A Star Reborn: The Queen’s Return

Chapter 332 - A Revenge Ten Times Worse

Chapter 332: A Revenge Ten Times Worse

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Xia Ling mumbled again. “The pain is killing me. Why would I know who did it? I’m so cute and fierce that too many people want to hurt me. I think it is most likely Gu Lin? Or Xia Yu? I’m not too sure.”

Li Lei threw a blanket over her body, nicely covering her injured waist. “What did the doctor say?” Although he did not continue asking who sabotaged her, it did not mean that he had let it go. No matter who the saboteur was, he would definitely find out and get revenge ten times worse! However, she did not need to know about these bloody issues.

“Doctor?” Xia Ling tilted her head and thought about it. “The doctor said that it’s not a big problem and that there’s nothing to worry about.” In reality, the doctor said that she needed to rest and monitor her injury closely. Although she had a tetanus shot, she was still at risk of getting an infection, so she had to be extremely careful during this period. However, she did not intend to voice out her troubles because she did not want him to worry.

Li Lei was slightly relieved and reprimanded her. “You’re so stupid! Why didn’t you check your clothes before wearing them?”

“How would I know there would be needles…” Xia Ling felt a little wronged and whined. “Ouch, it hurts…”

“You won’t die from the pain!” Big Boss started the car and drove as he chastised her. “Who was the one demanding independence? Who was the one who said she needed space and was fine by herself? Is that you mean by being fine? If you can’t take care of yourself, come back to Skyart Entertainment and I will deal with those who disrespect you.”

Xia Ling protested. “I’m fine! This time was an accident! An accident!”

Big Boss looked at her scornfully from the rearview mirror.

Xia Ling was triggered. “Li Lei, what are you implying with that expression? What? You don’t trust me? Let me tell you! I… Ouch, it hurts…” She was too emotional, so she unknowingly climbed up and almost twisted her waist.

Big Boss slowed the car and drove steadier. After seeing her cute and aggrieved appearance through the rearview mirror, he became calmer after initially feeling irritable. Unknowingly, he curved his lips into a smile.

After a few days, Li Lei found out that it was Gu Lin who set her up.

“What should we do, Boss?” Li Lei’s current special assistant, Tan Ying, put the results of the investigation in front of him and waited for further instructions.

“Old rules. We’ll pay her back ten times as hard.” Li Lei did not even move a muscle. His viciousness in the underground world was notorious for a reason. He would always pay back those who went against him ten times as hard. This was already the minimum standard.

“However, this is the eldest daughter of the Gu family.” Tan Ying was somewhat hesitant. Wouldn’t his Boss offend his business partner’s family if he sought revenge on her? If the Gu family complained about him in front of Old Master Gu, things might get troublesome. He should know that the heir of the Li family was not determined yet. Li Feng and Li Lei were still fierce competitors, and perhaps a minor thing could determine victory and defeat.

“The eldest daughter of the Gu family?” Li Lei’s gentle laugh was like a spring breeze, but it was full of murderous intent. “What is she when compared to the future daughter-in-law of the Li family?” He had tolerated Gu Lin countless times because of his family’s business relationship with her family, but he did not think that she would be so unscrupulous as to hurt Xiao Ling physically.

If he did not seek revenge now, what position would Xiao Ling be in?

No matter how deep their business relationship was, there was always a limit.

Tan Ying knew that his young master was very agitated, so he followed his orders.

Since Xia Ling’s injury was caused by ten rusty beaded pins, Gu Lin would be hurt by one hundred and ten pins. In the secret cell, when Tan Ying ordered the executioners to plunge the hundred and ten pins into Gu Lin’s body as she squealed like a pig. “No! Stop! Ah! It’s not me! It’s really not me!”

She burst into tears and weakly begged on the ground. “Let me go. I beg you, let me go… I have never used this kind of bead pin. I only secretly stuck a few sewing needles on Ye Xingling’s skirt. These bead pins were not attached by me… I also don’t know why things turned out like that… Let me go, I’m begging you. It really hurts…”

It wasn’t her? Tan Ying slightly squinted. With Miss Gu’s stupidity, she would probably not lie in these circumstances. It looked like more investigation was required regarding this matter. However, even if the beaded pins were not placed there by her, she attached the sewing needles. If Li Lei heard about this, he was afraid that he would punish her ten times worse.

Tan Ying was lazy and did not want to punish her again, so he decided that he might as well finish this punishment at once. He acted as if he did not care about Gu Lin’s pleas and lodged a total of one hundred and ten beaded pins into her body. The way he inserted the nails was not random like the way Gu Lin placed the sewing needles and different from Xia Yu who inserted the beaded pins into her waist due to limitations. The people he had on his side were trained and specialized in torture. They knew where they should insert the needles to cause the most pain such that the person felt that it was the end of his life but also escaping detection.

Gu Lin was tortured by them until she fainted.

Before she fainted, her last thought was of being afraid. What could Brother Lei not do for that woman? As she was wallowing in pain, she was regretful…

On the other hand, Li Lei received Tan Ying’s report.

“After Miss Gu shouted for injustice, I sent someone to investigate carefully again. It was Xia Yu who replaced the sewing needles with beaded pins and inserted them in a more concealed position, which caused the success rate to be even higher,” Tan Ying said.

“Then let Xia Yu have a taste of her medicine too,” Li Lei said.

Tan Ying acted according to his orders.

As these things were taking place secretly, they were completed in the span of a few days. Xia Ling, who was kept in the dark, went to work as usual. However, she was a little hot-tempered because progress was slower due to her injuries.

Li Lei frequently dressed up as a chauffeur to pick her and fed her many of his homemade snacks.

One day, as Xia Ling was eating a snack and complaining about how she was lagging behind, she received a call from Lin Yunan telling her that the shooting for next week’s Extraordinary Risks was temporarily called off.

“That’s great.” Xia Ling replied. “There are currently two jobs that I haven’t been able to complete on time, I can use the extra time to finish them.” After she urged Lin Yunan to reschedule her jobs and hung up the phone, she became a little curious.

She asked Li Lei, “I heard that Xia Yu is sick and can’t participate in the show, so the shooting date was changed. However, what sickness has she caught?”

Li Lei gave her a toothy smile. “Who doesn’t have a headache from time to time? She only took a week’s leave, so it can’t be anything serious.” He obviously knew what was going on. It would be surprising for her to have enough energy to film after Tan Ying and his team plunged over a hundred needles into her body.

Xia Ling was only a little curious and forgot about it after a while.

She was not clear about who sabotaged her and was even more unaware that Li Lei had sought revenge for her.

Her schedule was full, and she was busy from dawn to daybreak. Unknowingly, two weeks passed and it was time to film Extraordinary Risks. The filming location was still outdoors.

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