A Star Reborn: The Queen’s Return

Chapter 42 - I Call the Shots in the Training Camp

Chapter 42: I Call the Shots in the Training Camp

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Along the corridor, the wind of early spring sent a chill into her bones.

The class had just ended and as Xia Ling walked slowly by herself on the corridor, small cliques of trainees walked by her in happy conversation, looking relaxed and happy. No one even spared her a glance.

She felt helpless.

She needed someone to help her resolve the imminent danger, but that person could not be Li Lei. She would definitely not use her body in exchange for his help. She stopped in her tracks and leaned against the outside wall of the teaching building. Closing her eyes, she ran through all the people she knew in her mind. Finally, she thought of someone that she could ask for help.

She dug around in her sling bag and took out her mobile phone. Ringing Wei Shaoyin, she said after he had picked up, “Mr. Wei, do you have some time now? I need… your help.”

Wei Shaoyin agreed to meet her at a cafe near the training camp.

The music in the cafe was soft and melodious. He wore a white shirt with silver stripes buttoned all the way to the collar, perfectly clean and neat. She sat across him and asked for a glass of warm water, which she held in her hands. She told him about what had happened as she organized the thoughts in her head. She summarised the main points: Imperial Entertainment wanted her to transfer over to them, and Tan Ying had agreed but she did not want to.

With regard to Pei Ziheng’s interest in her, she did not want to mention it.

After Wei Shaoyin had heard all that she had to say, he remained silent for a moment before taking out his mobile phone and calling Tan Ying.

Wei Shaoyin switched on the speakerphone and said, “Are you mad? You want to sell Xiao Ling off?!”

On the opposite end of the line, Tan Ying kept silent for a moment, before saying, “Ah Wei, are you talking about Ye Xingling’s transfer? This little lady is quite the troublemaker. Did she tell you about that?”

Wei Shaoyin was getting slightly impatient. “Don’t change the topic, Tan Ying. You asked for my opinion during the end-of-year examinations and I told you then that Xiao Ling was a gem that we needed to train carefully. With time, she’s going to make it big. That was just a while back and now you want to sell her to Imperial Entertainment?!”

“Imperial Entertainment gave me a really good offer.” Tan Ying was unfazed. “They are giving us two trainees that they have prepared for debut — the best trainees Imperial Entertainment had in the recent five years — in exchange for one Ye Xingling. Other than that, they are also paying us a handsome fee for the transfer, and will give us a slot next year for all the key media channels.”

Wei Shaoyin gave a start. “Such a good offer?”

“Naturally, I will make sure to negotiate for a good offer when I’m selling someone,” said Tan Ying.

Wei Shaoyin regained his senses, and then responded in anger, “Are you an idiot? If they are willing to give us such an offer, doesn’t it speak to Xiao Ling’s immense potential? Even Imperial Entertainment can see that and have come to snatch her away from us. How can you simply let her go?!”

Tan Ying also got upset. “You are the idiot! I’ve been selling people for so many years now, don’t you think I can recognize talent?! You dare question my professional abilities, Wei Shaoyin?!! Do you know why Imperial Entertainment is giving us such a good offer?! Huh?! What rubbish about seeing potential in her! Pei Ziheng just wants her for himself!”

If not for the conversation being over the phone, Xia Ling could almost imagine him spluttering all over Wei Shaoyin’s face.

Clearly, Wei Shaoyin could sense the extent of his anger as well, and sat back a little with a look of disdain.

He was silent for a moment before looking up at Xia Ling in surprise.

After which, he spoke in the phone again. “What did you say? Pei Ziheng is interested in Xiao Ling?!”

“I was also taken by surprise.” After his rant, Tan Ying was clearly calmer than before. “Pei Ziheng never used to have such playboy tendencies, but in recent months, I’ve heard that he has been ‘collecting’ quite a few. Who knows what has gotten into him.”

Xia Ling looked down and her hand gripped the glass a little harder.

There was a dull ache in her heart. Pei Ziheng… “collected” quite a few people?

She thought that he only wanted Ye Xingling, so even though she was terrified, it was not to the point of feeling completely heartbroken and in despair. Yet, hearing this information, she felt as if someone had plunged a knife into her heart, suffocating her in pain and blood flowing freely. In her subconscious, a voice was ridiculing her —

Who did you think you were? Did you think you were the one and only?

Give up, you were never the one and only in his eyes. In your past life, there was Wang Jingwan. In this life, there are tons of little unknown characters around him. You fought so hard to run away from his clutches, but to him, you were just one of his many games!

Her knuckles turned white as she gripped the glass so hard that her hands were shaking uncontrollably, ripples forming on the surface of the water in the glass.

Wei Shaoyin was still talking to Tan Ying. “Since you know that Pei Ziheng is using this money to buy a lover and not a trainee, how can you make Xiao Ling go against your conscience? Tan Ying, I don’t agree with this!”

Tan Ying coldly answered, “Ah Wei, you call the shots when it comes to music. I call the shots when it comes to the training camp.”

Without warning, Wei Shaoyin slammed his palm on the table in the cafe as Tan Ying finished his sentence, the sound deafening. Xia Ling gave a jump in shock, the glass in her hands, which she was not holding steadily, fell to the floor and shattered.

Wei Shaoyin did not react to this and kept staring at his mobile phone on the table.

On the other end of the line, Tan Ying was quiet for a moment before saying, “Don’t be angry, Ah Wei.”

Wei Shaoyin pulled his lips tightly together and did not speak, his expression dark.

Tan Ying sighed and slowly said, “I know Ye Xingling has potential. I was indeed wrong about her in the past, but her performance in the recent half year clearly meets the mark to make a debut. In fact, she’s still improving and becoming more outstanding with each examination.” He continued, “Ah Wei, I believe you when you say that she will make it big.”

Wei Shaoyin expression lifted a little, but he still remained silent.

Tan Ying kept talking. “But how popular can she become? With the current situation, she would make it to the A-list at the very best. Do you actually think she can become a diva and a superstar?”

“The stars have to be indeed aligned for one to reach the diva and superstar status.” Wei Shaoyin finally said.

Tan Ying gave a laugh. “Yup, you are more aware as to how difficult that is. So, if we assume that Ye Xingling becomes an A-list singer in the future, and the two that Imperial Entertainment gives us in exchange become A-listers as well, then Skyart Entertainment only stands to gain in this transaction.”

Wei Shaoyin’s voice became cold again. “You can’t count it like that…”

Tan Ying interrupted him. “I know what you are going to say. You’re going to say that this is unfair to Ye Xingling. However, since Pei Ziheng has his eyes on her, she doesn’t have much value to Skyart Entertainment anymore.

“You know that Pei Ziheng is notorious for being domineering. Those who follow his rules survive, those who don’t die. If he can’t get Ye Xingling, he will have all sorts of ways to make sure that Ye Xingling’s life will be miserable. This little lady will have a very tough road ahead of her. There’s no reason for Skyart Entertainment to offend Imperial Entertainment just because of her. And I’m not saying that Skyart Entertainment cannot afford to, but that it’s just not worth it and unnecessary. Do you understand, Ah Wei?

“Why don’t we give up at this juncture and get two more suitable newbies in exchange. This should be what Skyart Entertainment’s management should be thinking about.

“Ah Wei, think about it.” Tan Ying finished with this sentence and hung up the phone.

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