A Star Reborn: The Queen’s Return

Chapter 1086 - Abandoned Garage

Chapter 1086: Abandoned Garage

Xia Ling shook her head in reflex.

Xia Yu said, “So you should sneak back. Rest assured, count on me, I have stayed in Paris for quite a long time and I know how to book a plane ticket and a taxi to the airport. You just have to listen to my arrangements.”

Hence, Xia Ling really listened to her arrangements.

On a day when the first glimmer of light appeared at dawn, she sneaked out from the back door of the hotel and walked through a few crooked alleys under the guidance of Xia Yu to a taxi outside.

“Go in.” Xia Yu opened the back door and let her get in the car. “I told the driver uncle to send you to the airport. Sister, you have to be careful on the way. Also, this is for you—” She took a necklace from her neck and put it on Xia Ling’s neck. “When you think of me, just touch this diamond necklace. It’ll be like I’m with you and you won’t be so lonely.”

“Okay, Xiao Yu, you be careful too,” Xia Ling said. She did not notice that the driver’s eyes lit up with greed upon seeing the diamond necklace from the rearview mirror.

The taxi started and they drove off into a more and more remote place under the gray sky.

Looking at the increasingly scarce vehicles and pedestrians and the increasingly destitute buildings on the streets, Xia Ling felt distinctly uneasy. She asked in English, “Is this the direction to the airport?”

The driver returned a French sentence.

Xia Ling couldn’t understand French and asked in English again, “Is this the direction of the airport? Driver uncle, I want to go to the airport!”

The driver ignored her and sped up. In a short while, they arrived at an abandoned warehouse. The car stopped and the tall and strong driver got out of the car, opened the rear door and got in.

At this time, Xia Ling finally realized something was wrong and desperately shrank her body back. “What are you doing!”

The driver sneered, showing yellow teeth, and said something in French loudly, but she could not understand it. Although she couldn’t understand it, her instinct for danger made her hair stand up. She desperately kicked the driver but was quickly restrained by him.

The driver pressed her into a small space and grabbed her long hair in one hand and slammed it to the side.

She couldn’t help but raise her neck in pain. The driver’s other hand grabbed her diamond pendant and pulled it hard. The pendant was not torn, but she screamed in pain instead. The driver was very annoyed and pulled the pendant forcefully again. The position of the pendant was a bit low, exactly in the middle of her chest. Under his violent pulling, his thick nails and the hard edges of the diamond scratched her skin, leaving a few traces of shocking blood marks on her snowy-white skin. The pendant finally broke, and her lapel was also pulled apart.

The driver looked at her chest and his eyes became greedier.

Xia Ling was scared senseless. Instinctively, she knew that something was bad. Not long ago, she had also been stared at like that by Pei Ziheng, but when Pei Ziheng had looked at her, she had felt bursts of shuddering. When this dirty driver stared at her, she only felt sick and disgusted.

The driver reached out his hand and grabbed her.

She was in so much pain and was so scared that she couldn’t help but push him. However, the slim girl couldn’t push past the strong and powerful driver. She watched as the driver ripped her dress and exposed her skin to the air. Her skin was a thrilling snow-white color. The driver chuckled and said something in French and untied his belt.Read more chapter on NovelFull

The belt landed, jingling, and his ugly object was exposed to her without any cover.

Xia Ling screamed hysterically, her body desperately shrinking back, trying to avoid his touch. But it was in vain. Her screams angered the driver and his expression suddenly changed. He pressed harder against her and gave her two heavy slaps on both sides of her face, until she was dizzy, tinnitus, and bleeding from the corners of her mouth.

Xia Ling had no time to react. She only felt a big hand covered with dirt blocking her nose and mouth, and her screams stopped. She felt that she was about to suffocate. She could only see the magnified sinister smile of the driver. He was so ugly and vicious that she shuddered.

Her line of sight was blurred due to lack of oxygen…

When she was about to lose consciousness, she heard the driver say something in awkward English, “To be honest, I don’t like doing it with corpses. I will kill you when I have finished enjoying you.”

The big hand that blocked her nose and mouth was released, and she gasped, taking deep breaths and struggling hard. Her four limbs were restrained, and she had no room for escape in the back seat of the narrow car. She felt a dirty big hand sneak into her thin bottom underwear, violently digging in her hidden place. She was in so much pain her face turned deathly pale.

What was even more terrifying was that the thin underwear was quickly torn off. The driver chuckled and spread her legs easily. He used his own exposed ugly object to press against her as if deliberately showing it off. He was in no hurry to enter her hidden entrance.

“I will make you very comfortable,” he said in broken English. His bad breath sprayed on her face and she wanted to spit it out. “Let’s enjoy it before you die, little girl, hahaha.”

He stopped talking and was about to enter her.

Xia Ling’s brain was blank and stiff. She wanted to just die right there and then so she wouldn’t have to face this hell. Who… who was going to save her…

Who would kill her…

Kill her…

Suddenly, the weight was removed from her body and the dirty and sturdy driver was thrown out like a sack of potatoes. He let out a heavy muffled sound as he hit the ground. For a moment, Xia Ling did not respond to what happened. Was she already dead? That was why what she saw was an illusion? She… she actually saw her Brother Pei.

She saw the tall figure of Brother Pei standing at the door of the car. He lowered his head and looked at her sullenly. In that mess, only his shadowed figure looked so extraordinary, just like a respectful monarch.

She was suddenly not so scared.

Outside, messy footsteps could be heard.

Someone was approaching.

She heard Pei Ziheng shout, “Get out!”

His voice was like a clap of thunder, so loud and commanding it hurt the eardrum. She had never seen him so angry before.

The messy footsteps stopped, and instead of continuing to lean over, he bowed his head and squeezed into the small space inside the car. He leaned over and lifted her chin harshly. “You are looking for death.” This was the first sentence he said to her. It burst out of the gap between his teeth, sounding so cruel and blood-thirsty as if it came from hell.

She burst into tears and wrapped her hands around his neck. She forgot that her body was not covered. She hugged him tightly and shivered. “Brother Pei, you came… Boohoo… I’m so scared, so scared…”

For a long time, he didn’t talk. Finally, he reached out and hugged her tightly, as if he was trying to knead her into his body. The girl in his arms trembled so badly in fright and even her crying was low and weak. The two faintly discernible bones on her frail back shook under his palm and he tightened his grip on her even more.

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