A Star Reborn: The Queen’s Return

Chapter 165 - The Big Fight To Save Luo Luo

Chapter 165 The Big Fight To Save Luo Luo

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Luo Luo?

This name caused Xia Ling to slow down her footsteps before she increased her speed and ran towards the corner.

In that secluded corner, a man grabbing onto Luo Luo, and his hand was touching her body in an unruly fashion. Luo Luo, red-eyed, was desperately struggling. “Let go of me! Boss Zhao, I’m not that sort of person!” She wept.

“You aren’t?” Boss Zhao smirked. “Stop acting. I don’t like people who play to hard get. Let’s just be a bit straightforward… Slut, didn’t you ask Xia Yu to help you find a backing? Xia Yu already told me that. Don’t worry. As long as you serve me well, I assure you that your popularity will explode after the Nebula Music Festival…”

How was this related to Xia Yu?

Initially, Xia Ling was shocked, but after thinking about it for a while, she finally understood what was going on. Luo Luo must have offended Xia Yu somehow. Considering Xia Yu’s dark personality, it was a big possibility that she found a quick way to get her revenge on Luo Luo. After Xia Ling figured that out, she was immediately enraged. It was outrageous that they dared to bully her friend like that!

“Let her go!” Xia Ling loudly hollered and took a sudden big stride, grabbing Boss Zhao’s hand and pushing him aside.

Boss Zhao was taken aback by her sudden scream and could not respond in time, so she actually managed to push him away. He stumbled a few steps back and nearly almost fell flat on his face. It took a long time before he stabilized himself. After seeing that the person who pushed him away was a slim and delicate girl, he lost all his pride. He could not help but become embarrassed and angry. “Who do you think you are, busybody!”

“Scram. Otherwise, I will call for help.” Xia Ling used one hand to protect Luo Luo and another hand to retrieve her phone.

Her icy, piercing glare made Boss Zhao quickly realize what was going on. It was so strange. She was only a young girl, so why did she exude such a bitterly cold aura? She was so cold it was like everyone ought to be beneath her and she could do anything she set her mind on!

Boss Zhao was afraid that she would really call for help and fiercely glared at him. “You two b*tches better watch out. It’s best if you never end up being under my control.”

Xia Ling only sighed in relief after looking at him leave.

Luo Luo hugged her and cried loudly. “Xiao Ling… I… I’m scared…” As she cried, she told Xia Ling about her misfortune. She was walking along the corridor when suddenly someone dragged her to a corner. Boss Zhao told her a lot of obscene things and then molested her.

“Thank god you came…” Luo Luo cried so hard she was out of breath. “Otherwise, I don’t know what would have happened to me.”

Xia Ling asked, “Just now, that person mentioned Xia Yu. Have you offended Xia Yu recently?”

“What?” Luo Luo was shocked. After trying to recall something for a long time, she suddenly gave Xia Ling a complicated look. “I think… it was that time when we switched dressing rooms, and I was very happy to see you and talk to you. I accidentally realized that Sister Xia Yu was looking at me, and her expression… I don’t even know how to describe it. It was very scary.”

That was it.

Xia Ling smiled bitterly. It looks like she had implicated Luo Luo. Xia Yu was too resentful towards Xia Ling and vented her bitterness on innocent Luo Luo.

“Who is this Boss Zhao then?” she asked.

“Boss Zhao?” Luo Luo let out a disgusted look. “He is part of the TV station crew and is in charge of the revival contest after the selection round. After the previous few rounds, there are about ten people who entered the revival contest. Including the final round tonight, there will be about twenty people entering the revival contest. Boss Zhao is responsible for all of them as he arranges their order of appearance and genre of songs they will sing.”

Boss Zhao’s authority was not small. No wonder he thought that Luo Luo was looking for some backing.

Xia Ling had been constantly immersed in her own feelings these few days and did not notice the current process of the selection. She remembered something suddenly and asked Luo Luo, “Have you passed the selection round?”

“Me?” Talking about this subject made Luo Luo want to cry again. “Xiao Ling, Xia Yu is really too much. She switched the good queue number I had and passed the selection round yesterday. I have her awful queue number of 54 and will be performing only during the last round. Not only that, she still looked for Boss Zhao to harm me.”

What, Luo Luo is going to perform during the last round?

Xia Ling felt that the situation was far from good. Since it was the last round, who knew whether the producers already had full teams. In the unluckiest situation, all of their teams were already full, and the last singer would not even have to chance to compete and enter the revival contest directly.

Furthermore, during the revival contest, there would be about twenty competitors, and only one would survive.

The elimination rate was astonishingly high.

Xia Ling looked at the girl who was hugging her and painfully crying. How much injustice did she usually suffer in Imperial Entertainment? Both of them just debuted, but Xia Yu could switch her queue number as she pleased, and besides crying, Luo Luo could not do anything about it.

No, she was definitely not going to let Luo Luo enter the revival contest.

Luo Luo was too innocent and kind, and the revival contest was usually very dangerous. There was also Boss Zhao looking at her like a tiger eyeing its prey.

This was something she caused. If Luo Luo were not close to her, Xia Yu would not even remember Luo Luo. Xia Ling thought for some time before saying, “Alright, don’t cry. Do you know who is the second last performer, the one that goes on stage right before you?”

“It’s Wang Jun. Why do you ask?” Luo Luo was still holding back her tears and gave her a confused look.

“It’s nothing. I’m just randomly asking.” Xia Ling patted her head. “I think you should go back quickly. Look, your makeup is ruined because of your crying. You need a good touch-up to succeed in the selection round. I will go to the bathroom, and then it will be about time for me to appear on stage.”

“Oh, ok.” Unlike, Xia Ling, Luo Luo had already noticed her queue number very long ago and knew that she was number 47, so it was no doubt that she was going on stage very soon. She did not want to hold up Xia Ling and quickly bid her farewell.

However, Xia Ling did not go to the bathroom. After she ensured that Luo Luo had left, she changed directions and went to look for Wang Jun.

After hearing her intention, Wang Jun was very surprised. “Usually, it is always those with bad queue numbers that want to switch with those who got good queue numbers. Your queue number is so good, and it is about time for you to appear on stage. Why would you want to switch your queue number for mine which is the second last number?” There was a difference between the second last and the last queue number. Both had the possibility of being the unlucky number of entering the revival round directly.

Xia Ling said, “Don’t worry about that. Are you going to switch with me?”

Time was tight. There was no way she could help Luo Luo if she missed this chance. One would be an idiot if they did not take advantage of others when given a chance. Thus, Wang Jun resolutely switched queue numbers with her.

Xia Ling only sighed in relief after personally watching him walk on stage with her queue number. It was great. Since she had the second last place, if the six producers did not have full teams and the last two queue numbers did not have to enter the revival contest directly, she would have a chance to protect Luo Luo.

Originally, she thought of directly switching her queue number with Luo Luo as it was a safer option, but Luo Luo had already switched queue numbers with Xia Yu and lost the ability to switch her queue number again. As such, she could only try her second best plan.

“Hopefully, everything will turn out well.” She prayed silently in her heart.

She took the queue number she had switched with Wang Jun and walked back to the dressing room. After she opened the door, everyone from Skyart Entertainment stared at her with a strange look.

“Ye Xingling, are you crazy!” Sister Mai Na was the first to rush up to her and angrily pointed at the man who was singing on the broadcast screen. “What have you done? Why did you give your queue number to Wang Jun?!”

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