A Sorcerer’s Journey

Chapter 372 - The World Gate XIV

Chapter 372: The World Gate XIV

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Under the protection of the Ivory Giant, the Yellow Sand Giant emerged from the World Gate after a short while and successfully arrived in the Infernal Spirit World!

Leading three Acraepoid Guardians and millions of Acraepoids, The Darkborne Infernal God attacked desperately. Meanwhile, the two mysterious foreign world World Gods from were still in passive defense mode, staying close to the World Gate.

The Yellow Sand Giant was a hundred-meter tall, which was much smaller than the Ivory Giant.

Although it was still challenging for the Yellow Sand Giant to attack the endless low-level Acraepoids with the help of Ivory Giant, its presence was enough to form an actual threat to the Darkborne Infernal God.

However, in general, it was still difficult for the two Stigmata Sorcerers to control the situation around the World Gate.


“Ivory Fort, you’ve worked hard…”

A glowing image of a human sorcerer surrounded by monochrome Strings of Time slowly emerged from the World Gate.

There were tens of thousands of Strings of Time. Using the Stigmata Sorcerer as a center, they formed a shape of an hourglass.

“A third foreign world World God?!”

One powerful foreign monster after another kept emerging from the World Gate. This was already the third one. In the eyes of the Acraepoids, the emergence of these monsters seemed never-ending. They were completely clueless how many more of these powerful foreign Gods would emerge from the World Gate.

The millions of flying Acraepoids in the sky were not the only ones who were in despair, even the Darkborne Infernal God was completely horrified. It was a fear of the unknown.

‘Just what kind of powerful world is this Sorcerer World?’

‘In that world, how many such World Gods are there?’

‘How did Sorcerer World find out about Infernal Sorcerer World, and how did they successfully invade from the Burrow World?’

At least in Darkborne Infernal God’s instinct, there was one more World God in the tunnel of the World Gate.

“Darkborne Infernal God…”

An Acraepoid Guardian muttered, its black flame was filled with despair. Although it didn’t finish its sentence, Darkborne Infernal God already knew what it was about to say.

In incomparable pain and heartbreaking torture, Darkborne Infernal God roared hysterically.

“Retreat! To all Acraepoid people, leave! Give up the Darkborne Kingdom’s capital. We need to gather more powerful forces to deal with these foreign world evil demons!”

With that, Darkborne Infernal God stopped caring about its people who had already fallen into panic and despair. It turned and left with the three Acraepoid Guardians, retreating to a faraway place.

They have lost the Darkborne Kingdom’s capital.

The Acraepoid World must gather more powerful forces to recover the Darkborne Kingdom’s capital from these foreign gods.

And of course, revenge!

If it wasn’t for the foreign god with Ivory, even with three foreign gods arriving at the Infernal Spirit World, the Darkborne Infernal God had the confidence to handle all of them with the help of his massive Acraepoid army.

However, the foreign god with Ivory’s defense towards low-level Acraepoids was too powerful, which greatly limits the effectiveness of the Acraepoid army’s attacks.

The Darkborne Infernal God had forgotten when was the last time it felt such great pain and heartbreak.

The almost endless screams of the capital were just like the howling from the bottom of Darkborne’s Infernal God’s heart, clearly ringing around its ears, tormenting its heart.

Those were the people who believed in him and worshipped him as a god.

All of a sudden, the three Acraepoid Guardians beside the Darkborne Infernal God seemed to have sensed the arrival of another foreign god. They paused and murmured in despair, “The fourth foreign god has landed. The Darkborne Kingdom’s capital has completely fallen…”

All of them did not dare to stay for any longer. In a flash, all of their figures flashed and disappeared into thin air.

In the sky, as the Darkborne Infernal God gave its oracle, the swarms of Acraepoids began to flee in panic.

It was a disaster for the whole Infernal Spirit World. It wasn’t a situation that low-level Acraepoids could handle.

This was one of the disadvantages of a world ruled by humanoid intelligence. The Stigmata Sorcerers seemed to have long expected it.

In favorable circumstances, humanoid intelligence had the ability to gather stronger resistance force, which was an advantage due to teamwork and group intelligence.

On the other hand, once in adversity, all of them would fall in the trap of fear.

Under this circumstance, the world ruled by humanoid intelligence would fall into chaos and rout very quickly, and their resistance power would weaken, which was likely to be even weaker than the resistance power of primitive creatures.

In the sky, there were a few brave and determined Acraepoid warriors and commanders, desperate to defend their home.

The Darkborne Kingdom’s capital was their home, their everything!

Under the support of the sorcery source of their respective sorcerer towers, the Ivory Fort Stigmata Sorcerer, Mandala Stigmata Sorceress, Hourglass Stigmata Sorcerer, and Dark Realm Stigmata Sorcerer turned into hundred-meter giants, wiping out the Acraepoids around the World Gate.

The Ivory Fort Stigmata Sorcerer’s Mammoth Armor had completely disappeared, and gradually changed from blood-red bone thorns to gray-white bone thorns.

Followed by Dark Realm Stigmata Sorcerer, more than ten thousands of Dark Sorcerers flew out from the World Gate, flying into the foreign world filled with Flame Burrows and desperate howls of Acraepoids.

The world rule there seemed very similar to Sorcerer World.

“Damn, these Acraepoids!”

The Ivory Giant groaned impatiently. He no longer paid attention to the low-level Acraepoids in the sky, and directly landed on the busy ground of Darkborne Kingdom’s capital.


As his two giant feet landed on the ground, the street paved with green stones immediately cracked with two footprints in the center.

The earth trembled.

Deafening shock wave spread. Inadvertently, dozen of Flame Burrows lived by the Acraepoids collapsed in all directions.

A large number of Acraepoid nobles with big belly and Acraepoid beauties—based on beauty standards that were very different from humans—screamed and ran. All they wanted was to flee from the Darkborne Kingdom’s capital, which was already hell to them at the time.

“Ivory Fort, complete the mission first!”

Dark Realm Stigmata Sorcerer had also slowly landed on the ground of the capital. Looking at the destruction on the ground made by the Ivory Fort Stigmata Sorcerer, he reminded Ivory Fort of their mission.

Gradually calming down, the Ivory Fort Stigmata Sorcerer looked at the hundreds of Flame Burrows that he destroyed. Under his feet, millions of small and weak Acraepoids looked at him in fear, crying and running away in chaos.

Gasp, gasp…


Breathing heavily, the Ivory Fort Stigmata Sorcerer wiped the many big and small scars on his body with one hand and managed to stop the blood from flowing.

Meanwhile, his other hand gradually transformed into a giant and exquisite ivory cage.

Then, Ivory Fort Stigmata Sorcerer started grabbing a large number of Acraepoids randomly with his hands—regardless of dead or alive—and directly throw them into the bone cage.

After all, these were only specimens for the next Demon-Hunting expedition—quality wasn’t a concern.

Just like that, on the ground of Darkborne Kingdom’s capital, a foreign monster was catching weak and helpless Acraepoids and throwing them into a cage by force.

The situation was a complete nightmare for the Acraepoids…

By contrast, the other three Stigmata Sorcerers handled the situation much better.

Using Dark Realm Seal, Dark Realm Stigmata Sorcerer collected the Acraepoid specimens with ease. Although the quantity was less than that of Ivory Fort Stigmata Sorcerer, the quality was much higher.

Hourglass Stigmata Sorcerer took out a horn-shaped storage apparatus.

The movement of any Acraepoid that went close to the Hourglass Stigmata Sorcerer would be slowed down. Then, he picked those specimens that seemed worthy to him and store them into the apparatus.

A pile of yellow sand flowed through the ground. The weak and tiny Acraepoids which had no time to escape were submerged by the yellow sand. After the yellow sand passed, the ground became empty…

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