A Hidden Pampered Marriage: Boss’ Beloved Wife

Chapter 50 - Chapter 50: Xiao Yichen, What You Did Was Wrong!

Chapter 50: Xiao Yichen, What You Did Was Wrong!

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When Xiao Yichen heard Lin Wan’s words, he quickly thought of something and looked down.

He knew where her pain was!

“Let me see.” Xiao Yichen almost blurted out. After saying that, he removed his hands from her arms and prepared to take action.

Lin Wan shrank back, unwilling to let him see.

Seeing Lin Wan’s actions, Xiao Yichen knew that she was rejecting him.

“Wan’er, be good…” Xiao Yichen tried his best to coax her in a hurry. In the end, he added, “I won’t move around, okay?”

Hearing Xiao Yichen’s words, Lin Wan looked at him. After a while, she relaxed.

Xiao Yichen was very anxious, but looking at her timid expression, he suppressed the urgency in his heart and waited for her to completely relax before carefully looking at her…

After looking at it, Xiao Yichen frowned.

“I’ll carry you to the bed.” After saying that, Xiao Yichen gently picked up Lin Wan from the ground and walked out of the bathroom.

After putting Lin Wan on the bed, Xiao Yichen covered her with the blanket and immediately called Luo Ziyan.

“Hey, Yi…”

Before Luo Ziyan could finish speaking, Xiao Yichen interrupted him. “Bring a gynecologist to Blue Bay Villa. Within half an hour.”

It was not a request but an order!

Luo Ziyan was stunned on the other end of the line for a few seconds before asking, “Yichen, did Lin Wanwan…”

“Hurry up!” Xiao Yichen said and hung up.

Luo Ziyan arrived very quickly. When he arrived at Blue Bay Villa, Xiao Yichen had just helped Lin Wan change into her pajamas and left the bedroom.

“What’s going on?” Luo Ziyan came to the second floor and hurriedly asked Xiao Yichen. There was a middle-aged woman following behind him. She was the gynecologist.

“She’s not feeling well.” Xiao Yichen said to Luo Ziyan. Then, he looked at the gynecologist beside him and said, “Go in and take a look.”

“Alright, Mr. Xiao,” the gynecologist replied. Before coming, Luo Ziyan had told her he was coming to Blue Bay Villa to receive the woman of the Eastern Empire’s CEO.

Xiao Yichen nodded and agreed to let the gynecologist in.

After the gynecologist went in, Luo Ziyan also wanted to follow her.

However, Xiao Yichen pulled him back before he could enter the master bedroom.

“Yichen, what are you doing? 1 want to go in and treat Lin Wanwan,” Luo Ziyan asked in confusion.

After putting some distance between them, Xiao Yichen said, “You’re not allowed to go in.”

How could he let another man see Lin Wanwan? Even if it was a doctor, it was not allowed!

Luo Ziyan’s mind was in a daze. “Why not? I’m also a doctor, and you know that I minored in gynecology when I was at university. I know a lot about gynecology.”

As he said that, Luo Ziyan wanted to force his way in again.

Xiao Yichen pulled Luo Ziyan out of the door again. This time, he stood at the door and blocked it.

“Xiao Yichen, what you’re doing is wrong!” Luo Ziyan was furious.

After all, he was a big shot in the medical field and the director of Mingyuan Private Hospital under the Luo Group. Was it really good for Xiao Yichen to treat him like this?

“Just wait.” Xiao Yichen threw two words at Luo Ziyan with a cold expression.

He was his brother, and knew his personality very well. That was why he was not angry at this moment. He would dig out that person’s eyes if it were anyone else.

If someone wanted to see his woman, he deserved to die!

Helpless, Luo Ziyan could only stand on the spot and wait.

Twenty minutes later, the gynecologist came out of the master bedroom.

“How is it?” Xiao Yichen asked hurriedly..

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