A Star Reborn: The Queen’s Return

Chapter 436 - Seeing the World

Chapter 436: Seeing the World

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Seeing the world?

Xia Ling looked at him suspiciously. “What world?”

Snickering, Jin Yifei restlessly grabbed her hand. “You’ll know once we’re there.”

Xia Ling shook his hand off. “Tell me first.”

“Fine, I’ll talk. I’ll talk, ok.” Jin Yifei raised his hands to surrender. Immediately after, he grinned and mysteriously moved closer to her. “Xiao Ling, I’m sure you haven’t been to the casino here before. Pei Ziheng would definitely not allow you to go to that sort of place. Come, follow me. It’s fun. I guarantee it’ll be exciting.”

“I don’t gamble.” Xia Ling said.

“Who said you’re gambling?” Jin Yifei persuaded. “I’m just letting you take a look. Your Brother Jin is going all out. If I win, you’ll get a share, but if I lose, it’s all on me. It’s just for fun. How about it, I’m a loyal friend, right?”

“I’m not in need of money.” Xia Ling said.

Jin Yifei glared at her. “You can win or lose a few million in a night!”

She raised the diamond bracelet on her wrist which was said to be worth 200 million and swayed it in front of him.

Its dazzling glow almost blinded Jin Yifei.

Jin Yifei scratched his head in frustration. “Fine, you’re a rich madam, ok? However…” He changed the subject and continued to urge her, “Don’t you feel bored? Just now, when I passed by the banquet hall, I saw Pei Ziheng talking to several big bosses; I don’t think that he will be able to leave for a while. Instead of catching a cold on the deck, Xiao Ling, you might as well join me for some fun.”

“I want some peace and quiet.” She smiled, tilted her head and said. “Don’t ask me why.” In front of Li Lei’s old acquaintance, her anxious feeling vanished a little, and she felt very relaxed.

“Who cares about that!” Jin Yifei was about to cry. He stamped his foot, paced back and forth, and bitterly tried to persuade her again. “Miss Ye, Madam Ye, Grandma Ye… I’m begging you. Accompany me for some fun for a while. Just a while, ok? Besides, you see—” He pointed his finger at a distance not far away. “That side, that side, and that side. Look, there’s no one alone here. As long as you’re alone, it won’t be long before someone tries to pick you up. Won’t that irritate you?”

Xia Ling looked at the direction his finger was pointing and, sure enough, people were grouped in pairs or groups. Occasionally, there were single people, but someone quickly came forward to talk to them. There was really no one truly alone.

After some thought, she felt that Jin Yifei made some sense. Before he spoke to her, she also had to dismiss a few attempts of people trying to talk to her. Instead of staying here and rejecting them, it was better to follow him to have some fun. Besides, she had really never been to a casino before. Opening her eyes to the world would be good.

Thus, she nodded.

Jin Yifei cheered and pulled her along as he walked forward.

When he pushed open the casino door, Xia Ling realized that the interior was very different from her imagination.

Her impression of casinos was that they were like the ones in Las Vegas, Macau, or in movies which were filled with people seated at many different stations. She thought there would be noisy gamblers drinking until their eyes turned red and frequently swear in annoyance.

However, this was not the case. Perhaps the environment was quite good because the guests on the ship were very honorable. The lights were dim, the music was soft, and the carpet was comfortable enough that she wanted to sink herself in it.

There were seats scattered everywhere, and their sizes varied, but they were all equally comfortable and luxurious.

There were many people gathered in groups, with most of them being young, pampered sons of rich families. They wore designer clothing and watches and had beautiful female companions in their arms. As they played cards casually, they chatted.

When they saw Jin Yifei come in, many of them greeted him. “Hey, Second Old Man Jin, have you not lost enough just now? Have you abandoned Yanyan and replaced her with a small beauty because you wanted to change your luck?”

Jin Yifei led Xia Ling across a few seats and smiled as he rebuked. “Come, come. My luck is excellent, ok? I was just giving in to you just now. This time, I will definitely defeat you all!”

As he spoke, he squeezed into a group and found a seat for Xia Ling. “Xiao Ling, just sit by my side and give me luck. If I win, you will have many benefits!”

Xia Ling was speechless.

Did he aggressively urge her to come here just so he could change his luck?

Just as the voices fell, someone whistled at her. “Who is this beauty? Second Old Man Jin, introduce her to us. Your charm has recently increased. You just went out for a while after ditching Yanyan, and now you’ve brought a new one back?”

Xia Ling frowned. Who did these people think she was?

Before she could retaliate, Jin Yifei had already responded, “Don’t make random jokes, Mr. Liu. This is my friend, Ye Xingling. She came with Imperial Entertainment’s Chairman Pei.” After saying that, he pulled Xia Ling under the light. “Xiao Ling, move in a little more. Don’t squeeze.”

Only then did they finally see her face clearly.

During this period of time, she always had the spotlight on her. The news about her being pregnant with Pei Ziheng’s child and her marriage with Pei Ziheng spread like crazy, and almost everyone knew that they could not touch her. After Jin Yifei said that, the rich young men suddenly wiped their lecherous expressions off their faces and looked normal again.

They were all elites born in eminent families. They were naturally shrewd and understood that they could not afford to offend the big boss of Imperial Entertainment over a woman.

Mr. Liu, the one who whistled at Xia Ling just now, raised his eyebrows and smiled very naturally. “I’m sorry. Yifei rarely brings his friends here, and I was just saying hello in advance. I was a little offensive just now. I hope you don’t take it to heart, Miss Ye.”

Xia Ling nodded and accepted his apology.

Jin Yifei smiled to mediate the dispute. “Alright, Old Liu, don’t look so serious. Xiao Ling isn’t that small-minded.” He then pointed to them and introduced them one by one. “This is Liu Heng of Tongda Electrical Appliances; this is the third young master of the Heshi Group; this is Feiying from Majestic Real Estate…”

They were all from famous families.

After cordially greeting one another for some time, the group finally starting playing cards. Suddenly, they heard an oblique sneer.

Everyone turned around to see a man in a dark blue satin shirt sitting opposite them in the dim light. He had a cocktail in his hand and was swirling the glass as he looked at Xia Ling unscrupulously.

His eyes were sharp like a wolf in the dark night, ready to tear her into pieces.

Xia Ling was very uncomfortable after being stared at by him. But she was also puzzled. Who was this person and why did he feel familiar?

Jin Yifei tightly frowned but seemed not willing to get into a conflict with that man. He only moved his body discreetly to block Xia Ling from his gaze.

As the man’s line of sight was cut off, the tension-filled atmosphere suddenly disappeared.

Jin Yifei breathed a sigh of relief and was about to continue the card game, but the man sneered again.

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