A Military Doctor Became a Stepmom in Ancient Times

Chapter 387 - 387 Four-leaf Clover

387 Four-leaf Clover

“Auntie, I just ate breakfast. I can’t eat anymore,” Ning Yue said.

“We don’t have to eat now. We can pack it back,” Xin Xin said.

When the shopkeeper saw Xin Xin, he quickly greeted her, “Princess Consort, are you still going to eat the same as usual today?”

“I’ll get an extra serving. I want to pack it up.” With that, Xin Xin threw down some silver and brought Ning Yue to the snack shop beside her.

“This place sells fruit. Let’s eat some fruit,” Xin Xin said.

Ning Yue raised her eyebrows. There were many fruits in her space, which were better than these fruits.

However, she couldn’t tell Xin Xin that she had an endless supply of fruit. If she said that, Xin Xin would definitely find it strange.

Xin Xin bought a large pile of fruits, a large pile of kebabs, and pastries.

“By the way, there’s a jewelry shop in this city. This jewelry shop is similar to ours in Laifu Village. Let’s go take a look together.” Xin Xin pulled Ning Yue towards the jewelry shop.

Hearing about the jewelry shop, Ning Yue frowned.

For some reason, as long as she heard this, Ning Yue would think of Lian Xin.

She hesitated for a moment before following Xin Xin into the jewelry shop.

After entering the jewelry shop, Ning Yue realized that the decoration of this jewelry shop was exactly the same as the one in Laifu Village. She was already half sure that this jewelry shop was owned by Lian Xin.

“Yueyue, look at this. Do you like it?” Xin Xin pointed at a necklace on the counter.

“The pendant on this necklace is the most special one I’ve seen. Look, this looks like a flower but it’s not a flower. There are so few petals. There are only four petals in total.”

Ning Yue took a look and realized that Xin Xin was talking about the pure gold four-leaf clover pendant.

“Auntie, this is a four-leaf clover. It commonly has three leaves. Legend has it that finding four-leaf clovers can bring happiness.”

Hearing Ning Yue’s words, Xin Xin was enlightened. So that was the case. “This is the first time I’ve heard of such a thing.”

Suddenly, a male laugh attracted everyone’s attention. When Ning Yue heard this voice, her expression darkened and she looked out the door.

Lian Xin was actually standing at the door!

Shouldn’t he be in Laifu Village now? Why was he here?

“It seems that our Princess Mingyue knows the four-leaf clover very well. I think Princess Mingyue knows all my design concepts the best, right?”

Ning Yue did not answer. She pulled Xin Xin out and was stopped by Lian Xin.

“Princess Mingyue, don’t be in a hurry to leave. What you said about the four-leaf clover just now made me very happy. I didn’t expect to meet someone who understood me,” Lian Xin said with a smile.

Ning Yue’s expression darkened even more. Seeing this, Xin Xin understood that the man in front of her might be someone Ning Yue hated.

She couldn’t help but ask, “Who are you?”

Lian Xin glanced at Xin Xin and did not say anything. Her gaze landed on Ning Yue again.

“This person is so rude. Ning Yue, let’s go. Don’t interact with rude men.” Xin Xin pulled Ning Yue away but was stopped again.

“Why, Prince Zhan of the Black City Kingdom, do you want to use force to keep us two weak women here? Don’t forget that there are still soldiers from our Great Yun Nation standing outside the door. Do you want to fight them head-on?”

Ning Yue revealed Lian Xin’s identity.

Xin Xin’s eyes widened as she looked at Ning Yue in disbelief. Was this man in front of her actually the Black City World Wargod?

“I just admire Princess Mingyue very much and want to keep her for lunch,” Lian Xin said with a smile.

“I won’t be able to eat if I sit with you. I’d better not,” Ning Yue said mercilessly.

Hearing Ning Yue’s words, Lian Xin’s expression successfully changed. “I thought Princess Mingyue wanted to know who was chasing her these days.”

“You don’t have to worry about that, Your Highness. Our Great Yun Nation has plenty of talents. I can find out who is behind it,” Ning Yue said as she looked at Lian Xin meaningfully.

Lian Xin’s scalp turned numb from Ning Yue’s gaze. He thought to himself, “Could it be that Ning Yue really knew who attacked?”

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