A Star Reborn: The Queen’s Return

Chapter 413 - Exposing Secrets

Chapter 413: Exposing Secrets

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Her eyes were bright and clear like the stars in the night sky. Just like that, she looked at Xia Yu and curved her lips into a slight smile. “Xia Yu, don’t you think that what you made tastes awful? There’s too much cream, too little sugar, and even the proportion of water is not right. Did you buy random strawberries and mint leaves without thought? The taste is as light as an expired and discounted cake. Xia Yu, with your skills, I can’t believe that you actually dare to let someone eat your cake.”

She could not be blamed for being picky as she was used to eating Li Lei’s personally baked cakes and naturally felt that the standard of other chefs was lacking. Moreover, she deliberately interrupted Pei Ziheng because she did not want Xia Yu to know that she was pregnant.

It was difficult for her to have a baby. Right now, the baby’s condition was not stable yet. Why should she let someone who was incompatible with her know about this and cause unexpected troubles? Xia Ling pushed the plate aside and looked at Pei Ziheng. “I’ve only caught a minor cold. Why do you have to explain this to someone making a fuss?”

Pei Ziheng was shrewd and understood that she was unwilling to tell others about her pregnancy. Thus, he accommodated her and changed the subject. “It tastes bad? Tomorrow, I will look for someone else to make a better cake for you.”

His voice was low, and he looked gently at her like a good husband who loved his wife.

The brightly lit dining room was quiet for a while. Xia Yu looked at the pair of lovers and shook her head incredulously as she retreated. “Brother Ziheng… You don’t love my sister anymore…”  ( NovelFull )

Her tears uncontrollably fell.

Xia Ling looked at her excellent acting and had mixed feelings. She kept reminding herself that Xia Yu treated her poorly at the start. Those vicious insults and humiliation were all done by her as she smiled happily and lied to her face. Xiao Ling, you must not be soft-hearted.

However, she said, “Xia Yu, why trouble yourself? Perhaps your sister herself doesn’t even care if Pei Ziheng loves her anymore. Why do you have to worry so much about this for her? Forget her and live well.”

Xia Yu thought it was a provocation.

Shaking her head, she stepped back and cried as she covered her face and bolted out of the house.

The dining hall was so quiet that one could hear a pin drop. Pei Ziheng reached out and lightly lifted Xia Ling’s chin. She could not hear any emotion in his voice. “You don’t care if I love you anymore, huh?”

However, she only looked at him tiredly. “Pei Ziheng, I’m already physically by your side. You get to determine if I live or die in this lifetime. What else do you want from me?” She lightly pushed his hand away. “You have to learn to be content and not force us into a corner.”

She got up and left, leaving behind a chilly figure.

The aroma of boiled fish with pickled cabbage and chili could be smelled, and the sweetness of the cake on the table could be detected from the kitchen, filling the quiet house. However, her heart was not here. The house felt cold to her.

When Xia Ling had tea with Feng Kun, she talked about Xia Yu.

“It’s really strange. She was obviously a high-caliber student who graduated from Cambridge and is talented at business management. Why did she make the stupid choice of becoming a singer? Why is she sacrificing so much for a man?” She lazily knelt at the mini bar near the window to bask in the sun. After some time, she turned around to suntan her back. “No matter how much she’s obsessed with Pei Ziheng, it is time to give up after being unsuccessful for so many years.”

As Feng Kun prepared a special fruit juice, he said, “I initially thought you did not know that Xia Yu liked Pei Ziheng.”

“I didn’t know in the past.” Xia Ling smiled bitterly. “However, I know now. I really want to advise Pei Ziheng to accept her and grant her wish of being his wife so I can be released…”

She was silent.

Feng Kun was also silent and handed the special fruit juice to her.

Xia Ling drank it in small sips.

On her wrist, the diamond bracelet that Pei Ziheng gave her last night sparkled.

She glanced at it casually and took it off. After that, she took a small paulownia wood amulet out of her bag and tied the long red string around her wrist. The bright sunshine lined her white and somewhat translucent skin, complementing the enchanting red amulet.

She was deep in thought as she looked at its every detail.

How nice it would be if Li Lei were here. He would definitely make the most delicious cake for her. With his unique skills, she would definitely not have such a serious reaction to it. Their small baby would be healthy, and she would not have to live in fear every day. Li Lei…

She really missed him.

When Xia Yu passed by the bar, she saw that exact scene. That irritating woman Ye Xingling was gazing lovingly at her wrist, and there was a small amulet wrapped in silk around her wrist. Her expression was very gentle and filled with deep sorrow as if she were looking at her long-lost lover.

Instinctively as a woman, Xia Yu immediately felt that something was wrong.

Last night when she was at Brother Ziheng’s house, she paid special attention to the interaction between this irritating woman and Brother Ziheng. Ye Xingling did not have this expression when she was looking at him.

Could it be that there was someone else in Ye Xingling’s heart?

Xia Yu was shocked by her own thoughts. Unsurprisingly, she thought about the love affair between Ye Xingling and the Skyart Entertainment’s Boss, Li Lei. Could it be that those two did not have a clean break?

As if she made a new discovery, Xia Yu was ecstatic. She looked at the bar counter and smiled sinisterly. Hmph, b*tch, so what if you are temporarily favored? I will pretend that I was feeding cake to a dog last night. Very soon, I will expose you for being a wh*re. When that time comes, let’s see if Brother Ziheng still wants you!

She wanted to quickly chase Ye Xingling away so that she could be Brother Ziheng’s only woman!

She walked past the bar like a willow branch trembling in the wind and headed towards the chairman’s office in the headquarters building.

Pei Ziheng was currently reading reports inside. When he saw her, he asked, “Is there something I can help you with?”

“Brother Ziheng.” Xia Yu bit her lip and lowered her head. “I… I came to apologize for what I did yesterday. I was wrong yesterday and did not know that Ye Xingling was feeling unwell. Furthermore, I was anxious to protect my sister. If not, I would not have yelled at her.”

“It’s fine.” Pei Ziheng gently said. “I’m very happy that you care so much about your sister.”

It turned out that there was a place for her sister in his heart. Xia Yu’s anxious feelings were at ease again. As long as Brother Ziheng loved her sister, her position as her sister would be secure, and she could continue to use similar reasons to approach him and think of ways to make him fall in love with her.

Xia Yu meekly said, “I just miss my sister so much… Just now at the recording studio when I passed by the small bar, I saw Ye Xingling. And I guess she also really loves you Brother Ziheng, which is why she looked so nostalgically at the gift you gave her. It was her expression that touched me and made me feel that I should not be that selfish. That’s why I came to apologize.”

Pei Ziheng’s expression also softened. “She really likes that diamond bracelet?”

“What diamond bracelet?” Xia Yu widened her eyes and appeared shocked.

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