A Hidden Pampered Marriage: Boss’ Beloved Wife

Chapter 44 - Chapter 44: Wanwan, You Belong to Mine

Chapter 44: Wanwan, You Belong to Mine

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Li Muyang’s back was facing Xiao Yichen. He didn’t notice that his uncle walked over and continued talking.

“Wanwan, what 1 said is true. We’ve been in love for six years. 1 know you won’t forget me, so I’ll marry you after you divorce Uncle. I’ll satisfy whatever theme wedding you want. What kind of wedding dress do you like? 1…”

The hand holding Lin Wan’s arm abruptly pulled away before Li Muyang could finish his sentence. Li Muyang had no choice but to let go of his other hand and take a few steps back.

Standing beside Lin Wan, Xiao Yichen’s eyes were filled with killing intent.

Was Xiao Yichen tired of living? Why would he say such things to Lin Wan?

Divorce? Dream on!

“Uncle?” When Li Muyang clearly saw the person before him, he couldn’t help but call out.

“Li Muyang!” Xiao Yichen’s tone was harsh. “Is your aunt someone you can touch?”

“She’s not my aunt. She’s the woman I love.” Li Muyang didn’t know where he got the courage to confront Xiao Yichen.

“Say it again,” Xiao Yichen gritted his teeth and said.

When Li Muyang met his uncle’s gaze, he was still afraid and didn’t dare to speak.

In terms of power, he couldn’t go against his uncle. His uncle had his secret team, and no one in Ancheng City could surpass him.

He would not be able to defeat his uncle in terms of fighting. He was a black belt in Taekwondo. Moreover, his uncle had been in the United States Special Forces for a year in university, so he did not dare to experience his skills.

Lin Wan looked at Li Muyang’s low emotions and wanted to use this opportunity to let Li Muyang realize the reality and give up completely.

Suddenly, Lin Wan reached out and grabbed Xiao Yichen’s hand. Then, she snuggled into Xiao Yichen’s arms and showed off her love before Li Muyang.

“Chen, 1 haven’t seen you for the whole day. 1 miss you so much.” Lin Wan acted like a spoiled child and looked up at Xiao Yichen.

“Huh?” Xiao Yichen frowned slightly. He didn’t expect the woman beside him to suddenly do this.

“What should I do? My heart is all yours now. After I marry you, 1 can’t leave again,” Lin Wan said. She snuggled into Xiao Yichen’s arms like an obedient little woman.

Xiao Yichen knew she was pretending, so… he followed her.

“Don’t worry. 1 won’t allow you to leave me this life.” After saying that, Xiao Yichen glanced at Li Muyang, who was not far away and saw Li Muyang’s stunned expression.

“Yeah, to thank Hubby for his eternal love for me. I’ll serve you in bed tonight, okay?” Lin Wan said with a red face. To make Li Muyang give up, she had no other choice.

“It couldn’t be better,” Xiao Yichen replied, looking at the woman in his arms.

From Li Muyang’s point of view, the two of them were saying sweet nothings and looking at each other affectionately. Were their feelings… really very good?

But it had only been a few dozen days. How could it compare to his six years with Lin Wan?

“Then let’s go home and eat first. We’ll only have strength at night after we’re full,” Lin Wan said. Her entire face was extremely shy.

Under normal circumstances, she would never say these words.

“Let’s go,” Xiao Yichen said as he glanced at his nephew not far away. He retracted his gaze and looked at the woman beside him.

Putting his arm around Lin Wan’s shoulder, Xiao Yichen and Lin Wan walked side by side to their car.

Li Muyang looked at their backs from behind. His heart ached, and he felt sad. However, there was a strong force in his mind, and he did not intend to give up.

Wanwan, I don’t believe you’ll forget me. I’ll get you back.

Wanwan, you belong to me. You can only be mine!

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