A Star Reborn: The Queen’s Return

Chapter 201 - A Mindful Lunch

Chapter 201: A Mindful Lunch

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Xia Ling could feel Wei Wei trembling. After all, she was only a young girl, how could she not feel afraid in the face of such a scene? Even Xia Ling herself was afraid — the people pointing the guns at them looked cold and callous, their hands were steady and aiming straight at their vitals.

Li Lei used to tell Xia Ling about the difference between show-off gunmen and actual killers. Thus, she knew without a doubt that those standing before her were real and experienced killers.

Xia Ling took deep breaths and told herself to stay cool.

Young Master Feng leaned on the chaise lounge as if nothing was happening. He gave no care about the two guns that were pointed at him and spoke incredibly calmly, “Very professional bodyguards I see. The way they dealt with the situation so efficiently and precisely is truly admirable.”

He raised the porcelain wine cup. “Here’s a toast to the both of you.”

The bodyguards standing before Xia Ling did not say a word nor moved an inch. They kept their guns in place throughout.

Young Master Feng smiled to himself and downed the contents of the cup in one go. He then placed it down, and a beautiful lady in a thin gown went forward to refill his drink. “Young lady,” he looked at Xia Ling. “I’ve said it before, you don’t have to be this nervous. I just want to treat you to a meal. I mean no harm.”

Mean no harm? Then why did you bring so many people?

Xia Ling clearly did not believe him.

As he lazily got up from the chaise lounge, another lady put a brocade shawl on him.

He said, “My presence has always been like that, it’s not just when it comes to you.”

Xia Ling said, “Your presence includes people pointing guns at guests?”

He was surprised for a while before laughing aloud. “Very curt of you… But I’m sorry for my rudeness.”

Saying that he waved his hand and all of the gunmen — more than 10 of them — kept their guns swiftly.

Xia Ling’s two bodyguards kept their guns as well but did not let their guard down.

Wei Wei was leaning against her, though she was more at ease now than when she was trembling uncontrollably. Even so, this girl was trying her best to stand steadily on her own two feet, and Xia Ling could sense her determination.

Xia Ling looked up at Young Master Feng. “My assistant is a little unwell and needs to leave first.” She knew there was no way they would let her off so easily, and neither did she have the habit of fleeing. But Wei Wei was different, she was just a helpless little assistant, and Young Master Feng was not targeting her. Xia Ling did not want an innocent young girl to be trapped in fear with her.

Before Young Master Feng had even spoken, Wei Wei hurriedly said, “Sister Xiao Ling, I’m alright!”

Xia Ling looked at her in astonishment.

Wei Wei was slightly pale, but the look of determination was clear on her face. “Sister Xiao Ling, I want to be here with you.”

Xia Ling was touched, she was indeed a nice girl. It occurred to her now why Sister Mai Na had picked Wei Wei to be her assistant. With a gentler voice, she told Wei Wei, “Be good, get going first. I didn’t bring many people along today, they can’t take care of us both.”

She hesitated.

Xia Ling said, “Let Old Chen send you back first.”

Wei Wei seemed to have thought of something and nodded her head decisively. “I’ll be off then. Sister Xiao Ling, you… be careful.”

Xia Ling smiled. “I’m just sharing a meal with this mister, it’ll be fine.” Besides Pei Ziheng, she had not offended any other big shots. Maybe he was indeed speaking the truth, that he had nothing against her, and that this group he brought along were his usual retinue? … Even so, she felt a little uneasy.

Young Master Feng watched them talk as he drank his alcohol like it was water.

Xia Ling maintained her composure. “Young Master Feng, I’m sorry, my assistant will not be able to accompany us here.”

He smiled and waved his hand to excuse her.

Xia Ling quietly heaved a sigh of relief and watched Wei Wei walk past the group of men in black.

“Alright, I suppose you can sit now? Ye Xingling.” He called her name slowly.

Xia Ling did not think it was a surprise that he knew her name. Before she had come into this private room, his subordinate had correctly addressed her surname. She had quietly lamented at herself for not being smart enough. They had checked on her before the meeting, but as for her…

“Miss Ye,” the two big men in front of her spoke. “please follow us to your seat.”

At this point, Xia Ling followed the two men to a vintage table not too far from Young Master Feng. One of the men pulled the chair out for her while the other respectfully received her gloves.

Her two bodyguards stood closely behind her.

Young Master Feng gave his subordinate a meaningful look and he lightly clapped his hands to signal to the waiters that the dinner had begun. Dishes and drinks were served in beautiful porcelain ware and tasted as exquisite as they looked.

Xia Ling made some small talk before beginning to eat her meal. All she wanted was to finish it quickly and leave, who cared whether he was a Young Master or somebody in charge of a charity? All she was bothered about was the sense of danger she could not overcome and her little life.

“Having a meal with a beauty is an indulgence.” Young Master Feng did not eat much, he paid more attention to looking at her.

She was getting goosebumps from all his staring. How am I a beauty at all compared to him? But no, Young Master Feng’s facial features were not exceptionally good-looking either, there was no way he could compare to the true handsome lads like Wei Shaoyin and Li Lei. Yet, his phoenix eyes were such an outstanding feature, they seemed to be full of life.

Xia Ling looked down slightly and said, “Mr. Feng is too kind with his words.”

She was not going to call him Young Master and degrade herself to a slave’s status.

Young Master Feng laughed. “You’re a pretty interesting young lady, no wonder Li Lei has his eye on you.”

Li Lei!

Xia Ling was vigilant now. “You know Li Lei?”

“I know him quite well.” He smiled.

Yet there was no kindness in his smile at all. She finally understood the sense of danger she felt the moment she set foot in this place. Could this Young Master Feng be Li Lei’s enemy? Who turned to her in place of Li Lei? If that was the case, she was such an innocent victim…

She quietly cursed at Li Lei in her heart before cautiously asking, “As friends?”

“I wouldn’t consider us that.”

He was most likely an enemy then. She continued cursing at Li Lei while trying to think of an escape plan.

Young Master Feng downed a cup of liquor and smiled wryly. “Want to change your owner and stay by my side instead?”

Rage filled her heart. What did he mean by “change your owner”! She hardened her look and pushed the cutlery away from her. “I’m Li Lei’s girlfriend. Mr. Feng, you’ve had too much to drink. You should get some rest, I’ll take my leave.”

She stood up and was ready to leave.

His subordinates stopped her immediately, and she began hearing gunshots, though she had no idea who started it. By the time she knew what was happening, her two bodyguards were being held by the rest of the men, and she was forced against the wall.

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