48 Hours a Day

Chapter 1449 (END) - Traveler’s Cheese (Thanks To Alliance leader Wang Xiaonan)  

Chapter 1449: Traveler’s Cheese (Thanks To Alliance leader Wang Xiaonan)

“Boss, one cup of Lonely Immortal Herb and one cup of death milk tea.”

A male student who looked like a college student walked to the entrance of the milk tea shop under the urging of his companions. He looked up and glanced at the menu on the wall, then summoned up his courage and said to the female manager inside.

The female manager, who was smoking, glanced at him from the corner of her eyes and slowly blew out a smoke ring. “You can’t have both loneliness and death.”

“AH? Then… Ah, what should I do?”Although he already knew that the owner of this place was very strange, the male college student was still surprised that he refused the customer’s order without hesitation. He stood there in a daze.

“As for you, drink the mineral water,”the female store manager said as she opened the freezer at the side. She took out a bottle of farmer’s spring from it and handed it over.

The male college student took the bottle of mineral water in a daze.

“Four yuan. Alipay will scan the code on wechat,”the female store manager said as she sat back down.

“AH,”the male college student seemed to have woken up from a dream. “So expensive. Isn’t the farmer’s Spring Supermarket Only One Yuan?”

“That’s right, but this is a milk tea shop.”The female store manager pointed at the sign above her head.

Probably intimidated by the female store manager’s imposing manner, the male college student finally paid the money in a daze. He carried a bottle of mineral water and walked back to his companions, causing a burst of laughter from the group of people.

This was originally a truth or dare. They all knew that the owner of this milk tea shop was very strange. In fact, other than the opening day, there were also some fierce warriors who went for discounts, when everyone fully felt the willfulness of the lady boss, the place immediately became deserted.

Until now, the only use was probably to be regarded by the nearby students and young people as the perfect place for a dare or a prank. However, after the group of college students finished laughing.., they were surprised to find that there was another fearless guy who walked into the milk tea shop.

Moreover, it was a girl who was outstanding in both looks and temperament. When she walked down the street, the neon signs of the shops around her seemed to have dimmed.

“Give me anything.”The girl directly sat on a high stool after entering the shop.

The female store manager narrowed her eyes. “If I knew you were so persistent, I wouldn’t have saved you on account of him when we were at sea.”

“If you hadn’t saved me, I would have done it by now,”the girl said in a respectful tone that was not as respectful.

The female store manager narrowed her eyes more and more. At the same time, the atmosphere in the milk tea shop became more and more tense. Even the passers-by seemed to have sensed something and quickened their pace when they passed by the shop.

However, the next moment, the female store manager suddenly opened her mouth again, “Unrequited love’s Oolong.”


“Didn’t you say that you would have a cup of whatever you want? I’ve thought about it. I’ll give you a cup of unrequited love’s oolong because the person you like is no longer in this world,”the female store manager said sarcastically.

The girl shook her head and didn’t argue with the woman opposite her on this issue. She just asked, “Why don’t you continue to be your bartender?”

“Because I told a person that I would never be a bartender again, and I always keep my promises,”the female store manager said proudly. She threw away a cup of Oolong tea with hot water and then cut two lemons, she squeezed the lemon juice into the tea desperately. “Since you didn’t come to me for a fight, did you really come all the way here to take care of my business?”

“As far as I know, most of the gods have already left this world and entered the game. You are one of the few people who didn’t leave, so I’m here to pass on a message to you.”

“What message?”

“The Guardians suffered heavy losses before, but they have recently completed their reorganization. However, their goal is no longer to prevent the destruction of the world, but to find and hunt down the supernatural creatures that are still alive in the human world.”The girl paused, “And after the first round of voting, I was elected as the Vice President.”

“Then, are you planning to use my head to increase your prestige in the new organization?”The female store manager raised her eyebrows.

“No, it’s the exact opposite. I’m here to inform you to be careful. It’s best if you can close the milk tea shop and stay out of the limelight. You saved me. Even though you and those monsters killed my friends, I don’t want to attack you unless it’s absolutely necessary. I hope that you can abide by the laws and rules of the human world in the future…”

However, before the girl could finish, the female store manager cut her off and revealed a sinister smile, “You want to lay your hands on me? Go ahead and do it. However, it’s best if you bring more people. Otherwise, I’m afraid it won’t be enough for me to warm up.”

“I know you have an immortal body, but sometimes death isn’t the scariest thing. In fact, your current abilities and powers have already been thoroughly investigated by the Guardian. In fact, it can even create accurate numerical tables. He… we might not be able to kill you, but we won’t be unable to do anything to you anymore.”

The girl said sincerely, “So, please don’t do anything evil in the future, especially since your identity is very sensitive and you’re a follower of that thing. Zhang Heng spent so much effort to re-imprison that thing. I Won’t let you let it out again no matter what.”

The mocking expression on the female store manager’s face became even more intense. However, before she could say anything, she heard another voice say, “Give me a cup of Traveler’s cheese.”

For some unknown reason, the previously deserted milk tea shop was suddenly visited by customers one after another tonight.

The female manager turned her head around. When she saw the person, her expression became a little strange. “Why is it you?”

“Why can’t It Be Me?”The person asked with a chuckle.

It was also a girl. Her figure was slightly skinnier than the girl sitting on the high stool. She wore a pair of jeans with holes and a baseball cap.

She put a small snake with nine heads made of plasticine on the dining table. Then, she greeted the girl sitting on the stool and sat beside her.

“There’s no more traveler’s cheese. I’ll give you a cup of unrequited love,”the female store manager sneered.

“But I don’t like lemons.”The girl took off the baseball cap on her head, revealing her exceptionally bright eyes. “I’m leaving soon. Traveler’s cheese suits me better.”

“Leaving? Where Are We Going?”

“To find a guy.”

“Do you know where he is?”

“I don’t know, but I’m going dungeon by dungeon. I’ll find him one day.”The Girl in the baseball cap had a bright smile on her face.

Surprisingly, the female store manager didn’t mock him this time. After a moment of silence, she said, “Wait a moment.”

On the other side, the expression of the girl on the high stool changed. She opened her mouth to say something, but in the end, she did not say it.

After a moment, the female store manager placed two cups of different colors in front of the two girls, which looked very suspicious. “Here’s your drinks. I hope you don’t regret your choice.”

The Girl in the baseball cap was the first to pick up the cup in front of her, which was filled with the fragrance of cheese. “I never regret my choice.”

The girl sitting on the high stool sighed. “Sometimes I really envy you. You can completely ignore everything else…”

“No, you and I are actually the same kind of people. We only care about the things that are most important to us,”the girl in the baseball cap said.

“Although I’m a little unwilling, I have to admit that what you said is right.”The girl on the high stool also picked up the cup in front of her that smelled like citric acid. “Then I wish you a smooth journey.”

“I also wish you a smooth journey.”The Girl in the baseball hat tasted the drink in her hand. Although the bottom of the tea in the first sip was slightly bitter, she soon drank the sweet smell of cheese, other than that, there seemed to be some kind of fruit mixed in it, but in the end, the refreshing feeling prevailed.

The Girl in the baseball hat finally understood why this cup of drink was called Traveler’s cheese. She looked at the female store manager, only to find that the latter had already sat back down at the buffet table. With a cigarette in her mouth, she looked at the moon above her head and seemed to have thought of something.

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