A Star Reborn: The Queen’s Return

Chapter 411 - Xia Yu’s Visit

Chapter 411: Xia Yu’s Visit

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At the start, Xia Ling and Xia Yu were orphans.

After being adopted by Pei Ziheng, Xia Ling said that she wanted to set the day of their adoption as her birthday, and Xia Yu followed suit. Thus, the birthdays of the two sisters were set on this day. For many years in the past, the three of them used to commemorate this day together. Sometimes, Pei Ziheng would be impatient and tried to persuade Xia Ling to spend time with him the day before their birthdays without Xia Yu. Either that or he would spend the afternoon with both of them and spend more time with Xia Ling exclusively at night.

That was until Xia Ling passed away.

On this day last year, Xia Yu was drunk as he knocked on his door. She cried in his arms and said that she missed her sister. That night, she wore her sister’s favorite dress and her sister’s favorite jewelry, looking like a weeping beauty. In a trance, it was as if Xiao Ling were alive again.

He drank with her. After smelling a familiar perfume fragrance on her body, he almost recognized the wrong person and could not hold back.

He still had regrets from that night. If something happened, how could he face Xiao Ling? Xia Yu was different from other women as she was Xiao Ling’s beloved sister. He could never touch her.

Now, after hearing that Xia Yu was here again, he frowned slightly.

“Go accompany her.” Xia Ling sounded a little tired. “I want to sleep.”

“I’m not supposed to tell her who you are, right?” Pei Ziheng asked.

Xia Ling shook her head. “It has been two lifetimes. There’s no point in telling her.”

Pei Ziheng felt the same way. It would be better if fewer people knew about Xiao Ling’s rebirth. Even if she were a close relative, it was not necessary to tell her. Besides, they had so many arguments in this life, and many unpleasant things had happened. Who knew what would happen if she found about her true identity? He decided to just let Xiao Yu remain in the dark about her sister.

Pei Ziheng said, “Sleep first. I will be back soon.”

However, Xia Ling felt hungry again. “I want to eat supper.”

“What do you want to eat?” He asked warmly.

“Boiled fish with pickled cabbage and chili.” She said. Since her pregnancy, she found food that she did not frequently eat surprisingly delicious.

Pei Ziheng nodded and instructed Nanny Zhou to prepare it.

Nanny Zhou heard their conversation at the side and praised Miss Ye in her heart for being understanding and did not make things difficult for Mister because of a situation that involved Miss Xia Ling and Miss Xia Yu. Her impression of Miss Ye increased further. Furthermore, she was already delighted to take care of a pregnant woman, so she smiled in acknowledgment and went to the kitchen to busy herself.

Pei Ziheng helped her put on a jacket and kissed her forehead before he left.

In the living room, sure enough, Xia Yu was waiting for him.

Tonight, she had put on bright makeup like her sister used to. There was a form of exquisiteness in her charm that tugged on one’s heartstrings. The dress she wore used to be her sister’s favorite. It was an elegant hand-embroidered silk and satin dress matched with diamond earrings and a necklace. Even the perfume she used was the same brand that her sister used to wear.

Last year, when she was dressed up like this, Pei Ziheng did not feel anything. However, now he felt a little uncomfortable. His Xiao Ling was irreplaceable. How could she be compared to an inferior imitation?

“Brother Ziheng.” She looked at him and smiled sweetly.

“Why are you dressed like this?” He asked her in a low voice.

Startled, Xia Yu suddenly felt wronged. Last year when she wore the same outfit, he did not say anything. Why was he different this year? Could it be that his thoughts were only focused on that b*tch Ye Xingling now and had forgotten all their mutual affection in the past?

She wept until her eyes were red. “My sister is not here anymore, and I wanted to spend our birthday with you, so…” She lowered her head and revealed her small, delicate neck. “I dressed like my sister, so it’s like my sister is still with us. Brother Ziheng, if you are unwilling, I will change.”

“That’s not necessary.” Pei Ziheng said. She did not know that the sister whom she missed was just in the bedroom upstairs, tired because of her pregnancy and too lazy to meet Xia Yu. Since she was so sincere towards her sister, he let her be so that she would not waste time changing clothes.

Now, Pei Ziheng just wanted to accompany her to quickly finish the commemoration of the anniversary so he could return upstairs to see Xiao Ling.

Xia Yu smiled through her tears. “I know that Brother Ziheng dotes on me the most.” She took out a large box which contained a birthday cake. “I made this myself. Brother Ziheng, do you want to try it?”

Pei Ziheng accommodated her and brought the cake into the dining area.

Once she entered the dining area, Xia Yu sensed that something was wrong. Didn’t Brother Ziheng live alone? Why were there two sets of chopsticks on the table? The other chair even had a soft cushion that was pink with bunny ear prints. One look and she knew it was a woman’s item.

No, that was not something that belonged to her sister.

Xia Yu was as familiar with this villa as her own home and knew about her sister’s old belongings. However, this bunny ear prints cushion was definitely new, and the small floral porcelain cup next to it was also very suspicious.

Another woman was living in Brother Ziheng’s house?!

Xia Yu screamed in her heart and was extremely alarmed.

In the past two years, many women, including herself, wanted to stay in this villa but were all heartlessly rejected by Brother Ziheng. In fact, if a woman insensibly brought up this villa, she would be neglected by Brother Ziheng without exception. Well then, who was the girl who was able to break past Brother Ziheng’s bottom line and win this honor?

Xia Yu was extremely resentful and secretly gritted her teeth while smiling even more sweetly as she cut the cake with Pei Ziheng. Red strawberries were placed on the snowy white cream cake, and the strong aroma of honey filled the air. Xia Yu put a slice of the cake on a delicate floral porcelain plate, added mint leaves for decoration, and handed it to Pei Ziheng.

“Brother Ziheng, are these plates new? They’re really pretty.” She pretended to ask casually.

“Yes,” he simply answered. He recalled how Xiao Ling insisted on replacing all of the household utensils in the house with those that had a pink and fresh style, saying that she liked it. He knew that she wanted to have a daughter and thought that looking at those things that little girls like would be able to fulfill her wish. It was really innocent and cute.

Thinking about that, he let out a soft smile.

Xia Yu was utterly convinced that someone else was staying here, and it was probably Ye Xingling. Only that unscrupulous woman would dare to make such a request and even dare to get rid of her sister’s things!

Enraged, her grip around the porcelain plate tightened.

Footsteps were heard on the stairs.

Xia Yu looked up and saw a beautiful girl wearing a nightgown. She was rubbing her eyes as she lazily appeared at the top of the stairs. When she saw Xia Yu, that girl did not seem surprised at all. She only glanced at her casually before focusing on walking down the stairs.

It was really Ye Xingling.

Pei Ziheng also heard the sound behind him, so he turned back and saw her.

“Be careful.” He put the plate down and quickly walked to the stairs to hold her. “Why are you wearing this? What happens if you fall?”

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