A Necromancer Who Just Wants to Plant Trees

Chapter 650 - Chapter 650: Fate’s Favor

Chapter 650: Fate’s Favor

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“Don’t push your luck!”

Baruch’s seven heads simultaneously warned.

Edmond looked at him steadily.

“I was the one who was in charge of mediating the conflict between you and Ms. Soria last time.

“Now it seems that I really did something unnecessary back then.

“Baruch, oh Baruch, I have something to give you.”

Baruch asked warily,

“What?” “My head!”

As Edmond spoke, he grabbed his head with both hands and twisted it forcefully.

A crisp crack was heard.

Edmond actually twisted his own head off.

He held his head with both hands. A little blood flowed out of the wound on his neck, but it quickly flowed back.

“Mr. Baruch, I’ve admired you for a long time. Please don’t reject me,” said Edmond’s head, smiling.

In the next second.

It suddenly disappeared.

All that was left was a stiff-looking headless body.

Baruch nervously tried to sense where the head had gone.

Several seconds later.

He felt his skin and organs itch.

He looked down.

A shocking scene appeared.

Heads had actually grown out of Baruch’s shattered astral body!

To Baruch’s massive body, those heads were like red rashes on a human’s body.

However, the red rashes were too dense.

It instantly covered Baruch’s entire body and parts of his internal organs!

What was even more terrifying was…

The heads looked exactly like Edmond’s head!

“Let me have a taste of you, Baruch.”

The thousands of heads let out a strange, low laugh in unison.

In the next second.

Baruch was caught off guard as he howled in pain.

All the heads began to gnaw at the surrounding flesh and blood crazily!


A large chunk of Baruch’s Astral Body had been gnawed off!

The atmosphere became miserable, sinister, and strange.

The gods widened their eyes and stood far away, nervously watching this spell from another world.

The smell of blood attracted a group of ignorant astral creatures.

However, as soon as they approached…

Edmond’s head grew out of their bodies as if they had been infected.

More and more heads appeared on the ruins of the Twin Heavens.

They grew like wild grass.

It was as if no one could see the end!

North of the moss-green hills.

Within Baruch’s divine domain.

Matthew was still discussing with Loraine whether he should ask for help from the creation of Twilight, the Mad Second-hand.

A stern shout was heard.

“Domain Breaking Slash!”

Matthew was dragged over again.

He helplessly raised the Sun Sword in his hand and imitated Peggy’s posture as he slashed down heavily!

However, this time was different from before.

Matthew was surprised.

This time, the Domain Piercing Slash had actually succeeded in piercing through a quarter of Baruch’s divine domain!

Moreover, it had dealt two serious damage to the Black Dragon!

On the data panel.

[Major World Event: Edmond’s divine spell, ‘Otherworld Magic-Parasite Cranium’, has devoured the Astral Remains of the Pentashade Dragon God


[Hint: You are currently at the ” Equalization Point “. Any action may affect the other two Equalization Points, or you may be affected by the other two Equalization Points.]

You sensed the shift of your luck factor. A pair of invisible hands of fate gently stirred the river.

In the following period of time.

You will be blessed by fate.

[Fate’s Favor: You will obtain luck in all senses.]

“The favour of fate?”

Matthew was a little confused.

He tried to use the Dragon Immobilization spell on the furious Black Dragon.

Although a quarter of the divine territory had already been broken through.

However, the other party’s resistance was still very high.

In theory.

The success rate of this Immobilizing Spell was less than 0.05%.

However, a joyous scene appeared.

When Matthew’s spell hit the Black Dragon… The latter immediately stiffened! “His divine domain has loosened! “Hurry up and kill him!”

Peggy shouted.

Lumiere and the others immediately rushed in through the gap in the divine territory.

The group of people gave the immobilized Black Dragon a beating!

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