A Star Reborn: The Queen’s Return

Chapter 326 - Reviews on the Program

Chapter 326: Reviews on the Program

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“Extraordinary Risks” was released after a short period of editing.

After its release, there was an enthusiastic response from netizens. Many praised Xia Ling for her grit in the face of the trying situations, and her grace and elegance displayed at all times. Many said that she was just like a real princess, her eyes clear and bright, and her back straight and tall, even in the most difficult of times.

“Regardless of who is the real princess, Ye Xingling is the one I regard as the real princess in my heart.” Many of such comments could be seen on the official page of the program or on online forums.

“Bai Murong and Luo Luo’s pairing is so cute! Wow, they are just adorable!” Comments along these lines were the second most popular. The pink and fresh girly image of Luo Luo’s team was highly popular, and netizens swooned over the sweetness and friendly image that she and Bai Murong portrayed. Many started to discuss how long they would remain together, and the amazing thing was that fans who were used to news of Bai Murong’s many relationship encounters were now saying: “Luo Luo is so cute and innocent. She’s a perfect match for Murong. Murong should settle down this time and stop changing girlfriends.”

Rong Ping and Xia Ling’s team also received many words of affirmation, with many praising them for being a good-looking couple.

As for Xia Yu and Zheng Chenhao?

“This pair doesn’t seem to have much chemistry…”

“What kind of person does Xia Yu like? Just look at her, she refuses even to touch Zheng Chenhao!”

“Who says so? Didn’t she scream and hug onto Zheng Chenhao tightly when water was being poured onto them?”

“So what if she hugged him? That’s just her natural reaction to being scared. She would hug onto a wooden block if it were by her side. And didn’t you realize that when the water stopped, Xia Yu was intentionally keeping her distance from Zheng Chenhao?”

“Who does she think she is? How can she dislike our Brother Chenhao?!”

“Does she think she’s all high and mighty? Her sister Xia Ling is on the same level as our Brother Chenhao. Does she think she is as well?! She thinks too highly of herself!” Zheng Chenhao’s crazy fans were furious, and the protective fiery words over their idol were directed at Xia Yu.

Xia Ling was swiping through these reviews in her free time while filming in B city, which put her in a good mood. She reflected on whether she was being bad-spirited to react this way, gloating over the misfortune of others. However, she soon pushed the thought away. In her past life, she had invested so much in Xia Yu, and it was time that she collected back some interest.

However, it wasn’t long before she felt unhappy at some of what she was reading.

Somehow, there were bad comments directed at her.

Initially, Xia Yu’s fans were countering Zheng Chenhao’s fans. “What’s so great about Zheng Chenhao? Rong Ping was the first person that decided to choose Xiao Yu! Zheng Chenhao was just a copycat! Why should Xiao Yu like someone like him, who is so indecisive?!”

From this comment, things rippled out quickly.

Zheng Chenhao’s fans were agitated by this comment and retorted vehemently. “Ha, Rong Ping?! Why didn’t we see Mr. Best Actor Rong protect Xia Yu until the end then? Clearly, Mr. Best Actor Rong realized that Xia Yu’s a b*tch under her innocent image, and jumped ship to Ye Xingling’s side! Only our Hao Hao was innocent enough to be taken in by the devious Xia Yu!”

Actually, none of them had any evidence to suggest that Xia Yu was a b*tch. However, ever since she had a big row with Ye Xingling and had to apologize after being proven to be in the wrong publicly, “b*tch” was a tag that followed Xia Yu, started by Ye Xingling’s fans.

Now, Xia Yu had offended Zheng Chenhao, and Zheng Chenhao’s fans were teaming up with Ye Xingling’s fans to talk badly about her.

Xia Yu’s fans pulled Rong Ping down as well in their anger. “Rong Ping was blind to throw Xiao Yu to the side and to pick that b*tch Ye Xingling! That woman was chased out of the Li family! She’s just like rotten shoes that nobody wants!”

Hence, artistes could not afford to have any black marks on their record. The fans would remember them for life.

Xia Ling was close to tears as she scrolled through the comments. Who in the world did she offend now? She didn’t do anything at all.

In the backstage makeup room at B city.

Lin Yunan glanced at her from the corner of his eyes while chewing on gum. “What’s up? You look unhappy. You’re about to go onstage to sing “Stray Cat,” you can’t be in such bad condition.” Since Xia Ling had said that she refused to breathe in second-hand smoke, Lin Yunan had been forced to chew gum instead of smoking cigarettes. He would usually become rather unfriendly when the addiction hit him.

Xia Ling weakly replied, “Don’t worry, I won’t show it when I go onstage.” In her past life, she had gone onstage to perform countless times and knew how to collect her emotions appropriately. The most severe was the day she had heard of Pei Ziheng’s engagement to Wang Jingwan, and she needed to sing in her solo concert in the afternoon. Even though she was shattered on the inside, there was not an inkling of her unhappiness in the three-hour long concert. In comparison, her unhappiness was now a piece of cake to conceal.

Lin Yunan glanced at her again, before saying through clenched teeth. “It better be fine… Otherwise…”

“Otherwise, you’ll pick some lousy programs for me? You’ll terminate the contract with me? Whatever…” Xia Ling did not take Lin Yunan’s threat to heart.

“What’s going on?” Lin Yunan started to become curious and leaned over to look at Xia Ling’s phone.

The comment in his line of sight read: “Who does Ye Xingling think she is? She’s disgusting and fake! I wonder what seduction techniques she used on Rong Ping that he’s so smitten with her, willing to throw aside the beautiful princess Xiao Yu and pander to her wishes! Ye Xingling doesn’t deserve it! Bleagh! The b*tch!”

Following that was a whole row of puking emoticons.

Lin Yunan was quiet for a while, before bursting into laughter.

“I just knew that you would get anti-fans faster than a rocket can fly… hahaha…” He held on to his stomach as he laughed uncontrollably. “It’s just the first episode of the program, and you’ve already attracted so much firepower against you. Aren’t you a powerful one, Xiao Ling? Xia Yu’s fans must hate your guts!”

“Why are you laughing?!” Xia Ling glared at him unhappily. “I hate them too! I feel like ripping out their internet cables! What should I do? I can’t go seduce Zheng Chenhao — No, entice Zheng Chenhao to join my team as well!” Xia Ling almost fell into the trap of responding to these crazy fans.

“What are you so antsy about? You don’t have to care about these things at all.” Lin Yunan shrugged, not caring the least about the comments. “This is the beauty of being in an alliance… Someone will be antsier than you about all this.”

“Are you talking about… Rong Ping?” Hearing him talk about an alliance, Xia Ling immediately drew the connection.

“Bingo.” Lin Yunan snapped his fingers, before throwing another piece of gum into his mouth. “Just wait patiently. If Rong Ping doesn’t step in to be the hero to save the damsel in distress, what right does he have to be called a male God? It’s perfect timing for him to display his charm!”

As predicted, Mr. Best Actor Rong released a statement on Weibo that night. The gist of it was him praising Xia Ling and indicating that it was his first time having such a good impression of a girl and that he realized many good points about her through their interactions. He requested for his fans to be more magnanimous, and not be taken in by the false words that people were saying about her.

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