A Star Reborn: The Queen’s Return

Chapter 415 - Take Care of Your Grandson

Chapter 415: Take Care of Your Grandson

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She could not care less that her nightgown was new. Kneeling down, she stretched her hand out to feel for the amulet.

After a few attempts, she still could not feel anything. She refused to believe this. Just now, she obviously saw something red. It was definitely not an illusion. Definitely not! She bent down and stuck her hand deeper into the drain in an even greater effort to find the amulet. The icy cold sewage water stained her nightgown and covered her hands and feet. She was extremely uncomfortable, but she gritted her teeth and pressed on.

One more time. Just one more time and she would definitely…

However, she still could not find the amulet.

Behind her, a low male voice bellowed. “What are you looking for?”

Shocked, she turned around to see a tall man standing in the shadow of moonlight. He was wearing black satin pajamas, and it looked like he was blending in with the darkness. The man’s expression was dark and uncertain as he stared at Xia Ling quietly with unpredictable emotions.

It was Pei Ziheng. When did he wake up?

Xia Ling’s heart palpitated in fear. There was a sense of panic and dread in her heart like she was being caught for doing something wrong. However, in a flash, she suddenly reacted. Pei Ziheng, it was Pei Ziheng! He was probably the one who hid the paulownia wood amulet. It must be him!

“Where did you put my item?” She quested.

Pei Ziheng’s expression did not change. “What item?”

“Don’t act stupid!” She flew into a rage. “Give me back my amulet!” She looked at him with her small face. Her eyes were bright and sparkled with a little starlight, looking beautiful yet fragile.

Pei Ziheng’s heart ached slightly. He wanted to wrap this petite and disturbed girl into his arms and pamper her but held back. His woman could be willful, but being overly willful was not good and should be disciplined. “You should also not act stupid.” His voice was very low. “I’ve already said that there are some things that you shouldn’t keep.”

Xia Ling drew a breath, and her face turned a little pale.

She recalled the fate of the platinum ring pendant that had been engraved with the initials of her and Li Lei’s surname. Her voice trembled as she asked, “You… You didn’t destroy the amulet, right?” Oh god, that paulownia wood amulet was only obtained after Li Lei sacrificed half of the blood in his body, and it was more precious than the platinum ring. She could not imagine the consequences if it were really destroyed.

Pei Ziheng’s voice was very soft. “I will keep it for you.” It is said that destroying something like an amulet is inauspicious for the owner. If it weren’t for this reason, he would have burned that inconspicuous wooden sign a long time ago. “However, don’t think of seeing it again in this life. Xia Ling, you should just behave yourself and raise my child.”

Luckily, it was not destroyed.

Xia Ling sighed in relief and did not bother to hear his following statements. She only said, “Give it back to me!”

Pei Ziheng said, “Go back to the room and sleep now.”

“Give it back!”

His expression was as cold as a knife as he slightly frowned. Without warning, he picked her up and strode towards the bedroom. Xia Ling was caught off guard and started to scream and hit him with her hands and feet. However, it was useless as that tall man had hardened his heart and wanted her to follow his will. He walked past the garden and the quiet corridor to return to the bedroom.

He put her on the bed again.

“Sleep.” He coldly spat.

Xia Ling still wanted to rebel.

He said, “Do you believe that I will destroy that piece of wood?”

At once, she quietened down. It was always like this. This man in front of her would always use forceful matters to suppress her. He was overbearing, arrogant, and unreasonable. If she did not submit to him, he would destroy her.

Looking at him, Xia Ling felt the injustice which had accumulated for two lifetimes. Her eyes slowly turned red.

Pei Ziheng’s heart ached as he looked at the way she cried. However, once he thought about how she was crying because of another man, his expression became colder. “You better sleep. I don’t want to see you running away again. Otherwise, I will lock the door.”

She became afraid and did not make a sound.

In her past life, he had also locked her up and used very cruel means to humiliate her such that until now, being imprisoned was a nightmare that she was most unwilling to face.

She curled up and forced herself to close her eyes.

Pei Ziheng sat on the bed and watched her for a while before he finally got up, left the room, and entered the study room. He was actually awoken by an emergency call. After realizing that she was not there when he woke up, he did not settle his issues immediately. Instead, he went to search for her in the large villa.

He was worried that she might be in trouble.

This worry took precedence over his work.

The stars and moon were glowing dimly in the sky.

He walked into the study and started a video call.

At the other end of the video, it was a bright afternoon in New York, USA. The Imperial Entertainment staff members were anxiously working. “Chairman, from the time you received our call till now, our share price has dropped by 4%.”

Pei Ziheng’s expression became serious. “Who did this?”

“Someone from the Li family.” At the other end of the video, the staff members were very efficient and had already discovered who was deliberately decreasing the stock price of Imperial Entertainment. “It is said that it was an order by Second Young Master Li.”

Second Young Master Li, Li Lei.

Pei Ziheng had always been shrewd and immediately understood what was going on. That man could not directly take Xiao Ling away, so he was trying to get revenge through this method.

He said, “Help me make a call to Li Lei.”

The call was quickly answered.

“What exactly are you trying to do?” Pei Ziheng asked coldly.

At the other end of the phone, Li Lei glanced at the screen which showed that Imperial Entertainment’s stock was dramatically dropping. He replied emotionlessly, “I want Xiao Ling. Release her.”

“Dream on.”

Since he answered like that, there was no point in continuing the conversation. Pei Ziheng hung up the phone. The horrifying fight between the Li family and the Pei family in the U.S. stock market continued. A few orders were given up, but brutal and efficient orders did not work much in this scenario. The Li family was naturally strong in the overseas market, and Li Lei was obviously prepared to mobilize sufficient funds and had enough manpower to attack Pei Ziheng by surprise and force him to retreat in defeat.

“Chairman, we can’t continue like this!” The executives in charge of the U.S. stocks were sweating in anxiety.

Pei Ziheng looked at his watch, and his voice was as calm as a mountain. “Hold on for another half an hour.”

He made another call and after a few transfers, he managed to contact Calming Heart Garden in the Li family headquarters. “Li Shanhe.” He was not polite at all to the old master of the Li family, his tone icy. “If you are old and can’t control your grandson anymore, I can help you discipline him.” After that, he hung up the phone.

After being rudely awakened from his sleep, Old Master Li was stunned for a moment before realizing what had happened. He said to a subordinate who was waiting upon him, “Go! Help me find out what that young brat Li Lei has done now!”

The chairman of Imperial Entertainment had called from China, and Old Master instinctively knew that Li Lei had caused some problems. As for Li Feng? Although Li Feng liked to kill and torture people, why would he provoke a giant figure in the commercial business and leave the person alive to call him?

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