A Star Reborn: The Queen’s Return

Chapter 334 - Who Hurt Who

Chapter 334: Who Hurt Who

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She was unhappy and did not move.

If she knew that Pei Ziheng was there, she would not even have come.

“Why are you still standing there?” Director Zhao frowned, afraid that she would unknowingly offend his important guest. “I’m talking to you. Don’t be so afraid. Chairman Pei is the chairman of Imperial Entertainment. He won’t eat you up.” He thought that the female star in front of him was ignorant and had never heard of Chairman Pei before, so he introduced him to her.

At this time, Pei Ziheng also looked at her, put down the teacup, and turned around.

When their eyes met, he saw the unhappiness in her eyes. The guarded and alert girl was really similar to the girl in his heart. He called her softly. “Xiao Ling.” His voice was low and mellow. To someone else, it sounded gentle and refreshing like a greeting from an old friend whom he had not seen in a long time.

“Why didn’t you say you were here?” She was still unhappy and asked in a questioning tone.

Pei Ziheng smiled. “If you knew beforehand, would you still come?”

Xia Ling was at a loss for words.

“Come here and sit down.” Pei Ziheng pulled the chair out beside him and asked, “Are you working hard lately? You’ve lost weight.”

Director Zhao was stunned after he found out that the two of them knew each other and might even have a complicated relationship. He initially thought that Ye Xingling was ignorant, but it turned out that he was the ignorant one. How rarely did Chairman Pei treat someone this well? He personally pulled out a chair for a small female star! Did the sun rise from the west today?!

At once, Director Zhao was a little embarrassed.

However, he was a director for a reason. He quickly recomposed himself and called for an attendant courteously, “Attendant, please bring over another pot of tea.”

However, Xia Ling still did not move. She looked at Pei Ziheng. “Is there anything I can help you with?”

“Can’t I invite you to drink tea with me without a reason?” Pei Ziheng looked at her with a trace of desolateness on his beautiful and god-like face. “When we met at the clubhouse, I thought you were very concerned about me.”

Xia Ling was speechless.

Director Zhao and Lin Yunan who were beside them were very uneasy.

Director Zhao was thinking: Clubhouse?! Those two have progressed so quickly?!He had to remember to remind the show team not to offend Chairman Pei’s lover.

Lin Yunan was thinking: Horrible bastard, can you be any more ambiguous? Is it so amusing to damage Xiao Ling’s reputation?!

“Yes, after that meal at the clubhouse, I thought that Chairman Pei would change the way he appeared in front of Xiao Ling and stop scaring our Xiao Ling all the time.” Lin Yunan smiled stiffly. “There were too many people present on that day, and I sent Xiao Ling home in a hurry, so I didn’t have time to greet Chairman Pei properly. Nice to meet you, I’m Xiao Ling’s manager, Lin Yunan.” He cleverly explained that the supposed clubhouse was only a venue for a meal and there were many people present. Furthermore, Xiao Ling was sent home by her manager, and nothing unspeakable had happened there.

Director Zhao immediately understood what Lin Yunan was implying, and his thoughts changed again. It seemed that Ye Xingling was still not Chairman Pei’s lover. However, was she playing hard to get? Did that mean that Chairman Pei liked this type of girl? The director quietly made a mental note in his heart as knowing what his big partner liked was very important.

Lin Yunan? Pei Ziheng slightly blinked. Many years ago, he heard of Lin Yunan. At that time, Lin Yunan was managing Li Er and was always provoking Xiao Ling. Xiao Ling frequently complained about how overbearing and awful he was and how she wanted Pei Ziheng to throw him into the sea as food for the sharks…

Although Pei Ziheng did not rip Lin Yunan into pieces, he had a terrible impression of him.

However, since Xiao Ling had passed away, ripping him into pieces was an unfulfilled wish, and he would fulfill all of her wishes. Unknowingly, his expression became chilling. Even Lin Yunan who was courageous was taken aback and instinctively stepped back.

He raised his head, controlled the fear in his heart, and looked at Pei Ziheng without making a concession.

Although Pei Ziheng had the intention to kill him, he knew that considering his status, it was not the appropriate location to settle things. He was talking to the TV station director now and could not be bothered to start a dispute with a small manager. He directly treated Lin Yunan as air and said to Xia Ling, “Can we talk alone?”

“I…” Xia Ling did not want to be alone with him, but thinking about Lin Yunan’s expression just now, she felt that he was being targeted because he was accompanying her. She knew how scary Pei Ziheng was and did not wish for him to project his anger onto people near her, so she replied, “Ok.”

“Xiao Ling?” Lin Yunan was worried.

“I’ll be fine.” She smiled at Lin Yunan. “It will be the same as the last time we ate together at the clubhouse. I’ll just speak to Chairman Pei for awhile and will be back very soon. Don’t worry.”

Lin Yunan felt that it would be the case. He looked at them deeply and left with Director Zhao.

Pei Ziheng calmly brewed tea for her.

She accepted the cup of tea and took a sip.

Pei Ziheng looked at her quietly. The girl in front of him was slimmer than the last time he saw her, but her skin was still so white. She looked like a hypnotizing beauty. It was great to sit there peacefully with her, but why did she have to…

“Why are you here?” Xia Ling was the first to break the silence.

“To look for you.” Pei Ziheng replied. She was very busy during this period of time, so she was usually not at home. Going to the place she rented was impractical, so he had no choice but to find a way to look for her near the shooting location of Extraordinary Risks. Director Zhao thought that he had managed to talk to Pei Ziheng after countless strategies, but unexpectedly, Pei Ziheng was using him to see Xia Ling.

However, Xia Ling was startled. He was looking for her? “What’s wrong?”

He looked at her. The silent tension made her nervous. The restless feeling she experienced when she was first imprisoned came back. Every time he looked at her like that, she did not know whether a gentle caress or a violent injury was coming in the next second.

Her body stiffened, and she subconsciously gripped the armrest of the chair tightly.

“Are you that scared?” He smiled very lightly. “Why didn’t you feel scared when you hurt Xia Yu?”

“Hurt Xia Yu?” This time, Xia Ling was really stunned. “I… I didn’t. What exactly is going on?”

“Li Lei hired people to plunge over a hundred beaded pins into Xia Yu’s body because of you. You don’t know about this?”

Why would she know?! Oh god, when did Li Lei do something like that? However, Li Lei must have had his reasons for hiring people to plunge pins into Xia Yu. “Does that mean that the person who placed the beaded pins on my princess dress was Xia Yu?!”

“It was her.” After seeing her surprised expression, he believed that she did not know about it and reduced his overbearance.

“Why would Xia Yu do something like that?!” Xia Ling was infuriated. “Have I offended or provoked her? She is always trying to hurt me!”

“She isn’t happy that I treat you well, so it’s excusable if she did something a little out of character.” Pei Ziheng slowly said. “She has always been weak from a young age. This time, after being hurt by so many pins, I believe that you were the one who went overboard.”


Xia Ling was startled again, but after a while, she was so mad that her entire body shook as she rebuked him. “Pei Ziheng, are you saying that it is excusable if she hurts me, but if I hurt her it is a heinous crime?!”

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