48 Hours a Day

Chapter 631 - Quick Battle

Chapter 631 Quick Battle

Zhang Heng was not interested in doing the ten-step walk before shooting at each other.

This method of dueling, however, did sound and look cool in western movies, though. Zhang Heng did not think his marksmanship would be worse than Cook. They had both trained in different environments, wherein Zhang Heng honed his skills on the gun from Simon. He was better at long-range sniping, rather than a Western cowboy’s classical duel.

In fact, even if Zhang Heng were familiar with their style, he would not put on his Filter Lens unless absolutely necessary.

No matter how good a shooter was, it was bound for one to be eventually be killed in the duel. There was always someone faster than you in this world. Besides, Zhang Heng figured that Cook might be concealing his real intention with the duel he just proposed. However, it wasn’t crucial to Zhang Heng anymore.

From the very beginning, Zhang Heng had never intended to duel.

After killing the three people outside the house, he leaned against the wall and knocked on the door with the back of his rifle to draw Cook’s attention. Then, killing the only two light sources, he swiftly scuttled around the end of the house and climbed to the second floor.

Judging from the layout, it should be Wendy’s room that he must have stepped into. But unlike rooms of other girls, there were very few dolls. Instead, Zhang Heng saw many wooden ponies and knights.

Zhang Heng also heard Cook’s shouting downstairs. Hence, he did not stay in the room for too long. He gently opened the door and walked along the corridor to the stairway. The Filter Lens allowed him an unobstructed view of what was happening downstairs. Zhang Heng then took up the Winchester rifle in his hand and ended the battle smoothly. The entire process took less than a minute.

Cook had no idea where the deadly bullet came from when he was sent to meet his maker.

“Please allow me to express my gratitude for saving the lives of our family.”

Since it was late at night, Zhang Heng decided to spend the night at Matthew’s house.

The next morning, as everyone was at the dining table, Matthew mentioned the incident that happened last night again, and his face was full of gratitude. “Oh, you’re welcome. I’m just fulfilling my responsibilities as a contract employee.” Zhang Heng took a sip of milk. “After all, only a living employer can pay me.”

“What contract?” Matthew was a little surprised.

“About that…” Zhang Heng put down the cup and took out the contract Wendy signed with him before leaving.

Matthew took the contract and looked at it, “Eighty dollars in remuneration, twenty dollars in debt, plus a good horse… Looks good to me. I can pay you now.”

“That couldn’t be better.” Zhang Heng raised his cup again, “…Happy to serve.”

Then, Wendy suddenly interrupted. “Wait,” she said.

“What’s wrong? Have any questions?” Zhang Heng asked.

Wendy was lucky. The bullet penetrated her palm, grazed her bones, and went right through, leaving behind a gaping hole in her hand. A doctor had treated her wound, and she was fine now, save for a scar that would form later. Naturally, her mother was worried that it would affect her marriage. Wendy, however, wasn’t the least bothered by it.

“That contract is flawed,” Wendy solemnly proclaimed.

“Are you trying to go back on your words?” Zhang Heng raised his eyebrows. “No, you forgot something,” Wendy continued. “I told you that as long as you help my father deal with Cook, I will give you half of the land and cattle my family owns,” she said while looking at her father, “Can I be the one that makes the decision, dad?”

“Well…” Matthew thought for a while. “I wasn’t home, and you are my eldest daughter, so this must mean that… our family assets are at your disposal. Congratulations, Mr. Zhang. You are now a rancher in Lincoln County. Actually, I overbought land when I first came here. I can’t take care of such a large area by myself. It would be perfect if you can take half off my shoulders,” said Matthew with a toast. “Are you sure about that?” Zhang Heng put down the knife and fork in his hand. Although he was not as demure as Shen Xixi, he did not feel good taking advantage of a little girl. Obviously, he did not take Wendy seriously when she


the land.

“Of course,” Matthew said, “You said the Cook gang is gone for good now. I know that a few of them managed to escape. Since Cook is dead, I don’t think the gang can make a comeback. However, there’s the possibility that the few survivors will come back here to avenge Cook. We can feel less worried if a powerful gunman like you became our neighbor, right, Jane?”

Matthew looked at his wife. The latter nodded and smiled at Zhang Heng. “Matthew’s right. What happened last night was absolutely horrific. If you hadn’t arrived in time, I don’t think I’ll be sitting here talking to you. I hope you can stay, and we can take care of each other.” When Zhang Heng heard the proposal, he felt embarrassed. “Um, actually… I don’t know how to raise cattle.”

“Don’t worry. I can teach you,” Matthew graciously offered. “And horseback riding as well. Wendy has told me about you. I won’t say that I’m the best horseman in the county, but I can say that I might be the best rider within a hundred miles. No one knows horses better than I, and I can continue to tend to your herd just like before.”

“If that’s the case… wouldn’t that be too generous?” asked Zhang Heng. “Compared to what you have done for us, these rewards are insignificant,” Matthew insisted with sincerity.

After breakfast, the old cowboy and the drunk sheriff came to the ranch too. Before they even saw the drunk sheriff, they already heard his voice. “Where is Cook? Where is Cook’s body?”

“In the barn, sheriff,” answered Matthew.

The drunk police chief, however, was in no hurry this time. He turned over, got down from his horse, glanced at Zhang Heng, and snorted, “Are you the one who killed him?”

“Yes, sheriff.”

“Don’t be too proud, Oriental man. The reason why Cook could live to this day was that I hadn’t come forward to hunt him down. Back then, I could out five people at once with one gun,” the drunk sheriff gloated as he sipped his whisky.

Wendy, standing by the side, could not help but say, “Zhang Heng can kill ten people with one gun. I saw it with my own eyes.”

At that, the drunk sheriff was rendered speechless for a long while. After all, the feat of killing five people with one gun was his largest pride. He would tell the tale to everyone that he met. Unfortunately, he met someone better than him today.

“Each person is different. You’ll understand when you grow up, little girl.” The drunk sheriff managed to find a good excuse for himself. He then looked at Zhang Heng and coughed twice, “Since you killed Cook, let’s forget the unpleasantries before that. On behalf of the residents of Lincoln County, I welcome you to settle in our humble town.

You can live here as long as you want, but remember, don’t cause trouble. I don’t care if you fight, but just make sure that you don’t kill anyone. If that happens, I’ll arrest you.”

“No one could be disciplined and law-abiding than me, sheriff,” Zhang Heng said. “Very well, let’s go see Cook’s body now. However, the person sent to verify the body will not arrive for another two weeks. Once the person confirms that the body is indeed Cook, you can come to me to receive the reward.”

“Is there a bounty for killing him?” Zhang Heng pondered for a moment. “I don’t seem to see a bounty like this outside the police station.”

“Cook gang has been notorious in recent years, and they have many members. The local authorities have no way to take them down. Usually, a small town like us wouldn’t dare put a bounty on their heads since they might attack us. In other words, the reward for killing Cook is actually very handsome… Damn, why don’t I have this kind of luck? If Cook was in front of me, I would shoot that old bastard without hesitation,” the drunk sheriff complained.

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