A Star Reborn: The Queen’s Return

Chapter 185 - Challenge Accepted

Chapter 185: Challenge Accepted

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Xia Ling turned and saw Xia Yu walk by with a disdainful expression.

“Xia Yu.” She coldly called out.

“Isn’t it, though?” Xia Yu turned to look at her with an innocent expression, a tinge of bitterness in her smile. “Ye Xingling, you have been dating Li Lei for a long time, haven’t you? Then, why did you seduce Brother Ziheng? I beg you… let him go. I don’t want to see Brother Ziheng feeling sad for you.”

She did not lower her voice as she did with her first insult. Thus, many people around overheard her and turned to look at them.

“Who would have thought that Ye Xingling was a person like that?” Some discussed in low voices. “Does she seduce every rich man that crosses her path just to see who she can get?”

“That’s highly possible.” Someone else said. “Do you remember that day in the elevator? She was hugging Imperial Entertainment’s Boss Pei. If she wasn’t an easy woman how would she dare do something like that?!” The entertainment circle was a messy place, and female artistes tended to scheme against each other. Even if they appeared to be amicable on the surface, they would easily talk behind another person’s back in the next moment. Many were envious and jealous seeing Xia Ling in a happy relationship, some even bordering on hate.

Female artistes were belittling her. “I wonder what she did to gain Li Lei’s attention… she’s not even that pretty.”

“Ha, what else could it be? If you’re shameless, anything goes.”

Xia Ling’s listening ability had always been good, and she heard these discussions loud and clear. She swept her gaze across the room coldly and realized that many of those discussing behind her back were in Xia Yu’s team for the music festival. “Chen Xiaomin’s team, right?” Xia Ling coldly said. “You guys probably can’t sing very well seeing that nothing good comes out of your mouth.”

“What did you say?!” That group of artistes angrily exclaimed. “Ye Xingling, do you think your singing is that great? You’re just relying on Li Lei’s support from behind! It’s all under-the-table!” Xia Ling’s accumulated points had been good in the Nebula Music Festival since the start. Many had said that she was lucky to have been placed in Feng Kun’s team, but now they attributed it to her being the partner of Skyart Entertainment’s Big Boss. Who knew what under table transaction occurred in the background? All of Xia Ling’s hard work had been disregarded given her special status now.

Xia Ling fumed on the inside, but showed no emotion on her face, “Then, let’s battle it out on stage.”

“Hmph, who’s afraid of you?! Bring it on!” One of the female artistes said.

Xia Yu pretended to play the peacemaker. “Are you sure, Sister Qiu? You know Ye Xingling’s status now…”

They became even more agitated on hearing this. “There’s still justice in this world! I don’t believe that so many of us can’t take her down!”

Xia Yu had achieved her objective. Great, now so many of these dumb women are going to help me take down Ye Xingling. This time, Ye Xingling is going to be humiliated.

“Tonight is the head-to-head battle segment.” Xia Yu explained to Xia Ling in a gentle voice. “Ye Xingling, do you dare go head-to-head with us?” This segment was very interesting — both the defender and the challenger would have to sing each other’s songs. With so many of them against her, they had many songs between them. On the other hand, Ye Xingling only had two songs released since her debut — “Glass Fingertips” and “Meteor Wings.”

It would be extremely easy for them all to learn her two songs, but she would have to learn all of their songs.

With there being so little time, it would be easy for them to pick lesser known songs that she did not know, and she would make a fool of herself on stage.

Xia Yu’s smile became brighter as she thought to herself.

Xia Ling simply responded, “Sure.”

They did not say anything more, and Xia Yu left with the group of female artistes in tow.

Xia Ling went to look for Feng Kun. “I want to be the first contender for tonight’s head-to-head battles.” Initially, she was slated to be the sixth contender since the first few rounds were being helmed by the likes of A-listers like Zheng Chenhao. Those in the first few rounds were talented singers, and it was still a question if she was qualified to be pitted against them. However, she had made up her mind to teach Xia Yu and company a lesson. She needed to be the first contender — she would battle till the end and beat them all by herself! Xia Ling had always been like that. She would not typically react to anything, but if she were to retaliate, she would make sure to stamp down hard!

Feng Kun raised his eyes to look at her and gave a smile. “I didn’t expect you to come to look for me.”

Ever since she had sung “The Caged Butterfly,” they had not had the chance to speak alone. Everyone thought that he had given her the lyrics to the second half of “The Caged Butterfly,” but they both knew that it was not the case. “I helped you cover for something really important the last time.” Feng Kun said. “And today, you’re asking me for yet another favor? Then, Xiao Ling, can you do something for me in return?” He called her by her nickname in her past life, his tone gentle and full of nostalgia. “When the music festival is over, can I invite you for a glass of wine and a chat?”

There were many things that he wanted to verify with her.

Xia Ling was stunned. So many things had happened recently. That day, after she had finished singing, Pei Ziheng had chased her into the elevator. Then, she was dragged away by Li Lei and had many fights with him, then made up and announced their relationship to the public… She had forgotten that her being able to sing the second half of “The Caged Butterfly” had been a huge giveaway, and she had forgotten to come up with a good explanation for Feng Kun.

Her dazed expression also looked similar to that of the past, causing Feng Kun’s expression to be filled with longing.

After a long while, Xia Ling snapped back to her senses and responded, “I… I don’t drink.”

She was already so sheepish, she wasn’t going to deal with him over drinks!

“Then, we can drink juice instead. You’re not going to turn me down, are you?” Feng Kun lowered his voice and said. “Xiao Ling, are you sure you aren’t going to talk to me? Pei Ziheng is still harping on your rendition of “The Caged Butterfly”… did you think it was over after Li Lei saved you the other day? If Pei Ziheng were to find out that I did not give you the lyrics to the second half of the song…”

Xia Ling shuddered at the thought.

Feng Kun said, “We have to get at least our stories straight.”

She stared at Feng Kun, trying to guess how much he knew. Was it a coincidence, or was he trying to test her… or did he know her true identity?

She could not decide.

“You should know that I will never hurt you.” Feng Kun said sincerely.

Right… how could he hurt her? In her past life, when the whole world had turned against her, he was the only one that was still on her side… the only one that was truly heartbroken at her death. She finally nodded and said, “Okay, let’s speak after the music festival.” He might not have discovered her identity. Perhaps, he simply thought that she resembled his late friend and, hence, wanted to help her?

Feng Kun gave a satisfied smile. “Okay, then do well in the head-to-head battles.”

The head-to-head battle.

She was placed as the first contender as she had requested, and her opponent was music producer Chen Xiaomin’s team.

The female emcee said, “Let’s see… Feng Kun’s first contender is Ye Xingling, and the first contender from Chen Xiaomin’s team is Zhao Wanyang. Who of these two female singers will be the winner of this first round? Let us watch and see!”

Zhao Wanyang looked over at Xia Ling, who was dressed in a long dress, her expression full of arrogance. She knew how to sing both of Ye Xingling’s songs, and she, Zhao Wanyang, had debuted for more than ten years already. She debuted around the same time as the late Diva Xia Ling, and she was sure that many of her earlier songs would be unknown to this young seventeen or eighteen-year-old girl!

Ye Xingling wanted to win? Dream on!

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