A Record of a Mortal’s Journey to Immortality

Chapter 2131: Private Mine

Chapter 2131: Private Mine

After the two entered the carriage, Violet Spirit issued an instruction, and the coach driver immediately spurred the black devilish beasts that were drawing the carriage into motion.

At the same time, red light flashed on the carriage, indicating that a restriction had been activated, and inside the carriage, Han Li said, "Violet Spirit, there are some things that I couldn't directly ask Lan Ying, but I know that you have some forces in the Blue Waterfall Lake; I'd like you to find out some information about a local devilish man by the name of Wu You. I suspect he may be..."

Violet Spirit listened to Han Li's request, and a hint of surprise gradually appeared on her face.

Several hours later, Han Li returned to the inn that he was staying in.

He had drawn a lot of attention in the city due to his extravagant purchases of Foreign Devilish Metal, but no powers dared to send people to spy on him as they were aware that he was a late-Spatial Tempering Stage being.

After all, someone of at least the same cultivation base would have to be sent to spy on him, and no powerful being of that caliber would be willing to stoop to something like that.

The next morning, Han Li emerged from the inn once again to attend his agreed meeting with Wu You.

He was originally very interested in the crystalline beads within the Foreign Devilish Metal, and now that the metal was potentially tied to Five Elemental Yin Yang True Light, he was naturally determined to get his hands on them.

Even though the Foreign Devilish Metal provided by Wu You may not necessarily contain any of those mysterious crystalline beads, the sheer amount still filled Han Li with anticipation.

Thus, he arrived at the same hall as the one he had visited a day ago, and a pair of familiar devilish beings immediately greeted him in an ecstatic manner.

"Please come in, Senior Han; Brother Wu You is waiting for you inside."

Han Li nodded in response before making his way into the hall, and the pair of devilish beings quickly closed the door before standing on guard outside in a careful manner.

Inside the hall, Han Li was greeted by Wu You and his subordinates, and Wu You made no attempt to hide his elation as he rose to his feet before making an inviting hand gesture toward Han Li.

"You're finally here, Brother Han! I've been waiting for quite some time."

"I haven't arrived any later than the agreed time, so you must've come here early, Fellow Daoist Wu You. Alright, that's enough chit-chat, let's begin the transaction right away; I hope your Foreign Devilish Metal can satisfy me." Han Li cut straight to the chase as soon as he sat down.

His brusque demeanor would most likely evoke displeasure within anyone else, but Wu You was also very eager to get the transaction under way. Thus, he swept a sleeve through the air to release several badges, all of which vanished into the surrounding space.

A light barrier instantly appeared around them, following which Wu You flipped a hand over to summon a blue storage bracelet. "Here's all the Foreign Devilish Metal; please examine them to see if they're up to your standards, Brother Han."

He then immediately tossed the storage bracelet toward Han Li without any hesitation.

Han Li was rather surprised by this, but it quickly occurred to him that Wu You had most likely set up some prophylactic measures, so he wasn't concerned that Han Li wouldn't pay for the Foreign Devilish Metal.

Han Li nodded in response as he caught the storage bracelet, then pressed it against his own forehead before injecting his spiritual sense into it.

Wu You merely looked on in silence, awaiting Han Li's verdict.

Around 15 minutes later, Han Li finally opened his eyes, but his expression didn't betray any emotion whatsoever.

Wu You's expression stiffened slightly upon seeing this, but thankfully, what Han Li said next came as quite a relief to him.

"These are indeed all premium pieces of Foreign Devilish Metal; here are the devil stones that you asked for," Han Li said as he produced a black storage bracelet, then tossed it toward Wu You with a flick of his wrist.

Wu You was ecstatic to see this, and he immediately caught the bracelet before also injecting his spiritual sense into it.

Mere moments later, he withdrew his spiritual sense from the storage bracelet, then stowed it away with a pleased expression. He then cupped his fist in a salute toward Han Li, and said, "You are a man of your word, Fellow Daoist Han; our transaction is now complete."

"In that case, I'll be taking my leave," Han Li said as he rose to his feet in a calm manner.

"Of course, I'll deactivate the restriction right away." Wu You made no effort to keep him, and he also stood up before making a hand seal, upon which the light barrier around them disintegrated amid a dull thump.

Thus, Han Li began to depart from the hall, but right as he reached the entrance, he suddenly stopped and turned back toward Wu You.

"Fellow Daoist Wu You, would you be willing to tell me where you obtained this Foreign Devilish Metal from? I'll be willing to give you an additional third of the devil stones I just gave you for this information."

Wu You's heart jolted upon hearing this, and his expression changed a few times, but he didn't immediately give a response.

Meanwhile, expressions of greed appeared on the faces of all of his devilish subordinates.

After a long contemplative pause, Wu You repressed the impulsive urge to accept the offer, and shook his head in a forlorn manner. "I appreciate the offer, but unfortunately, this is not something that I can tell you, so I'll have to turn you down."

"I see." Han Li gave Wu You one final meaningful look before departing.

Wu You stood on the spot with his brows furrowed slightly with concern.

Even though Han Li hadn't said anything just now, the look in his eyes struck Wu You with an indescribable sense of foreboding.

"Brother, if he wants to know where we obtained this Foreign Devilish Metal from, then why don't we just tell him the location of our private mine? We're leaving this city anyway, so even if he wants to investigate the matter, we'll be long gone before he discovers anything; we're missing out on a huge sum of devil stones here!" a devilish woman urged.

"It's not that simple. We have no information about this man; he is indeed not from this city, but if we were to disclose the location of the private mine to him, he could expose us to the powers in the city. Alright, now that we've received the devil stones, let's split up and leave Blue Waterfall City right away. Once we exit the city, leave this area along the routes we planned out in advance. Once we're completely safe, we'll reunite at Lion Cliff City," Wu You said in an implacable manner.

His subordinates naturally didn't dare to offer any opposition, and all of them gave affirmative responses.

At this point, Han Li was already racing along a street in a beast-drawn carriage.

He was seated in the beast-drawn carriage, inspecting a piece of Foreign Devilish Metal with an excited expression as he murmured to himself, "I've finally found it!"

Within the storage bracelet that he had just obtained were over 20 pieces of Foreign Devilish Metal that contained the mysterious crystalline beads.

This confirmed the notion to Han Li that Wu You and his group definitely had what he was searching for.

If it weren't for the fact that their transaction had taken place in a very densely populated part of Blue Waterfall City, he would've captured them by force and used a soul search technique on them to find the information he wanted.

However, he wasn't overly concerned about the current situation anyway. During the transaction, he had already placed spiritual sense marks on Wu You and his group, so he would be able to track down and capture them as soon as they tried to leave Blue Waterfall City.

With that in mind, Han Li stowed the piece of Foreign Devilish Metal away amid a flash of spiritual light, then repressed his own excitement as he closed his eyes to meditate.

Time quickly flew by, and several hours later, he returned to the inn.

Once he emerged from the carriage, he was greeted by the sight of a rather familiar black-armored devilish being, and his expression changed slightly before he brushed past the devilish being and entered the inn.

Meanwhile, a hint of elation appeared on the devilish being's face at the sight of Han Li, and he followed Han Li into the inn in a respectful manner.

Moments later, the black-armored devilish being handed over an azure stone shard to Han Li in a respectful manner inside a secluded room.

Han Li accepted the stone shard before pressing it against his own forehead to inspect its contents, upon which his eyes began to narrow slightly.

Finally, Han Li removed the stone shard from his forehead, then rubbed his hands together to reduce it to powder as he said, "Alright, I've seen everything now; go back and tell your mistress that I'm very pleased with her work."

"Yes, Senior! I'll be taking my leave now," the black-armored devilish being said with a respectful bow before exiting the room.

Following his departure, a cold look appeared on Han Li's face as he murmured to himself, "Hehe, so he built a private mine in secret, eh? In that case, everything makes sense."

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