A Star Reborn: The Queen’s Return

Chapter 198 - This is the Lady Boss

Chapter 198: This is the Lady Boss

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Perhaps Xia Ling was still fighting off her hangover and dully said, “Okay, Boss.”

Li Lei did not know how to respond.

Feng Kun turned his face away to hide the smile that had spread across it.

Big Boss Li was even more unhappy. He bent over to remove the teacup from her hands, grabbed onto her slender, fair hands, looked into her eyes, and said very slowly, “Call.. me… Li… Lei…”

Xia Ling stared at the handsome face in front of her for a moment, before sighing and obliging. “Li Lei.” It was just a name, did he need to be so sticky about this? She reached out to touch the dark circles under his eyes and asked, “Are you alright? Did you not sleep well last night?”

Li Lei felt some warmth enter his heart. She noticed this minute difference about him, and it made him very happy. The unhappiness that he felt over her namecalling dissipated and his expression changed to one of a radiant smile. “Nope, I’m alright. I slept very well last night.”

Feng Kun could not bear to look at them. What a liar! Yeah right, Li Lei, keep it up! Who was it that barged into his private property with bodyguards in tow in the middle of the night to interrogate him? Feng Kun lifted his hand to touch the dark circles beneath his own eyes. Why didn’t Xiao Ling notice that?

Li Lei was still smiling at Xia Ling while Feng Kun was watching on. Li Lei asked, “Have you had breakfast? Let’s go, I’m here to bring you out for breakfast.”

Xia Ling shook her head and obediently stood up beside him. She bade Feng Kun goodbye. “Ah…” She caught herself as she was about to call Feng Kun by her usual term of endearment, but grew conscious of Li Lei. “Ah Kun” made them seem too chummy, so she changed it and said, “Brother Feng, thank you for letting me stay over last night. I’ll take my leave with Li Lei now. See you again next time.”

Feng Kun nodded and courteously sent them off.

They got onto the car.

Xia Ling asked, “Where are you bringing me for breakfast?”

“I’ll bring you to the restaurant that I opened.”

Xia Ling was stunned. “You’ve opened a restaurant too?”

Li Lei became a little proud of himself and bragged. “Your man here owns many companies… there are restaurants, gyms, entertainment cities, real estate… Let me bring you to broaden your horizons today and for everyone to recognize the Lady Boss.”

Xia Ling had heard rumors from a long time ago that Skyart Entertainment’s Boss Li had many businesses under his name. There were some in the open and some that were unknown, so no one knew for sure exactly how many businesses he owned. But she was not interested in them at all. What was it to her that he had so many businesses? She was more interested in him as a person rather than his businesses. In her past life, she was worth several hundred million but look at her miserable ending.

Li Lei looked at her expression and was mildly disappointed. “Do you not like it?”

“No.” Xia Ling said casually. “I’m good going anywhere as long as it’s with you.”

Hearing this, the smitten peacock was extremely satisfied. He had never been so smitten with someone before and was keen to show her all of his best possessions. He had also never been so eager to stake his claim on someone and to tell the world that she was his and his alone. He did not want her to be contaminated by anyone.

Since their relationship was made public yesterday afternoon, all the headlines of entertainment and business news had been about them. He suddenly felt that having an occasional argument with Xia Ling was not such a bad idea if it gave him such a windfall. The argument had allowed him to publicly declare her status, allowing him to hold her hand out in the open in front of everyone, acknowledging that they were a couple.

They drove to the fanciest and most developed part of the city before stopping.

Xia Ling got off the car and lifted her head. They had arrived at “Gastronomy in the Clouds.”

Gastronomy in the Clouds was an extremely high-class restaurant that had a membership system where only members were allowed in. It was located in the highest building in the most expensive part of the city and occupied an entire floor. Every day, the restaurant would only accept one seating of customers. It was highly expensive and extravagant.

The restaurant was known to have delicious food, amazing ambiance, and impeccable service levels.

Xia Ling had been here several times in her past life and never would have thought that it was one of Li Lei’s businesses.

Li Lei held her hand as they walked in. The servers were lined up neatly in two lines by the door and dressed in clean and formal uniforms as they bowed to them with bright smiles on their faces. The manager came forward to welcome them. “Boss, it’s a pleasure for you to grace us today with your presence.”

The manager felt extremely honored that the Big Boss had come down personally for a meal today.

“This is your Lady Boss.” Li Lei glanced over to Xia Ling as he announced. “When you see her next time give her the same treatment as you did for me today.”

There was a resounding “Yes, Sir.” from the staff.

It was the first time that Xia Ling was met with such an entourage. She looked on at a loss as her face turned red, and she gave Li Lei a glare before smiling. She was not bothered by the treatment she was receiving, she was more bothered by how Li Lei was treating her. He was fulfilling his promise to her, showing her off to everyone and letting her be by his side out in the open.

“The Lady Boss is so beautiful.” A young female pastry chef commented.

Perhaps having to do with the Boss’ personality, Li Lei’s businesses did not have a hierarchical structure, and the staff was relaxed in their interactions; hence, they did not hide their feelings away. Hearing the words of praise from the female pastry chef, Li Lei was even happier than hearing praise for himself. He smiled and said, “You have good taste, as expected of someone working at Gastronomy in the Clouds! Your bonus is doubled for the month — I mean everyone in Gastronomy in the Clouds, your bonus is doubled for the month! To celebrate you guys having a Lady Boss now!”

“Yeah!” Cheers rang out from the staff. “Thank you, Boss! Thank you, Lady Boss!”

Even though it was a high-classed restaurant and they were courteous and elegant when serving customers, the staff was much more relaxed and informal when speaking to their own Boss. In particular, the younger servers were excited and were one step short of rushing over to give Li Lei and Xia Ling a hug.

There were smiles on everyone’s faces as they returned to their respective positions to prepare meals, play the background music, etc., until everything was back in order.

Li Lei had already given instruction for them to prepare the best dishes in the restaurant for them. While it was only breakfast, all sorts of exquisite pastries and small bites peppered the table, and Xia Ling was mildly overwhelmed.

“Can we finish all of this?” She weakly asked Li Lei.

Could anyone blame her for feeling shocked since they had served up all the breakfast dishes in the restaurant? Having been here before, she knew that several pastries were of limited supply, and you had to depend on sheer luck to determine if you were able to eat them. However, all the dishes were now piled up on her table. Was this the power of doubling everyone’s bonuses?

“Such a perk being with a wealthy man!” She commented. Xia Ling was starting to feel the upsides of Li Lei owning so many businesses.

Li Lei smiled until his eyes formed a line, and kept putting food in her plate. “Taste them all! It’s really delicious!”

Xia Ling looked down at the small mountain forming on her plate and suspiciously asked, “Are you really the Boss of Gastronomy in the Clouds?”

“Yeah, why?” Li Lei looked at her, his expression confused.

“You…” Someone like you who would just throw everything you think is good together tastefully or distastefully… how could you open a restaurant like Gastronomy in the Clouds with such class?!

Li Lei was not bothered by her silent jab. He was just happy to be able to flaunt his wealth and continued to pile food onto her plate. Xia Ling thought to herself that this was probably the most extravagant meal that even the servers had seen someone order at Gastronomy in the Clouds before. Yet, since Li Lei was the Boss and could throw out perks like doubling their bonuses, all the servers looked on like this was perfectly normal, smiling sincerely at them, and busied themselves making them comfortable for the entire duration of breakfast.

Xia Ling ate till she felt she was about to burst, and sat on the chair unable to move.

Li Lei put his chin in his hand as he looked over at her. “Are you tired? Take a rest and digest your breakfast. I’ll bring you to see my gym in a while.”

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