48 Hours a Day

Chapter 902 - Relationship Advice

Chapter 902: Relationship Advice

Han Lu had been to Japan a number of times for vacation, and she tried most of the dishes it had to offer. However, this was her first time tasting such a natural dinner at the seaside. And she did not see Zhang Heng using any condiments while he cooked. To her surprise, the seafood actually tasted good.

Although she could still smell the food, the umami flavor of the seafood was well-preserved due to Zhang Heng’s simple cooking method.

“A friend told me that nature is like a treasure house. No matter where you are, as long as you pay attention to your surroundings, you can always find shelter and food to fill your stomach,” Zhang Heng explained.

“Well, if the world suddenly ends, I’m sure your friend will be the last to die,” Han Lu replied as she filled the lid of the thermos with some seafood soup and blew at it.

It was almost dusk and the sun was about to sink into the sea. With its glow coating the sky with gorgeous blush and the fishing boats returning from afar, the scenery was absolutely breathtaking. The seafood soup in Han Lu’s hand was starting to get cold. After taking two sips of it, she said, “I have decided that from now, I’m going to make time and come here for a few days every year. How about you? Do you want to come with me?”

“I’m not sure if I can make time for it,” Zhang Heng replied candidly.

In fact, he had already realized something huge during New Year’s Eve. After the conversation with Han Lu on the plan, he had confirmed the crazy conjecture that he had earlier.

There was a high possibility that he was not blood-related to his current father and mother. Zhang Heng did not know how others would react to such news. A lot of kids had heard their parents making jokes about picking them up from the trash can or that they were a free gift from a mobile credit top-up. After that, the kids would feel sad for the whole day, feeling that something very precious had been taken away from them.

Fortunately, it wouldn’t be long before their parents picked the kids up and told them that it was just a joke. At that moment, the relieved kids would see the sunshine pouring into their window again.

However, sometimes, the story did not come with a happy ending.

For example, Zhang Heng now could clearly feel his emotions gradually leaving his body. And it became harder and harder for him to feel the changes in his feelings. Even so, he could still feel the long-awaited sadness come rushing at him.

This sadness was not that strong, comparable to when a student failed a subject in his final exam. At best, it was just a surface wound. However, the wound would stay there permanently without receiving any healing.

Zhang Heng was also now forced to face a new problem.

Who was he, or what was he?

There was no doubt that the scientific expedition to Greenland eighteen years ago was related to him. If his current parents picked him up from no man’s land, it would be impossible for a human baby to survive in such a harsh environment.

The old man in a Tang suit, or Cronos, had planned the encounter between his parents and him. In other words, he obviously knew what would happen afterward. Zhang Heng did not know if Cronos had done anything to him while he was growing up. If that was the truth, that would mean someone had put in a great effort to arrange his life., just like Truman in “The Truman Show.” And what was his guardian angel, Chronos’s purpose in doing such a thing to him?

Zhang Heng faintly felt that all of these questions would be answered after his next trip to Greenland, but they might not be the answers he expected. This was also the reason why Zhang Heng promised Han Lu to come on a vacation with her. This was probably the last time he could calmly appreciate the natural scenery and relax entirely without any distractions.

“Your biggest shortcoming is that you’re too honest,” Han Lu remarked while drinking the seafood soup from the lid of the thermos in one go, “And you are my best friend’s son.”


“Forget it. I know that we both come from very different worlds. I have to admit that your mysterious aura and sense of danger are the biggest reason why I’m attracted to you. No. I’m not the only one. The girls named Shen Xixi and Fan Meinan are like the moths helplessly flying toward the flame…” Han Lu said. “I’m just curious, is there anyone in this world who can truly understand you?”

Zhang Heng went silent for a while.

“Something has happened to me. I’m trying to figure it out. Before that, I can’t deal with the emotional problems.”

“Hmm,” Han Lu snorted with a noncomittal tone. “Have I told you the story of my first love?”

“I don’t think so.”

“If you are willing to lend me your ears, I’m willing to tell you all about it. During high school, I liked a boy in my class. He wasn’t tall or handsome, and he didn’t seem to have any outstanding abilities. But I don’t know why I liked him so much. He, for no reason, was extremely pleasing to my eyes, especially when he talked to me.” Han Lu closed her eyes. “His voice is like the sea breeze here, blowing at my face gently and warmly.”

“I was on cleaning duty one day after school. After cleaning the classroom, I turned off the lights, checked the doors and windows, and locked the door before leaving the classroom. After that, I saw him standing at the corner of the second floor. He stopped me, and I could see him was blushing. He then gave me a book of a compilation of Borges’ poems. I thought that he must’ve liked Borges as well. Although it sounds silly now, that book was not the point. The point was that I found the note that he hid in the book. I was guessing that note was the love letter that he wrote me.”

“Did you accept the love letter?”

“No.” Han Lu shook her head.


“Because I felt I wasn’t ready yet. We were too young, and I wanted to explore the world and escape my mother’s control. I wanted to… be better, come back later, and accept the love letter confidently.” Han Lu paused.

“At that time, I was busy making plans for our future. However, I forgot that sometimes we would not be able to meet the person again once we missed them. And to be honest, even if he is still waiting for me now, I don’t think I like him that much anymore. Looking back now, he was indeed quite ordinary. After returning to China, I asked someone to inquire about him. Apparently, he failed his college entrance examination. After graduation, he used his family’s influence to enter a state-owned enterprise. He’s now probably a small-time leader or something. It’s not a bad achievement for an ordinary person, but he doesn’t appeal to me anymore…

“However, I still think of him from time to time, thinking what it would’ve been like if I had accepted that letter. Of course, I know that a relationship between a young couple would not last long. We would probably break up like other couples. However, I just couldn’t stop thinking about it. If we really managed to walk to the end of the tunnel, got married, have children, and live a dull life together, it’s actually not that bad.”

Han Lu stretched her feet into the sea and stretched her waist comfortably, “I’m just giving you a piece of advice. Never go and deal with some other things first before you take care of your relationship. A relationship is like ice cream. If you don’t eat it, it will melt eventually.”

“Thank you,” Zhang Heng said. He could not explain that his problem was related to his feelings. With the current situation, no matter who he chose, his feelings would still disappear in the end.

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