A Hidden Pampered Marriage: Boss’ Beloved Wife

Chapter 39


Lin Wan seethed with anger. She discarded the bags in her hands and retaliated fiercely.

Lin Qingqing had repeatedly sought trouble, and she was not someone to be underestimated!

“Wanwan,” Shen Yun stood at the sidelines, yearning to step in and help but unable to do so.

Li Muyang observed Lin Qingqing’s ferocious expression and instantly despised her. However, he also worried about Lin Wan.

“Lin Qingqing, have you lost your mind?” Li Muyang swiftly approached and seized one of Lin Qingqing’s arms. He showed no intentions of being gentle and forcefully flung her aside.

As Lin Qingqing was thrown away by Li Muyang’s strength, she crashed to the ground. When she turned around, she saw Li Muyang aiding Lin Wan to her feet.

In an instant, Lin Qingqing’s tears erupted, and she pointed at Li Muyang and Lin Wan, addressing the onlookers, “Look at how brazen this mistress is! My fiancé no longer wants me and desires her instead. Boo hoo… My life is so bitter…”

Lin Qingqing’s tearful display garnered sympathy from many bystanders. People glanced at Li Muyang and Lin Wan, engaging in discussions.

Li Muyang paid no heed to Lin Qingqing. He held onto Lin Wan’s arm with one hand and supported her lower back with the other, helping her rise from the ground.

Unbeknownst to Li Muyang and Lin Wan, a nearby camera captured their actions and this distressing scene.

“Are you alright?” Li Muyang asked gently, making sure that Lin Wan had regained her composure.

Lin Wan hastily broke free from Li Muyang’s touch and took two steps back to maintain a distance.

Once certain she had distanced herself from Li Muyang, Lin Wan replied, “I’m fine.”

Lin Qingqing feigned mournful sobs, yet when she glanced over, Brother Muyang made no attempt to approach and console her.

Unable to remain seated any longer, Lin Qingqing glared at Lin Wan, about to unleash another scolding, “Lin Wan, you…”

This time, before Lin Qingqing could finish her sentence, Li Muyang abruptly cut her off.

“Lin Qingqing, we’re breaking up. Cancel the engagement ceremony,” Li Muyang stated impatiently, his voice seething with fury.

He had reached his limit with this woman. Previously, he had been drawn to her physical attractiveness and intimacy, but today, witnessing her openly berate Lin Wan had shattered any remaining tolerance.

Silence enveloped Lin Qingqing instantly. She remained seated on the ground, gazing at Li Muyang with disbelief. She couldn’t utter a word, ceasing her tears as she simply stared, unable to comprehend his statement.

Upon witnessing Shen Yun assisting in collecting the scattered bags, Lin Wan hastened to retrieve them from him. She cared little for what transpired between Li Muyang and Lin Qingqing; all she desired was to escape from this humiliating situation.

“Yunyun, let’s go,” Lin Wan urged Shen Yun.

“Absolutely,” Shen Yun nodded resolutely, grasping Lin Wan’s hand, and swiftly departed.

Lin Wan’s reputation had suffered greatly due to Lin Qingqing’s insult, necessitating a swift departure from the scene.

“Lin…” Li Muyang attempted to call out to Lin Wan as she hurried away, but his voice was drowned amidst the crowd as he managed to utter just a single word.

After the commotion caused by Lin Qingqing, both Lin Wan and Shen Yun lost their appetite. They settled for a simple lunch and decided against going shopping, opting to head straight home.

Lin Wan returned to Blue Bay Villa to find Xiao Yichen absent, with Auntie Li nowhere to be seen either.

Changing into comfortable home attire, Lin Wan found herself unsure of what to do next. After pondering for a moment, she made her way to the study room, intending to find a book to read.

The study within Blue Bay Villa was spacious, adorned with numerous bookshelves filled with a vast collection. Standing before the shelves, Lin Wan perused the titles, seeking out books that piqued her interest.

After a brief search, Lin Wan’s attention was captivated by a literary book with an intriguing title. She extended her hand, retrieving the book. As she opened it to the first page, she noticed a single word inscribed on the otherwise blank title page.

“Xi?” Lin Wan murmured, her tone tinged with melancholy.

What did it signify?

Just as Lin Wan contemplated flipping back, a voice from behind the door interrupted her thoughts.

“What are you doing?”

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