A Star Reborn: The Queen’s Return

Chapter 183 - You are a Good Person

Chapter 183: You are a Good Person

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Li Lei’s cold and hard gaze swept across the reporters, training in on the one that had asked the final question.

That reporter immediately shut up, feeling a chill run down his spine from his death glare.

“I’ve already given you your big story.” Li Lei said as he shielded Xia Ling from the reporters. “If anyone dares to construe the story in any way as to make the news juicier… just go find out what happens to someone that offends Li Lei.” He did not speak loudly but succeeded in silencing all the reporters. After all, these reporters worked day and night, in all weather conditions, bent on prying out the biggest news, simply as a means of living. If they had really offended Li Lei, the well-known underground king, they might even have to worry about having a shelter over their heads.

The group of reporters remained idling about close by, but no one dared open their mouths to speak. It was weirdly quiet.

There were still tears in Xia Ling’s eyes, and she softly said, “I’m not.”

Li Lei unhappily lowered his head to look at her.

“I’m not his girlfriend.” Xia Ling struggled to free herself from his embrace, but Li Lei simply hugged her tighter. She did not have any more strength to struggle but repeated. “I’m not.”

The reporters were stunned. What was this situation? This was so different from how they had imagined it. The typical story would be “Big Boss saves the damsel in distress who is touched to tears — the modern day Cinderella story”… or “Scheming bitch successfully nets golden bachelor and smiles triumphantly.” Why was this girl denying their relationship when the powerful, rich, and handsome Li Lei had already admitted to it?

What was the backstory?

One reporter’s curiosity was piqued enough that he could not help but ask, running the risk of being killed by Li Lei. “Are you or are you not attached?”

“If I say we are, we are!” Li Lei bristled impatiently, glaring at the reporter. “Move aside!”

That reporter took a step backward subconsciously.

Li Lei continued to shield Xia Ling as they walked out of the barricade of reporters. As they passed, the reporters backed away slowly, afraid of his formidable presence, leaving them a clear path.

Li Lei smoothly brought Xia Ling to his car.

“I’m not.” Xia Ling was still repeating.

“How long are you going to be like that?!” Li Lei burst out. “I’ve admitted our relationship and have committed to take you as my bride in front of all those people. Is that not enough? Ye Xingling, what do you want me to do? Dig out my heart and serve it to you on a silver platter?!”

Xia Ling did not retort, which was unusual.

Her silence made him feel uneasy,

“Xiao Ling…” His voice became gentle. “I’m sorry, my attitude was bad. I…”

“Let’s break up,” said Xia Ling.

Li Lei was stunned. Break up? He never thought she would react that way. What did he do wrong?

“Li Lei, you’re a great guy, I’m the one who is in the wrong. Let’s break up.” She said in a tired, low voice. She had been arguing with him for many days now, and she was angry because she cared. That was also why she was so bothered with him trying to control her so much. However, even after all the arguments, he still continued to push her limits, asking her questions she did not want to answer. What’s more, he had revealed their relationship to the reporters despite her vehemently being against the idea. She did not know what her views were in his eyes.

Loving her using only the way he understood… he was just being another Pei Ziheng.

“You’re great. Really.” She repeated softly. “Any other girl would be happy to be with you. But not me, Li Lei. I’m a coward and weak… Do you remember? When you admitted your feelings for me and asked me to be your girlfriend, I told you that I would never love another person again in this life. I don’t have the strength nor the courage. But you told me then, that it was alright, that I just needed to continue to be myself… So, I agreed. However, Li Lei… you went back on your word. You’re asking so much from me right now, and I’m not ready. No… this isn’t your fault. As a man, it’s normal for you to ask so much from your girlfriend. You ask for no secrets, only for loyalty… but I… I can’t give that to you. Li Lei, maybe we were simply not suited from the start.” She had too many secrets and scars that she did not want to be touched.

Li Lei’s heart dropped lower and lower as he heard her speak, his hands and feet turning cold.

He was wrong, utterly wrong. When she was arguing with him, he felt that she was being unreasonable, but did not realize that was her way of giving him a chance. Now, she did not even want to argue, summing all the arguments into one phrase — “You’re great.” This was her giving up.

You’re a great person, but we are just not suited for each other.

This sentence that seemingly was like a line from an eight o’clock soap opera kept appearing in his mind. He never thought that he would be at the receiving end of this statement from the girl he loved.

He stretched out his hand to grab onto hers. “Xiao Ling, I was wrong. Give me another chance…” Sister Mai Na’s chiding came back to haunt him. She might not have cheated on you, but so what if she did? If she really did cheat on you, would you do anything to her? Li Lei realized despairingly, that no, he wouldn’t do anything at all. The worst conclusion was not that she had someone else in her heart, but that she had chosen to leave him.

He leaned forward to hug her, his voice hoarse. “Xiao Ling, don’t leave me.”

The tears that were swimming in Xia Ling’s eyes fell, and she choked. “Li Lei, you deserve better. I can’t do for you what a normal girlfriend should do. You’ve already tolerated me for so long. Go find someone else that can make you happy.” She only deserved to be hiding in a dark corner, licking her rotting wounds for the rest of her life.

He was that sunlight that she craved, but she had forgotten that the sun that was warm to others would burn her.

“I only want you.” Li Lei hugged her tighter.

“It’s no use, Li Lei, no use… ” She cried out loud. It seemed that the number of times he had made her cry in this short time was more than that of Pei Ziheng in all the time they had been together. “There are things that I will never tell you. If you want for us to remain together, there will always be that pain that I’m withholding something from you. We will continue to argue, to second-guess each other. You will not trust me. What’s the meaning of all this then?”

“Having you by my side… that’s the greatest meaning of all.” He said slowly, emphasizing each word.

She cried even harder and shook her head.

Li Lei lifted his warm and dry palm to pat her gently. Rubbing it along her spine, he said, “I’m sorry… I was too anxious. When I saw you with Pei Ziheng in the elevator that day, do you know how jealous I was? Xiao Ling, you have never looked at me with that expression in your eyes… not even once. I was… so afraid… ” He paused before continuing. “… I was afraid that you would leave me, that you would leave with him. That’s why I have been so uptight recently, and have been trying to press you for an explanation.”

“If I wanted to go to him I would have left a long time ago.” Xia Ling said. “I’ve chosen to stay by your side. Do you still not understand me?”

On hearing this, Li Lei felt a sense of euphoria. “Then do you like me… even just a little bit… Xiao Ling?”

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