A Hidden Pampered Marriage: Boss’ Beloved Wife

Chapter 10


“Bitch, you and your mother are just the same. Both of you are bitches,” Ding Caihua disregarded Lin Wan’s hurt expression, covering her right cheek with one hand as she continued to berate her. “Your mother was jealous of my relationship with your father back then and she even cursed that I would have a miserable death. But what happened? I’ve been living happily all these years.”

Ding Caihua proudly flaunted her happiness and didn’t forget her main objective of seeking revenge for her daughter. “As for you, you’re actually jealous of our Qingqing. Let me tell you, you little b*tch, Qingqing will lead a joyful life. Muyang will treat her well for the rest of their lives.”

“That’s right.” Lin Qingqing felt gratified to see her mother standing up for her.

“Hehe…” Lin Wan suddenly let out a helpless laugh. Ding Caihua’s words didn’t embarrass her; instead, they pained her and made her feel wronged.

Ding Caihua and Lin Qingqing couldn’t comprehend the meaning behind Lin Wan’s laughter. They could only stare at her in bewilderment.

Lin Tianyun remained seated on the sofa without moving, but his gaze full of hatred had been fixed on Lin Wan ever since she entered the living room.

Meeting Ding Caihua’s gaze, Lin Wan clarified for her mother, “Auntie, don’t forget that it was you who destroyed our family of three. You came to our house with a pregnant belly and forced my mother out. Who knows who crossed their moral boundaries?”

Lin Wan didn’t want to be too harsh, but she vividly remembered how her father and Ding Caihua had teamed up to bully her mother when she was young. Her mother, the rightful wife, was eventually forced to step down and give way to a mistress. Looking back now, she couldn’t fathom how many tears her mother had shed during that time.

Betrayal from her husband, mistreatment from his mistress—how much pressure and shock did her mother endure to survive that period?

Her mother was a university professor of impeccable character. Ding Caihua’s claims were far from the truth. Lin Wan wouldn’t allow her to insult her mother.

“You, you…” Ding Caihua’s anger contorted her face. “How dare you blame me! Let’s see if I won’t beat you to death today, you bitch.”

With determination, Ding Caihua took a step forward, forcefully grabbing onto Lin Wan’s hair with both hands, initiating an altercation.

Observing her mother’s actions, Lin Qingqing couldn’t stand by and watch. She joined in, hurling insults, “Lin Wan, you’re a deceitful woman. Today, I’ll make you regret it!”

The mother and daughter fought together, initially overwhelming Lin Wan, who made no effort to resist. However, as the pain intensified, Ding Caihua and Lin Qingqing’s assault grew stronger. Lin Wan’s resilience kicked in, and she fought back.

Witnessing the entangled trio, Lin Tianyun reached his limit. He bellowed, “Stop!”

Startled by his voice, they ceased their actions. While no one suffered serious injuries, their appearances were disheveled with tousled hair and disarranged clothing.

“Lin Wan, leave this household,” Lin Tianyun commanded his eldest daughter. His face bore no signs of reluctance or emotion, delivering the directive coldly.

Looking up at her father, Lin Wan experienced a pang in her heart, despite having already planned to leave the family prior to her return.

To be driven out by her own father was a tragic turn of events.

Silently, Lin Wan complied. She composed herself, fixing her hair and adjusting her attire before approaching her father. Retrieving the household register from her bag, she handed it back to him.

“Dad, I got married yesterday and used my household register,” Lin Wan calmly stated, relinquishing any hope of receiving her father’s blessings.

How could she expect such benevolence from a father who only had eyes for her sister, Lin Qingqing?

Taking the household register from his daughter, Lin Tianyun watched as Lin Wan turned and ascended the stairs.

As she climbed each step, the voices behind her resonated clearly.

“Dad, I believe Lin Wan is just envious of my engagement, so she hastily found a man to marry.”

“Absolutely. That man must be a lowly garbage collector.”

“Hehe, a garbage collector…” Lin Qingqing burst into laughter.

Lin Wan gathered her valuable belongings upstairs, selecting a few sets of clothing before descending to the ground floor.

“Hey, Lin Wan, just how much does your husband make each month from his garbage collection job?” Lin Qingqing inquired, her tone and gaze filled with mockery.

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