A Sorcerer’s Journey

Chapter 643 - The Black Ink

Chapter 643: The Black Ink

Run away, just like that?

Of course it was not that easy!

The flame giant turned its body to escape the oncoming attacks of the pursuing Arcane Sorcerers. It swung its giant sword to block off a wave of spell attacks. Suddenly, it grinned coldly. The mouth on its chest was gaping wide.

Since they were prepared to hide themselves, flee, maintain a certain level of threat, and then depart once the Academy War was over, they would have to maximize the level of threat!

Although Grimm was a large enough threat and was even listed as the trump card of the Hydra Wrath Academy by the Shadow Argus Sorcerer Academy, there was no guarantee that Grimm could change the direction of the war.

After all, as powerful as he was, there was no way anybody could single-handedly destroy the Shadow Argus Sorcerer Tower.

Thus, as the Dark Devourer Infernal Spirit Giant opened the mouth on its chest, there was a slight difference compared to the fireblast it had launched previously.

Inside the flaming giant, Grimm’s mouth beneath the Mask of Truth was wide open as well!

Grimm unfurled his reddish tongue to reveal a clear, brilliant, Magnetite Star Core. Grimm’s clean, cold movement had set the flying disc altar right in his sight. Like an ocean that was ravaged by a tempest, an explosion suddenly erupted.


An immense energy beam vaporized the pursuing Strabamite Academy Guardians and an Arcane Sorcerer in an instant. The boiling elemental energy spread out and landed directly on the flying disc altar.

With enough knowledge, a Level-3 Great sorcerer might be able to dodge the attack from the Magnetic Star Core. As a flying contraption however, the flying disc altar did not have sufficient ability to react toward the attack.

A beam of mesmerizing flame exploded across the sky. The fire spread out profusely as burning metal debris shot out into all directions before falling onto the grounds. A hundred-meter over mushroom cloud emerged from the fiery explosion. Secondary explosions of high density energy crystals erupted within the smoke.

With just a single hit, the flying disc altar, once listed as a major target by the Hydra Wrath Sorcerer Academy, had been completely obliterated by Grimm.

And thus, Grimm had gone above and beyond the concealment Sorcerer’s mission to terrorize the enemy. From now onward, he only needed to embed himself within the Shadow Argus Sorcerer Academy to cause enough threat to the entire academy!

Just as Grimm, who was hidden inside the giant’s True Elemental Body, was about to feel satisfied, he heard a buzzing sound. A beam of violet ray appeared from the hundred-meter eye on top of the Sorcerer Tower. An ultra-stable and high frequency light projected out from the flint and pierced through the Dark Devourer Giant’s mouth on its chest, rupturing the intertwining black-gold flame.


The giant looked at its own empty chest and wailed instinctively. Yet, it could not stop its body from rupturing.

Another beam of violet ray followed almost immediately. Now, even the giant’s head was completely decimated. The fifty-meter tall giant’s flame dispersed in an instant. It turned into the purest essence of fire and vanished among the natural laws of the world.

“Dead? The Concealed Sorcerer from the Hydra Wrath Academy has been killed?”

“Gone.. it’s gone! He’s dead! The Squinting Shadow has killed him!”

The pursuing Arcane Sorcerers looked at the empty sky. They mumbled to themselves in surprise. The powerful concealment Sorcerer had let his guard down at the final moment. He was finished off by the Squinting Shadow!

In contrast, the deans were much calmer. They were not looking happy. Instead, they were preparing for any possible movement that could follow.


Their opponent was a Concealed One!

In actual fact though, the deans were overthinking it.

A faint figure appeared across the empty sky. Under the lustful eyes of the Nightmare Shadows, Grimm’s Immortal Body reappeared after suffering a thirty point drop in his mental strength.

“He’s still there!”

Before Grimm could trigger the Immortal Body, the Shadow Argus Sorcerer Tower let out a high-pitched shriek. The soundwave travelled to each of the Sorcerer’s ears in the battlefield. A huge splash followed, as an endless stream of black ink poured down from the higher levels of the tower!

At this moment, the Shadow Argus Sorcerer Tower was like a fountain spring with black ink pouring down. An illusory aura was influencing the world. The endless stream of ink was actually emanating some kind of will of its own, like a powerful creature from a void world had descended upon this world.

The scene sent chills up the Sorcerers’ spines. They leaped into the sky to avoid the ink that was gushing down like streams of rivers.

“It’s the Curse of the Dark Medium!”

The chilling voice went into Grimm’s ear before the Immortal Body was triggered.

Before the lustful eyes of the Nightmarish Shadow were done with the attack, another shocking wave of assault was triggered. Even Grimm was in disbelief.

In the legends, the deepest region of each void world housed a Void World Lord.

After the World Lord of the Nightmarish World had been defeated by the Sorcerers World, Adjudication Staff Stigmata Sorcerer filled in in its place and later became a true necromancer.

The Maze of the Sea Serpent and Mount Serpentine each had their own Void Dominion. Now, it seemed like this Medium World, including Grimm’s passage to the Forgotten Worlds in the Book of Truth each had their own Void Dominion!

Furthermore, in theory, there should be a Void Dominion in the Dimensional Gap as well…

At this moment, the tremendous will that flowed from the gushing black ink was obviously the world order that had leaked out unsuspectingly from a Void Dominion. The Sorcerer that casted this spell was able to make contact with the will of a Void Dominion in the Medium World and in turn, distort reality.

Surprisingly, the stream of black ink did not leave any trace behind after it had passed, be it the Sorcerer Tower or the corpses on the ground. It had no effect at all, as if the whole thing was just an illusion.

But the ink’s target, Grimm, did not think so.

The weakened and pale-looking Grimm, who was revived by the Immortal Body, could sense that the oncoming danger was not slowing down, making each and every cell in his body tremble. In a spacetime distortion, Grimm used the teleportation spell and disappeared in front of the Sorcerers that were in a state of disbelief.


“Caw! Caw! My beastly Grimm, how was the mission? Why does it look like you’ve died once? Tell Uncle Myna who bullied you, I will make him die!”

Little Myna laughed while he was perched on Grimm’s shoulder.


Grimm’s voice was unbelievably soft. He grabbed on to the myna and threw him into the Starfall Reconnaissance Craft and vanished into a distance.

Splash… splash…

The pool of pure black ink was gushing and cascading toward the target like tidal waves.

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