A Hidden Pampered Marriage: Boss’ Beloved Wife

Chapter 29

His Real Lover

“Alright, what is happening with this family?” Xiao Shengdong shouted angrily. Ever since his eldest daughter struck Lin Wan, he had wanted to intervene. However, he couldn’t prevent what unfolded afterward, leading to this situation.

The old man’s words still held authority in everyone’s hearts. With a roar, nobody dared to speak again.

“Yaling, you and Li Xiang, go to the guest room and rest. The nanny will let you know when lunch is ready,” Xiao Shengdong instructed, sending his eldest daughter and son-in-law away first.

Xiao Yaling and Li Xiang responded tactfully and made their way towards the stairs.

Li Muyang and Lin Qingqing noticed their parents going upstairs and followed suit.

Xiao Yichen walked over to the sofa and sat down, ignoring Lin Wan.

Lin Wan looked at Xiao Yichen, unsure of what to do. This was her first time in the mansion, and she knew very little about this family. If Xiao Yichen didn’t care about her, then what should she do?

“Lin Wan, if you don’t mind, would you accompany me to water the flowers in the courtyard?” Ning Yan approached Lin Wan with a smile and asked.

“Yes, of course, Mom,” Lin Wan replied softly.

At noon, the family gathered around the long dining table in the mansion’s dining room. Xiao Shengdong occupied the head of the table.

Throughout the meal, silence prevailed. Xiao Yaling occasionally glanced at Xiao Yichen’s face, still affected by the earlier incident. She didn’t dare to utter a word. Lin Qingqing felt the urge to speak several times, even wanting to scold Lin Wan, but seeing that no one was speaking, she refrained from saying anything.

Li Muyang’s gaze remained fixed on Lin Wan. Previously, his uncle had described her as a moist and sweet girl, something he had never experienced before. Could it be that Lin Wan… was truly like that?

The more he contemplated, the more regretful Li Muyang felt. It appeared that Lin Wan had been more reserved. Her appearance and figure surpassed Lin Qingqing’s by far. If what his uncle had said was true… about her being better than Lin Qingqing in bed. Then…

After lunch, Xiao Yaling and Li Xiang went to the guest room to rest, and Lin Qingqing followed suit.

Xiao Yichen was summoned to the study by his father, while Ning Yan was busy giving instructions to the nannies in the kitchen.

Feeling idle and not wanting to stay in the living room, Lin Wan decided to take a stroll in the courtyard.

As she wandered around the courtyard, Lin Wan found herself standing next to a tree. She intended to lean against it and enjoy a moment of quiet, but just as her back touched the tree, she heard someone calling her name.

“Lin Wan.”

Li Muyang, with his hands in his pockets, approached Lin Wan gracefully.

Upon seeing Li Muyang’s face, the indifferent expression on Lin Wan’s face grew even colder.

“What do you want?” Lin Wan asked with indifference, looking at Li Muyang standing before her.

“Why didn’t I know that you were acquainted with Uncle before?” Li Muyang inquired. His initial calmness gradually transformed into affection as he gazed at Lin Wan.

After six years of love, how could he not love her? Even though he now indulged in Lin Qingqing’s company and planned to marry her in the future, that unique love was reserved solely for Lin Wan.

“It’s never too late to find out,” Lin Wan responded lightly.

Li Muyang didn’t appreciate Lin Wan’s coldness. He sneered and remarked, “You’re quite skilled. You managed to ensnare Uncle.”

Hearing Li Muyang’s sarcastic words, Lin Wan simply smiled and replied casually, “Of course. When it comes to marrying Chen, I naturally… have my ways to handle him.”

Lin Wan concealed herself well. In front of this despicable person, she couldn’t afford to be weak. She wouldn’t allow him to mock her.

Li Muyang gritted his teeth, unsure if it was fueled by anger or jealousy, but he abruptly grabbed Lin Wan’s arm, squeezing it tightly. “Lin Wan, you’ve fallen for someone else so quickly!”

“I’m fine. It’s not as swift as the sparks between you and Lin Qingqing,” Lin Wan retorted arrogantly, refusing to meet the disgusted face before her.

“Hmph…” Li Muyang snorted coldly. He was infuriated by Lin Wan’s arrogance and stubbornness, as well as her dismissive demeanor. Without overthinking it, he spoke directly, “You address him so intimately. Do you even know… who the person he truly loves?”

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