A Star Reborn: The Queen’s Return

Chapter 160 - Intoxicated Heart

Chapter 160: Intoxicated Heart

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Did he see through her?

Xia Ling knew it was impossible, but she was still afraid of being found out. After she had pulled Luo Luo away from her, she covered her face.

Luo Luo was still lying on her body and cheerfully exclaiming. “Xiao Ling, you have slimmed down! Has life been very tiring recently?”

“Luo Luo… please get up…” Xia Ling gasped for air. “You’re too heavy.”

“Oh, I’m sorry!” Only then did Luo Luo hurriedly got up.

Xia Ling also used a chair to support herself as she stood up. While adjusting her standing position, she cleverly turned her body at the back of the crowd to evade Feng Kun’s line of sight and carefully observed the situation over there by hiding in the crowd.

She heard Wei Shaoyin’s cold and arrogant voice. “Feng Kun? Why are you sharing the dressing room with us?”

There were a limited number of large dressing rooms in the TV station. This time, two or three entertainment companies had to share a room. Originally, Skyart Entertainment was paired with Galloping Horse Entertainment, but Galloping Horse Entertainment suddenly left without reason and was replaced with Imperial Entertainment.

Feng Kun looked as if he had already gotten used to Wei Shaoyin’s arrogance as he smiled and said, “We have many people and items. Our original dressing room was too small, so we switched with Galloping Horse Entertainment after a discussion.”

He switched changing rooms on purpose!

Xia Ling’s heart sank. What did he mean they had too many people and items? It was just an excuse!

On the other side, Wei Shaoyin was also fuming. “Rubbish! How many more people than Galloping Horse Entertainment can you have? How is it possible that the room is too small? In this competition, the largest number of participants come from Skyart Entertainment and your company. Why must you squeeze with us when there are other companies you can share a room with?!” Perhaps they were natural enemies. No matter what the situation was, Feng Kun was always an eyesore to Wei Shaoyin. After hearing that he had to share a dressing room with Feng Kun, he went berserk.

Feng Kun blandly replied, “I asked two other companies, but they were unwilling to move. It is all thanks to Mr. Liu, the head of Galloping Horse Entertainment, who cared enough to switch with us.” What he said seemed to make sense. This impromptu desire to change dressing rooms required two willing parties to happen. If one party was adamant about not changing rooms, there was nothing he could do.

However, in reality, that was absurd.

Only small companies would be refused if they wanted to change dressing rooms.

If Imperial Entertainment proposed to change dressing rooms, which company would not agree to it? Furthermore, Feng Kun’s popularity was very well known in the inner circle. Besides Wei Shaoyin, who was difficult to deal with, he was beloved by everyone else. Even if one rejected ten Wei Shaoyins, they might not necessarily reject a request by Feng Kun.

Although Wei Shaoyin was bad-tempered, he had a clear train of thought and did not fall for Feng Kun’s theory.

Feng Kun smiled and interrupted him. “Well, Ah Wei, we’re already here. How can you chase us away? Make do with this for a while. After a few rounds of selections and the formation of teams, we won’t be using the same room anymore.”

Wei Shaoyin became quiet. What he said made a lot of sense, and he had nothing to say to him.

Arguing further would only waste time. Wei Shaoyin lifted his chin, snorted, and walked away with elegant indifference.

In the dressing room, the people from Imperial Entertainment were in a hurry, but the people in Skyart Entertainment had settled down.

Luo Luo carefully pulled on Xia Ling’s sleeve. “Xiao Ling, is that the legendary Wei Shaoyin? He seems to dislike Producer Feng.”

“It’s nothing,” replied Xia Ling without changing her expression. How could Wei Shaoyin dislike Feng Kun? It was more of a deep-seated hatred.

Luo Luo let out a small sigh of relief. “That’s a relief. Produce Feng is such a good person, how could anyone dislike him? Oh yes, Xiao Ling.” She looked at Xia Ling with her large, bright eyes. “I haven’t seen you in a long time. How are you? Don’t you know how worried I was about that situation between you and Xia Yu in the past? I wanted to call you, but I was afraid that…”

She looked as if she suddenly thought of something, smiled awkwardly, and did not continue speaking.

Xia Ling expressed her understanding. “You’re part of Imperial Entertainment. It’s really not convenient for you to express your concern about me regarding that matter.”

“No, that’s not it! Xiao Ling!” Luo Luo was anxious. “Being part of Imperial Entertainment is obviously not the reason why I did not call you! Work and friendship are separate matters! I was scared that you would not consider me your friend!”

She said that sentence very loudly and quickly. Many eyes turned to look at them in succession.

Xia Ling immediately pulled her to the side to evade the attention and said, “I have always considered you a friend.”

After Xia Ling spoke, she was slightly startled. She recalled that during the first time they met in the dance studio of Skyart Entertainment, she let go of her hand and said she had no friends in front of everyone present. However, such exclusion and barrier did not exist today. When did she start to slowly accept others? It seemed that after being together with Li Lei, many things had changed.

Luo Luo’s face lit up with happiness. “I knew that Xiao Ling is the best! We have to be friends for a lifetime!” She moved closer and hugged Xia Ling so affectionately one would think she was about to kiss her.

She hugged Xia Ling so tightly that Xia Ling became out of breath. She accidentally lifted her head and saw someone staring at her with cold and sinister eyes. The owner of that stare had a carefully sculpted face like her past life did and looked very pitiful as she had a very fragile body frame.

It was Xia Yu.

She was here as well.

Xia Ling stared back coldly as a silent proclamation. “What other tricks do you have up your sleeve? I will deal with all of them.”

Under the pressure of her imposing manner, Xia Yu retreated and turned around as if nothing had happened.

The staff of the TV station entered the room to invite Wei Shaoyin and Feng Kun to appear on the stage for Nebula Music Festival’s opening ceremony’s first event: Flipping the Cards.

What was “Flipping the Cards”?

During “Flipping the Cards,” six producers would appear on stage. Before the first round of selection, each producer would have to first choose one singer of his choice to be in his team. The lucky chosen singer would have immunity during the mass selection and could be an official member of the producer’s team without participating in the mass selection. The producers would also not have to compete with one another during the mass selection to obtain their first chosen team member.

Choosing the right person during “Flipping the Cards” was very important.

Every year, all the producers would be very prudent.

Generally speaking, this spot would be reserved for the key players of their own companies so that they could advance smoothly under the protection of their own producer. This spot could also be reserved for strong players so that the team could gain an advantage regarding singing quality.

Wei Shaoyin had already discussed with the people in Skyart Entertainment, so he immediately flipped his card to reveal that he would be choosing the Lu Tao and Leng Hui duo. This caused everyone’s jaws to drop.

The emcee smiled and asked, “Ah Wei, you flipped the card for Lu Tao and Leng Hui. I think everyone is very shocked. Actually, everyone thought that you would flip the card for a strong king-level singer like Bai Murong or Ye Xingling. I heard that Ye Xingling is the key person to be protected?”

Wei Shaoyin calmly and coldly asked, “Are you telling me that Lu Tao and Leng Hui aren’t our key singers to be protected?”

In private, he was a little arrogant, a little hot-tempered, and was easily provoked. However, when he actually went on stage, he still had a strong aura. This was probably why he had so many obsessive fans as a producer — they did not know his real character.

Fans frequently unhesitantly associated elegance and nonchalance as part of his personality, so all the insiders who had worked with him before felt intoxicated…

However, he maintained a good public image so they could not do anything about it.

Below the stage, there was an immediate eruption of screams. “Ah Wei, we support you!”

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