardened a little.

Xia Ling had always known that Xia Yu’s morals were rather questionable, but she thought they were no more than minor issues like spreading gossips, hurling insults, and the like. She would never have expected Xia Yu to hurt somebody intentionally. This time, her motive of causing Xia Ling’s miscarriage was just all too obvious.

Xia Ling found her terrifying; she was no different from a murderer now.

She decided to look Xia Yu up.

Just as she made her decision, she found out that Pei Ziheng had already given her her punishment, apparently by getting somebody to push her down the stairs as well. She had broken two of her ribs and was lying in the hospital, looking pathetic as it is.

Her face turned into an awful grimace upon seeing Xia Ling. “Ye Xingling, are you here to mock me?”

Xia Ling looked at her coldly and condescendingly. “Yes, I’m here to mock you, so what?” There was no need to be civil with people like her — the nicer she was, the more she would be taken advantage of by Xia Yu. The best way to tackle her was to thumb her down harshly.

“You should be counting your blessings, Xia Yu,” Xia Ling said. “The child is alright despite your doing. If anything actually happened to the child, do you think we could settle the score with just two broken ribs?”

Xia Yu’s look was even more awful now as she looked at Xia Ling like she was her nemesis. She agitatedly said, “Ye Xingling, don’t you dare brag about! I won’t let you marry Brother Ziheng! And the bastard child you’re carrying doesn’t deserve to live either!”

Xia Ling’s expression changed instantly. She couldn’t care less about however Xia Yu wanted to insult her, but she pulled the child into the picture, and Xia Ling would not have that. She walked towards the bed, took the filled cup by the bedside, and splashed all of its contents onto Xia Yu’s face.

“What are you doing?!” Xia Yu was shocked and angry, but could not move because of the cast she was in. She could only watch the water roll down her face, looking like a mess. “Ye Xingling, you’re courting death!” She screamed like a vixen with no reservations for her image at all.

Xia Ling continued looking at her with her unmoving expression as if she were looking at trash. “Xia Yu, you better take control of your hands and your mouth. Otherwise, the next time I splash something on you won’t be simply cold water.”

She hardly spoke with such a vile tone, and this scared Xia Yu.

Keeping her eyes on Xia Ling, Xia Yu felt that this woman before her was too much like her arrogant and domineering sister. She knew that people like these could do anything without batting an eyelid.

After Xia Ling was done with her threats, she tossed the cup into the bin and clapped her hands, all ready to leave.

That was when she saw someone approaching the ward at the door. It was a tall and well-built physique in an elegant black suit, with a presence that could not be ignored.

It was Pei Ziheng.

Xia Ling was stunned for a moment. What was he doing here? He was the one who sent someone to punish Xia Yu, and he bothered to come and visit her? It didn’t make sense.

Xia Yu’s face lit up. “Brother Ziheng, you’re here to see me.” She practically forgot about the water on her face and the cast over her ribs as she struggled to sit up.

But Pei Ziheng did not even look at her. He was only seeing Xia Ling. “Are you feeling better?”

Xia Ling said, “Mm, much better. So I decided to come out for a walk.”

It was such a patronizing lie. This hospital was so far away from their villa, there was no way she would end up here if she simply “came out for a walk.” She was here for Xia Yu.

Pei Ziheng did not expose her lie. “You’re still rather weak, so don’t go wandering about on your own. Rest more, it’ll be better for the child.” He was not there for Xia Yu. He simply came because he had heard that Xia Ling barged into the ward in anger, and he was worried about it.

In any case, Xia Ling had dared to kill Wang Jingwan in the past. What if she decided to kill Xia Yu this time?

Even if he cared less about others’ lives, he did not want Xia Ling to be caught in a murder case. Hence, as much as Pei Ziheng wanted to avoid seeing her, he had to make this trip down to the hospital.

Seeing that Pei Ziheng was only talking to Xia Ling, Xia Yu realized that it was just wishful thinking on her part and that Brother Ziheng was simply treating her as invisible. Xia Yu felt aggrieved, and her physical and emotional hurt was getting intertwined at this point. She could not help but tear up.

“Brother Ziheng…” she called out meekly.

Pei Ziheng had actually arrived a while ago and witnessed their conflict. He genuinely felt that Xia Ling was already nice by stopping at just a splash to the face. And Xia Yu should count herself lucky that the child was not Pei Ziheng’s flesh and blood. Otherwise, he would beat Xia Ling to it and splash acid on Xia Yu’s face first.

He was unmoved by Xia Yu’s act of weakness. He said sombrely, “Xia Yu, you know my temper. If you do this again, don’t blame me for being ruthless.”

So, breaking two of her ribs was considered being nice?

Streams of tears rolled down her pretty face as she pleaded for him to listen. “Brother Ziheng, is it because of this woman that you don’t care for me anymore? It’s really not me who pushed her, I’m innocent! Ye Xingling must’ve been too careless when she walked, hence falling over with your child. She’s afraid that you’d punish her, so she’s pushing the blame to me!”

His child.

Those few words pricked at him, and he grew all the more somber.

Xia Yu continued crying. “If Sister is watching the way you treat me from the Heavens, she’ll be so upset… Brother Ziheng, do you remember how you promised Sister that you’d take good care of me?”

Ha, what a turn of events with these two sisters!

Pei Ziheng felt so much like telling her, her sister was more daring than ever, even making him a cuckold now, and how much he felt like strangling her over that. But he could not say all that. He simply chided Xia Yu. “Don’t talk about your sister this way.”

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