A Hidden Pampered Marriage: Boss’ Beloved Wife

Chapter 26

Trash Collector

“Yichen…” Upon seeing her son’s return, Ning Yan stood up and called out to him joyfully.

“Uncle.” Li Muyang also stood up, greeting him with a smile. However, when he got a clear view of the woman standing beside his uncle, the smile on his face instantly froze.

“Lin Wan?” Lin Qingqing, too, recognized Lin Wan and widened her eyes in disbelief.

As the sound of Li Muyang’s voice reached her ears, Lin Wan’s mind went blank. It was only when she saw Li Muyang and Lin Qingqing standing in the living room, along with Li Muyang’s parents…

Emotions surged within Lin Wan, and her body trembled uncontrollably, causing her to come to a halt.

Why were they here?

Xiao Yichen also came to a stop alongside Lin Wan. He could see the surprise on her face and the trembling of her body.

Frowning, Xiao Yichen looked at Lin Wan and inquired, “What’s wrong?”

Lin Wan didn’t respond. Her gaze remained fixed on Li Muyang and Lin Qingqing, who were nearby. She still couldn’t accept the reality of seeing them in the Xiao family’s mansion.

Vivid memories flooded Lin Wan’s mind once again—the fragments of her love with Li Muyang, the scenes of betrayal and deceit, the engagement…

After regaining his composure, Li Muyang approached his uncle and Lin Wan.

His uncle had married Lin Wan? How was that even possible?

Observing Li Muyang’s actions, Lin Qingqing hurriedly followed suit.

The four of them stood facing each other. Li Muyang and Lin Qingqing stared at Lin Wan with resentment.

Xiao Yichen glanced at Lin Qingqing, realizing that she was Muyang’s fiancée. He vaguely recalled seeing their engagement ceremony on television and had a faint memory of Lin Qingqing. However, he couldn’t comprehend why they were looking at his woman in such a way.

Suddenly, Li Muyang turned to his uncle and asked, “Uncle, is she the one you married?”

“…” Xiao Yichen looked at his nephew in surprise. “Do you two know each other?”

Before Li Muyang could respond to his uncle, he heard Lin Qingqing’s voice.

“Lin Wan, didn’t you marry a garbage collector? How is this possible…” Lin Qingqing glanced at Xiao Yichen as she spoke.

The term “garbage collector” caused Xiao Yichen’s face to darken instantly.

A garbage collector?

Sensing Xiao Yichen’s anger and the chilling aura radiating from him, Lin Qingqing became so frightened that she quickly hid behind Li Muyang.

Upon regaining her composure, Lin Wan, no longer willing to appear weak in front of such scum, spoke up. “I never said my husband is… a garbage collector.”

Having said that, Lin Wan looked at the man beside her with a tender expression, completely disregarding his somber face.

Li Muyang paid no attention to his uncle’s response and already knew the answer. He glared at Lin Wan with anger and demanded, “Lin Wan, how did you seduce my uncle?”

This woman was so prudish and inexperienced in bed. How could she… make his uncle marry her? She must have used some trick.

“Seduce?” Lin Wan repeated Li Muyang’s words with indifference. She glanced at Li Muyang and then shifted her gaze to Xiao Yichen. All her expressions and actions were feigned.

“Darling, why don’t you answer your nephew’s question?” Lin Wan smiled, emphasizing the word ‘nephew’.

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