A Star Reborn: The Queen’s Return

Chapter 28 - Picky and Irritating Wei Shaoyin

Chapter 28: Picky and Irritating Wei Shaoyin

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The MV had stopped showing in the screen.

In the recording studio, the female host dressed in a formal gown and smiling pretentiously was interviewing Xia Yu, who was standing beside her, microphone in hand. She started with a long string of compliments to Xia Yu, eloquently peppering Xia Yu with nice words about her and her performance. She then continued to read the comments received from the audience outside the studio, which was all from enthusiastic fans promoting Xia Yu’s music. Many were saying that they were camping in front of their computers throughout the night to be in the queue at the company’s official website, just to be sure that they will be able to buy a copy of the limited edition album being released the next day.

Imperial Entertainment was generous with their publicity budget when honing a new star, thus Xia Yu did not need to worry about her popularity.

Xia Yu smiled daintily under the limelight and expressed her utmost thanks to the audience for their support and how surprised she was at the good response. An image that was reserved and elegant, completely different from the person that had allowed Chu Chen to berate a veteran singer past her prime.

In the VIP panel, several panelists gave Xia Yu encouragement and praise as they deemed appropriate. After all, it was not hard to see that Xia Yu was the artiste that Imperial Entertainment was pushing hard into the limelight. None of them were interested in offending Imperial Entertainment, who was such a big player in the industry.

Moreover, Xia Yu’s song was indeed stunning.

Wei Shaoyin was the exception. His lips curled up slightly as he sneered, “The lyrics and music aren’t too bad. The film team also put in great effort for the MV.”

Xia Ling, sitting in the backstage makeup room, heard this and knew in her heart that this was not a good move. She narrowed her eyes and slowly drank a mouthful of lemon water.

The female host did not catch the undertones of Wei Shaoyin’s statements. She smiled and continued, “Yes, Mr. Wei. This song was produced by Feng Kun, who is regarded in the industry as your equal. It is definitely something.” As she spoke, she turned her gaze back to Xia Yu. “Xia Yu also did a great job in her delivery of the song. We received many calls from the audience outside the studio conveying that they were touched by the song. For a new singer, this is an incredible feat.”

A perfect smile spread across Xia Yu’s exquisite face as she humbly accepted the compliments in a mellow voice.

The female host turned back to Wei Shaoyin, asking, “Mr. Wei, would you perhaps like to give a few comments regarding Xia Yu’s singing? I imagine you have a lot to say to this promising newcomer to the scene.”

In the backstage makeup room, Xia Ling kicked off her shoes and curled both her legs into the sofa to get into a more comfortable position. She silently offered her condolences to the female host. The biggest mistake this female host made was that it was her first time hosting across Wei Shaoyin, and did not know that he was a picky and irritating person. In this period that Xia Ling had spent with Wei Shaoyin, she knew that he was an extremely difficult person. Every time he showed that sinister smile on his face somebody would be in deep trouble.

As expected, the sneer in his voice became more apparent.

“You really want me to comment?” He looked towards Xia Yu with a sinister smile on his face.

Xia Yu was clearly more sensitive than the female host and could detect something was up from Wei Shaoyin’s attitude. A flash of uneasiness crossed her face. However, her pride would not let her back down in the face of a challenge from a top producer.

She put a radiant smile on her exquisite face, saying, “I’ve heard from long ago that Mr. Wei and Feng Kun are both gold-class producers in the industry, and have extremely high standards for singers. I was of the impression that you would not easily comment on a singer.” These words were an unobvious compliment to Wei Shaoyin, while still pointing out his high standards and strictness, which would allow her not to lose face should anything bad be said of her. She continued, “To receive your advice would be my honor.”

Wei Shaoyin simply shook his fingers and said, “No, you don’t need my advice.”

Shock and confusion were on everyone’s faces.

He continued, “If there was anything that needed to be said, Feng Kun would probably have already told you. I can only say that you are exceedingly brave for daring to sing this song.”

Xia Yu clearly did not expect him to say this. Her face slightly pale, she asked, “I… I don’t understand what you mean by that Mr. Wei.”

Wei Shaoyin gave a cold laugh. “You want me to say it more clearly? Sorry, I don’t give advice to people who are ignorant and court death.”

“You…” Xia Yu wanted to say something but decided against it as she bit her lips. Tears entered her eyes and threatened to fall.

Thinking back, Xia Ling had been deceived by this pitiful expression many times. Today, as she watched Xia Yu’s performance, she found that she was able to remain calm. Simply watching as a bystander, not being affected at all.

Yet, the female host was clearly unable to stay calm. Seeing Xia Yu being bullied until she was close to tears, her expression showed that she felt sorry for Xia Yu. She repeatedly tried to stop Wei Shaoyin by sending him eye signals to say a few good words.

Wei Shaoyin was completely unaffected as he lowered his head to drink tea.

The female host could only laugh in embarrassment as she tried to save the situation, changing the topic abruptly.

The new singer debut performance that Imperial Entertainment took many pains to craft had now been hugely discounted with Wei Shaoyin’s damaging statements.

Xia Ling drummed her fingers lightly on the edge of the glass that she was holding. She wondered if Feng Kun had any regrets? If he had attended the end-of-year music show, the broadcast station would not have tried so hard to invite Wei Shaoyin. And if Wei Shaoyin had not been present, the situation that had played out would not have happened. The result now was that the new singer that Imperial Entertainment was promoting had been publicly embarrassed on stage.


Her finger came to an abrupt stop. Feng Kun was careful and meticulous in his work. When she debuted, he was almost constantly at her side, attending every event that she attended. He would explain the concept of each song to the media in detail, afraid that she would be thrown off by any situation.

Why was it that with Xia Yu he would miss something as important as her debut?

As she pondered this question, the recording studio had already switched shows.

Wei Shaoyin returned to the makeup room as if he had taken a huge burden off his shoulders. “It’s finally over. What a chore! I definitely will not attend next year.” He was a VIP invited for the first half of the show. Now that the first half had ended, he would not be appearing in the second half of the programme.

Xia Ling reluctantly got up from the small sofa and poured him a glass of iced water. She said, “To others, you are the most difficult thing.”

He turned to her, his face confused.

She sighed and prompted. “Xia Yu.”

He thought for a moment and suddenly reacted. “Oh, you’re talking about that debut song of hers? She was courting death singing Feng Kun’s song.”

“You didn’t have to be quite so direct for her debut performance.”

“Hmph.” He drank a mouth of the iced water and glanced at the base of his trousers. “You can’t blame me. Nothing from Imperial Entertainment is good.”

Oh my goodness, he is still bearing a grudge. Xia Ling couldn’t help but be sympathetic to Xia Yu. She was simply unlucky to have crossed paths with this petty and vengeful Virgo man.

“You don’t have to feel sorry for Xia Yu.” Wei Shaoyin glanced at Xia Ling, his face full of disdain. “It was for her own good that I was harsh to her today. If she is clever she will give up on Feng Kun. If she keeps going down this track, she will find herself in deep trouble one day.”

Xia Ling was silent.

Wei Shaoyin was right. The song that Xia Yu sang, though grand and could propel her to fame, had a hidden scary problem. If she chose to avoid the problem, it would ruin her singing career eventually.

What Xia Ling was uneasy about was that for a problem of this proportion, it was unlikely that Feng Kun did not see it. Given his meticulous nature, it was impossible that he did not tell Xia Yu. But Xia Yu still insisted on singing this song. Why was that?

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