A Star Reborn: The Queen’s Return

Chapter 350 - Birth chart

Chapter 350: Birth chart

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Xia Ling initially did not want to show it to him because she was afraid that he would find out some clues from the birth chart.

However, after experiencing so many life or death experiences with him and knowing about the severity of the amulet, suddenly, she felt that she did not have to hide so many things so securely from him.

She let go and allowed him to take the amulet.

He lowered his head to read the new markings.

“Our birth charts are carved on it.” Xia Ling was afraid that he would really put in the effort to investigate like what Xia Moyan said, so she would rather tell him the truth directly. “My birth chart… is not the same as the one stated on official documents.”

Li Lei slightly raised his eyebrows. He was already suspicious about her background for a long time but never had the chance to prove his suspicions right. Now, after hearing her mention this situation herself, he could not help but carefully ask, “What’s wrong?”

Xia Ling lowered her head and looked at their entangled fingers.

“Xiao Ling?” His instincts told him that the truth was just in front of him, and his voice became gentler. “It doesn’t matter. No matter what happens, I will always stand by your side.”

“That’s because you don’t know… how twisted and bizarre the truth is.” Xia Ling’s voice was also very low as she placed her other hand on his hand. “Li Lei, I don’t know how to tell you this thing regarding my life. There are some secrets that are not as ordinary as Ye Xingling.”

She paused for very long before continuing, “However, trust me. I have no evil intentions towards you. I only… don’t know how to express myself. Li Lei, I’m not trying to create a random lie to deceive you. Perhaps, after I have gained more courage, I will tell you about my past slowly, but today, I can only say that the birth chart carved on the amulet is not the same as the one on Ye Xingling’s official documents.”

Li Lei touched her hair and was deep in thought.

She anxiously looked up.

He looked into her eyes for a long time before smiling. “I’ll wait.”

Sure enough, her background had issues. He was very curious about the person who was able to hide those facts from him and the method he used. He thought about that untraceable preceptor… Since The Preceptor told Xiao Ling his real name, was it relevant to her identity? If metaphysics were involved, it was explainable. The Preceptor certainly had the ability to avoid his investigation easily.

Li Lei sighed deeply in his heart, but on the surface, he acted as if nothing bothered him. He lowered his head and kissed her hairline.

His kiss calmed down her initial turbulent emotions, and she used her hand to lightly tug on his clothes and adjusted her body in his arms to a more comfortable position.

“Are you tired?” He warmly asked and hugged her even tighter.

She mumbled in agreement. Many things had happened today. Firstly, she had a conversation with Rong Ping. After that, she met her biological brother and learned about the secrets of her life. Finally, she even found out Li Lei’s sacrifice for her. She was very emotional and needed some time to relax her tired self.

“Look at you, you cried till you look like a cat.” Li Lei joked lightly as he used his fingers to wipe off the tear marks on her face. “What would you like for dinner?”

“I’m not eating.” She turned her face away to ignore him. When he brought up the fact that she cried, she was furious. Did he know that he had sacrificed half of the blood in his body to share her burden? How could she not cry?! He still dared to laugh at her!

Li Lei lifted his hand to pinch her face. “Are you really not eating?”

“Hateful.” She said incoherently as her face was being pinched.

“There’s nothing hateful to eat.” Her white face was quite nice to touch. Li Lei became addicted to pinching her and pinched her nose. “Hey, cheer up. Smile for me.”

Like a provoked cat, she opened her mouth to bite his finger. Soon, his finger was entirely in her mouth, and she even chewed on it.

“Are you a cat?” Li Lei used his other hand to pinch her face. “Good girl, open up.”

“Uh huh!” No way!

“If you don’t open your mouth, then don’t blame me for being unkind.”

“Hmph!” You are welcome to show me how unkind you will be.

“I really won’t be nice.”

This time, Xia Ling could not even be bothered to respond. She bit his finger harder.

“Hey, it hurts.” Big Boss Li grimaced in pain and decided to teach this girl who was biting his finger a lesson. He took a deep breath and started to tickle Xia Ling with his other hand.

“Ah!” Xia Ling was caught off guard and hurriedly released his finger and laughed as she curled her body into a ball to avoid her Big Boss’ tickles. “Li… Li Lei! Stop it! Hahaha…” She was out of breath.

Big boss was not going to let her off so easily. “I told you to let go!” After his other hand was freed, he gained more mobility, so he used both hands to attack her tickles. His movements were fast and vicious, and she laughed till she was out of breath. As her body rolled on the tatami, her hair became a mess.

“Li Lei, stop! Hahahaha… It’s so ticklish!” She did not even know that her body in this life was so afraid of being tickled. She was tickled by Big Boss Li until she had no strength to fight back and laughed till she cried. “I… I know that I’m in the wrong. Move aside! Quickly… Hahaha…” In the chaos, she used her hands and feet to kick him in the waist. “If you continue to tickle me… I will fight back!”

Big Boss Li ignored her. “Fight back? With your small kick?” He smiled and pinned her to the ground with his body and continued to tickle her. “Tell me! Are you still going to fight back?!”

“Soon… Soon, I will! So ticklish… Hahaha.”

Big Boss continued to tickle her.

“Li Lei, you’re a bastard and a jerk! Hahaha… It’s so ticklish… Jerk… Hahaha…”

Big Boss Li continued to tickle her mercilessly.

“Li Lei, you better stop! Stop tickling me… Hahaha… I won’t fight back anymore! I will listen to you!” Xia Ling exclaimed between laughs. At this time, she did not care about her pride anymore as long as Big Boss Li would let her off. Where there was life, there was hope.

“Are you really not going to fight back?”


“Do you know where you went wrong?”

“Yes! Haha… Hahaha…” Xia Ling rambled on.

Only then did Big Boss show mercy and leaned over to look at her.

Right now, they were in an ambiguous position. She was lying on the tatami mat and her clothes were in a mess, revealing part of her white shoulder. Her palm-size face was blushing due to laughing, and there were tears in her eyes, causing her to look radiant and enchanting. Her small hand was still pulling on his collar. It was in the middle between a rejection and an invitation, and the tip of their noses were almost touching. He was half kneeling, and one of his long legs was straddling her waist, holding her under his body.

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